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Anyone using sounding rods?
  • big jimbobig jimbo
    Posts: 80
    I just came across a video on Xtube where a guy is inserting a "sounding rod" in his penis. Looks to me like it would be uncomfortable but that is what I originally though about Aneros, until I tried it. Just curious about inserting things in the penis, I don't want to miss anything.

    Have any of you tried this, what do you use, and what were the sensations?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Big Jimbo,

    This subject came up in a thread last October. The comments below were ones that I posted there at the time. For other input I suggest that you check out the thread.

    Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:11 am Post subject:
    To All,

    To All,

    While I know that this practice is common in some circles, this will be a bit of a stretch for most people (pun intended). With sounding, you really have to know what you're getting into. The fact is that there are some real risks associated with this, i.e. irritation, tearing and infection of the entire urogenital system. Understand, the urethra is normally a sterile environment, so introducing a foreign object like this can be an efficient way of contaminating the area. I know that most practitioners will say that they "clean" the instruments prior to insertion, but bear this in mind, even doctors and surgeons who perform this procedure for medical purposes have difficulties in this regard. This from the Journal of the American Medical Association:

    There are numerous conditions that may arise as a consequence of sound infection. The most important of these are: (1) periurethral folliculitis and phlegmon; (2) plastic inflammation of the corpus spongiosum with resultant cordee; (3) exacerbation of pre-existing urethritis; (4) Cowperitis; (5) posterior urethral inflammation, which inevitably extends to the glandular tissues of the prostate; (6) true inflammation of the vesicle neck; (7) acute or chronic follicular prostatitis; (8) prostatic and periprostatic abscess; (9) seminal vesiculitis; (10) true cystitis; (11) urethral chill and fever of various grades of severity; (12) orchitis and epididymitis......

    Given the potential problems that can arise from this, it occurs to me that it's going a bit far in order to stimulate oneself. Frankly, I prefer a more natural path. That said, prostate massage and anal play can carry some potential for cross contamination as well (albeit to a much smaller extent)...e.g. from handling a used toy and then handling ones penis. The difference there is that there is no direct introduction involved and that the situation can be more easily managed with simple precautions.

    Each to his own....but I would advise against this.

    BF Mayfield
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    I had bladder cancer 5 years ago so I have to have the inside of my bladder looked at every 6 months (used to be every 3 months).

    They inject an anesthetic in my penis a few minutes before the procedure (cystoscopy) and it still hurts when they go through the sphincter muscle into my bladder.

    No way would I ever try anything inside my penis. If you were to damage the sphincter muscle you could end up wearing a catheter and urine bag for the rest of your life. And if you went too far you risk puncturing your bladder and that could be deadly. Do you really want to risk anything like that?
  • stmfttrstmfttr
    Posts: 40
    Dumb question. What purpose is served by placing a "rod" in one's penis?
    I reviewed several videos on Xtube, and don't see the conscept. HELP?
  • wohdinwohdin
    Posts: 42
    @stmfttr: Shockingly enough, there actually are men out there who enjoy the sensation of certain objects being inserted into their urethra. (To a very small degree, I fit in this category, but only with very small, typically flexible objects.) The specific answer to your question depends on what kind of "rod" we're speaking of...

    For many men it only comes off as a painful, burning sensation - but that's often due to a lack of preparation or just going into it without having much of an idea of what to expect - but for others, it's a very broad sensation that can float between the feeling of peeing/the urge to pee and leaking seminal fluid, depending on how/where you go.

    It can also burn quite badly if you go too fast. :P And as everyone else has said, it's quite a dangerous practice (but that can be part of the pleasure as well!), and typically requires a lot of prep work and a sterile work environment and tool set. Often in a BDSM setting you'll see metallic sounds used in conjunction with mild electricity nodes. I've not experienced that myself, but those who have seem to stand by it. Another route is catheter play, which is the more "flexible" alternative in my experience.

    I haven't done much of this lately though, I kinda got a bit of a scare off of it once when I was shown the dangers of it personally and actually got a bladder infection. Still unknown if that was the cause, but it's definitely the likely caper.

    Oh, sorry, I rambled a bit there.
  • stmfttrstmfttr
    Posts: 40
    thank you for the info. Question, when you say " flexible" could you explain?
  • wohdinwohdin
    Posts: 42
    ...Well, the whole genre of urethral insertion isn't limited to completely solid objects, right? That's what I'm referring to - like catherter tubing or wires. Of course, "sounds" by nature aren't meant to be flexible, since their major purpose is to slowly stretch the urethra, usually for piercings, but that's just one side of urethral insertion.

    (One of my more pleasurable experiences personally was to use this long stretch of moderately thin headset cable, slowly easing it in from the middle, so it would have that sort of bulge at the end, but it would be extremely flexible, and I would slide it in as far as I could go - a couple times it would slip past where I wouldn't even know where it went, probably the bladder, and I know how dangerous that is but omg it felt so gooooood.
    .... I in no way condone this kind of activity, though. :P)
  • stmfttrstmfttr
    Posts: 40
    Wow . The possiblities could be almost endless. Can one purchase catheters, w/o a prescription?
    again, thanks!