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New Model (Progasm)
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I decided to go with the progasm. Is there anything different I should know about usage compared to the Helix?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Check out the following reviews of the Progasm from the sticky section above:

    Two things to be aware of 1) On insertion, go slow and use a spooning motion (curling ) as opposed to a straight insertion, it's easier and will be more comfortable for you. 2) Scale down your contractions by 25%. As much as you'll be inclined to want really slam yourself, try to stay in the more subtle range.

    Outside of that, have at it!

    BF Mayfield
  • In addition, the internal anal sphincter may have difficulty getting past that second bump on the Progasm. After insertion and with the abutment tabs firmly pressing on your perineum/backside, gently rock the Progasm back and forth a little to help the internal sphincter seat itself past that bump. That should help keep the Progasm from sliding back out while you're having fun!
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I had an experience with the progasm last night. I dont want to call it a session, because it didnt last long. I was basically tired and didnt have much time, but wanted to try it out. And while it seemed to in a sense give better results than the helix, its going to be a completely different process. I dont know about anyone elses experiences with this mode, but for me .. everything seemed to move backwards.

    When I lubed it up, I honestly didnt put any more lube than I normally would on the helix. And while I am by no means an expert on anal play (I have used a dildo before, but nothing as big as the progasm), this thing seemed to slip in very easily. However, I found it interesting that with the helix, I felt it inside after inserting, but later lost that feeling. With the progasm, I honestly didnt feel it inside me at first. It wasnt until about 5 minutes after, that I gained that feeling. As for the tabs, I would agree that they feel much better than the other tabs comfort wise. But like the helix, I still dont believe that I received any sensations or benefits from them.

    As for any pleasure, the only thing I got was slight contractions, and a weird hot and cold feeling in my stomach. This lead to a more rapid heart beat, but no heavy breathing or sensations as describe in the wiki (or by other members). I decided that I was going to lay on my side for a bit before calling it a night, and when I did I got a weird vibration feeling. I know I read something like this in reviews, but it was odd. I was resting my head on my left arm, and my left arm felt as though it was moving and shaking the bed. In reality, there was very little movement actually going on. I couldnt say that this was pleasure, but it didnt feel bad either.

    The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes, until I decided to ejaculate and take it out and clean it. When I was about to ejaculate, I was given a penal orgasm different than any other one I have had. I wouldnt say that it was much better, but I got a jolt from my body, a few second delay, and then what I would consider a normal ejaculation with Aneros. What interested me here most was that delay. To my surprise, getting the thing out was a bit more difficult than it was inserting it. But honestly, I still found it a bit easier to work with than the helix. While the helix is smaller, for some reason I always felt like I had to force the thing out. I never had discomfort in removing it, but instead the frustration of "come on .. this thing should be out already". With the progasm, removing it took longer, but I think that was an experience in itself. Going over that first big hump was easy, but the end tip took longer. To my surprise, as I was getting the end of the tip out, I felt a slight jolt. Nothing followed it, so I went to go clean the model.

    What followed I think was the most interesting thing that I have experienced with Aneros. I laid down to go to bed, and suddenly I had what I can only describe as an anal thumping. It was as if my ass was beating like my heart does. Along with this came a wave that shot through my body, for what I would want to say a total of 3 or 4 seconds. This wave returned I would say every 2 or 3 minutes. It was nothing intense. In fact I think I felt something similar before. But what started happening after that was interesting. You know that vibration in my arm that I explained earlier? Well now it was occurring in my right leg. But this time it was kinda throbbing. It would be there for about 3 or 4 seconds, and then go away for a minute, and then come back again. Even more, it was a bit more intense than any other experiences. With each of those 3 or 4 seconds, the intensity would build. It never built more over the amount of times that it occurred (that was consistent). But again, I didnt find it very pleasurable, but not bad either. The only way that I could explain it is, it felt like growing muscle tension in that one leg only. But not tension as in "ouch my leg", but as in a vibrating tension(if that makes sense)

    Eventually I think I just randomly went to sleep. But I found it weird how the effects of using the progasm reversed in order many of the little things I noticed about the helix. While at the same time offering the most success that I have had with an Aneros model, after the model was removed, AND after ejaculation. Has anyone else had similar experiences? How is it possible that I am getting these sensations after ejaculation and without anything inserted, but cant with a model?

    Its interesting .. And the one thing Im now wondering is. If I can pick up success with the progasm, will it by default later give me success if I decide to try the helix again?

    Oh .. and I forgot to mention. For such a big model, I was shocked at how well it moves.

    Overall not bad. Im thinking maybe tonight Ill try a full session and see where it goes.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    An interesting read Nat.
    Keep us informed as to what happens.
    I think that the Progasam will be my next model.
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I havent kept an update, because up until last night, there really wasnt much new to say. But I still wish we can talk about the reactions I have had to this model, seeing as though they are different than anything that anyone seems to have mentioned. For those of you that read my above posts, the times that I have used the progasm with any success, have given a backwards series of events. In that first session, I feel my best sensations occurred after ejaculation. As well as the more full feeling occurring much later in the session.

    The thing that I like about this model is, for some reason I like using it. I know that sounds funny. But with the helix, I only used it to try to feel pleasure, further my rewiring process, and try to make myself more adapt to the process. With the progasm, I sometimes want to use it just because I want to use it. Its not because I feel I could have a good session, that my body is telling me that now is the time, or anything that is a sexual reaction. I dont know .. its hard to explain.

    I mention this, because last night brought on a few different sensations. When I first got the model (close to a week ago), I felt the need to use it as much as possible. That first experience was good, but nothing came of the others. Last night, I didnt even want a session. For some reason, I just wanted to pop it in for a few minutes, just for the sake of doing so. And for the first time, I had an opposite reaction. For some reason, it was harder for me to insert the progasm (while in the past I have been amazed at how easily it has slipped in). However, along with this complication, came slight sensations as I was slipping it in. Immediately after it was in, I did get that full feeling. But I also got a burning sensation, as if I somehow forced it in (which I did not). I thought to myself that I should just remove it, because it will lead nowhere. But I kept it in. After about 5 minutes of breathing and arousal, those very slight tingle waves from previous sessions came back. Again, they are very slight, and only last about 3 or 4 seconds. But at this point, the burning sensation was gone. Interesting enough, the waves were slightly more intense when I was in a standing position, bent over, touching my knees. After about 15 minutes, I decided I was going to lay down with it.

    I want to stress again how amazed I am with how this thing works. With the helix, I feel that my best sessions did not occur because of good prostate stimulation. But instead because of the movements of the helix. Something moving around down there, which I cant recognize, and is beyond my control, just does it for me. I have even tried placing where my prostate is, based on those movements. But I have had no luck seeing as though I dont know exactly how and where the Aneros is moving. But the progasm is the largest model. But if this makes sense, I think gives the most movement that I have experienced. I love the slow movements on the helix. However, any more rapid movement from it seemed to just glide. Where as with the progasm, when it moves, it seems as though its like a slingshot motion. The thing bounces up and down, and very quickly. And unlike the helix, regardless of if it is touching the prostate, its slamming against something constantly while moving, and that does very well.

    I said this again, because once I laid down, I had some of the most rapid movement that I have experienced. This was an interesting feeling, which I took another approach on. Once I started touching the waves returned for awhile. But I decided to involve my penis. What I did was, I would wait until movement started to build, and then I would touch my penis for a few seconds. That not only gave me pleasure, it its jolted me into a heavy contraction. I would then repeat the process. It felt nice .. nothing intense, but nice. If it wasnt so late, I would have continue it for awhile. I did this for about ten cycles. After about 3 or 4, I started to get a random jolt in my penis. This was not the same feeling as if I was about to have a penal orgasm. But just a 2 second twitch that made it jump up (in my sessions with the progasm, it always feels as though I have an erection, but really I dont). At this point, this twitched occurred I would say every other cycle. I would then ejaculate, and go to bed

    Could anyone explain why a larger model gives more movement than a smaller one? What causes the movement? And most of all, can any of this that I have experience lead to consistent anal pleasure?