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Hemorroids Type III (3) and Peridise
  • Hi, i want to purchase the Peridise but im not sure because i have hemorroid ..
    My hemorroids are flaring up only when i defecate and then come back with a bit help of my finger.
    THey are not EXTERNAL.
    The question is the use of peridise can hurt them? i want to use it also to massage the GSPOT and maybe to help the muscles there. The Aneros support doesn;t recommend it because it will painful.
    The question is , someone uses it with this kind of hemorroid?
    The peridise is going in-out all the time or just one time when you insert it? because this could be painful .

    Thank you,
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The Peridise was originally developed to treat hemorrhoids, but most of what you'll read about here in this forum relates to the sensual application of this device. Still and all some users have written here about the product helping them with hemorrhoids as well. That said, no one here can tell you with any degree of certainty whether it will provide relief in your case.

    With respect to your concerns, understand that this massager is far smaller than a finger, and is the most minimally invasive of all of the Aneros products. When in use the movement that is generated is very gentle, (there is not a lot of the penetrative "in and out" that one might expect). The motion is best described as a gentle "quivering".

    For purposes of hemorrhoids this has the effect of promoting blood flow in and around the area, which often results in a reduction of swelling. As you've likely read, the Peridise can also be quite pleasant to use as well. For more information on the health applications of the device go to: or contact High Island Health directly. (Be advised that the Peridise is referred to as the Peristal on the High Island Health site)


    BF Mayfield
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    First, try applying a little Vaseline to your finger and inserting it into you anus before you attempt to defecate. My doctor had me start doing that many years ago because I was 'straining' during my bowel movements and my anus was not lubricating itself correctly. It made all the difference for me and I still do that.

    Second, do NOT STRAIN when having a bowel movement, that is what causes 'hemorrhoids'. Actually, what we refer to as hemorrhoids is not really the correct term. Do some research on the Internet for more on hemorrhoids.

    If you are having hard stools start taking a 'stool softener'. Your local drug store will have a variety of them. They are a capsule that you take orally and it will help the stools to retain moisture which will make them softer and easier to pass.

    Don't try to have a bowel movement just because you are trying to be on a strict schedule. Let your rectum tell you when it is time to have a bowel movement. After a while your colon and rectum will find their own schedule and it will be easier.

    Don't sit on the commode and read! That leads to excessive straining. You are there to potty, go to the library if you want to read :lol:

    As a final note to this tirade I have the full set of Peridise and they do not particularly stimulate my prostate. If fact, other than the largest size I don't even feel a Peridise with my prostate.

    What I do feel is a sensation somewhat like a feather tickling my anus muscles. There are actually 2 different muscles in your anus, the outer and the inner. If you use squeeze down on your finger with it inserted about 1 1/2" you will feel the 2 different muscles. They are about 3 centimeters apart and if you measure the Peridise you will find that the 2 small 'balls' on all of them are spaced 3 centimeters apart.

    I have just started with the Peridise and most of the sensation is on my outer muscle but at times I feel the same slight tickling sensation on the inner muscle. I look forward to developing more sensitivity to that.
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Hello Elgarcher...

    I'm so glad you asked. I had an hemorrhoid last year and purchased the Peridise for that reason. I posted my testimony on the HIH forum in the following threads:

    First I treated it by massaging it with DMSO gel and by taking large doses of bromelain to dissolve the clot. I explain all about it in my posts.

    This treatment will definitely put a smile on your face :)

    Best wishes, good health, and many happy hourgasms,

  • thank you very much for the response,,

    what i can see here is that all body is different ..some people really enjoy...some people don;t feel it,..
    some improves their hemorroid ..some not....

    grantiger you said it improved from grade 3 to grade 1 ??????

    i will check if i can buy it because here in my country is the set of 2 peridise almost 100 Us dollar.
    and if im not sure about it,,,,,i need to check it well.

    thank you
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Yes, and then it disappeared completely, never to return :D
  • okey, thanks
  • When you use it is the peridise doing a movement like in-out (penetration) or the movement is slowly ?
    because it can be hurt to the hemorroids.
    I understand it is your own peristical movement...but it is strong movement of the peridise?
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Hello Elgarcher, I consciously contract cyclically on the Peridise to move it back and forth slowly. For some reason it doesn't cycle on its own with me, but still works very effectively.

    When I started, my hemorrhoid was sore, so I used the smallest Peridise from the beginning and it didn't hurt. In fact I soon forgot about my sore hemorrhoid as the exercise became so pleasurable.

    Don't forget to massage it with DMSO gel (with your finger) and to take bromelain to dissolve the clotted blood in the hemorrhoid.

    I use refined coconut oil for lube which is quite viscous compared to, say, ID Glide. Perhaps that's why I don't experience the "involuntary" movements of the Peridise. I have tried ID Glide occasionally and it did slide very much easier. Perhaps If I practiced with it then I could get the peristical movements going. But I think the edible coconut oil is safer, and by contracting voluntarily I'm in full control of my orgasms and I'm getting a very thorough work out with it.

    Also the coconut oil provides many hours of lube whereas the ID Glide dries fairly quickly and then the Peridise becomes almost glued in place.
  • thankyou,