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Conscious "arousal" in the day(s) before a session
  • wohdinwohdin
    Posts: 42
    And by "conscious" I mean intentional, but not hard pressed, arousal. As in dirty fantasies or viewing porn or whatnot to bring yourself to arousal, but not physically acting upon it via masturbation or whatnot.

    Would any of you say that this kind of behavior would a) deter from the session to be, possibly "burning out" or a weakening of the arousal during your session, or would it b) somehow build up arousal for said session? Or even c), not have much of an effect?

    With me personally, it seems like every fit of arousal I have in general is somewhat different, and it starts from a different place (but it always pools in the same general area, lol). And they don't normally seem to be affected adversely by any previous states of arousal that I may have just had, unless of course I have masturbated to ejaculation.

    But since the Aneros as a whole seems to rely heavily on the "building up" of different energies, it seems to me that this kind of behavior could affect it in some way.

    What do you "higher-ups" of the forum think?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    IMHO, conscious mental engagement in the arousal process is a positive technique which will increase your chances to reach a Super-O. I believe arousal is 95% a mental activity, with most of that activity taking place at a sub-conscious level. The conscious mind, however, can override and thwart the natural build-up of arousal energy and dissipate that energy. On the KSMO forum this is termed “mind noise”, but the conscious mind can also focus on creating a mental environment suitable for self suggestion to increase arousal levels.
    One of the veteran members of this Forum, ’Pan’, recently posted his formula for a session. He said “2. Lose myself in the most erotic sexual fantasy I can imagine.” This is an example of conscious processes being employed to focus on nurturing the sub-conscious erotic thoughts heightening arousal. Daydreaming with erotic fantasies is wonderful fuel for building a bed of coals to really heat up your next Aneros session.
    Of course, as you mentioned, abstaining from ejaculation will also increase arousal levels between sessions. In addition to the mental fantasizing, physical stimulation can also contribute to arousal build-up. A form of self imposed “tease & denial” masturbation can also be utilized to build arousal, this, by necessity, needs to be done at the conscious level to maintain self control and not lapse into the “go for it” attitude. How much self control can you exercise? It takes a good deal of conscious effort to stop short, but the later pleasure rewards are worth it.
  • wohdinwohdin
    Posts: 42
    Thanks for the quick reply, rumel~!

    This was exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for. Myself being quite young and sexually vigorous (although not as much as the "average" of my age, it's still a lot) I have that sort of "run and gun" mentality engraved into my mind by default, but ever since I realized the benefits of it I've been steadily experimenting with the "will" aspect of sexuality. Being able to keep myself at that certain level, the sort of "edging" practice, the place where I can go for hours and feel so good - it's tough, but so worth it. That control over my body and mind is something I've sought out since not long after puberty; it's sort of a predisposition to seek spiritual tuning in myself.

    Being young (19, even), self-control is obviously not my strongest point. It is, however, something I'm confident that I can exert, if I can reach the state of relaxation my body requires. As arousal with denial of release is actually a practice I enjoy - it gives me a sense of energized bliss if I can sustain it for long enough, probably having to do with endorphines and dopamine - I think I'm pretty confident now that this practice is not only helping me on my way to joining with the Aneros, but also to open up all of my sexual energies, possibly enlightening me further.

    (...I've been told I should have been Bhuddist. :P)