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Comparison of the magic Eupho , MGX & Helix!!
  • TorbaTorba
    Posts: 2
    I have now bought the Eupho...a magic wand !!

    First impressions...fantastic!!! Slim and subtle, immediately 'hitting the spot' but more delicately than when using the Helix or MGX.

    Having a narrower profile also means that it touches a smaller area of the prostate at a time, which gives a different and hightly intriguing feeling.

    Due to the smaller contact area, it is also possible to apply greater pressure than with the broader Helix & MGX.
    I tried all three on my latest session, starting with the Eupho and ending with the Helix.

    All gave very subtely different sensations.

    Eupho: as above. Lots of movement of the Eupho ( which I love) , delicately tapping and touching in different areas and big 'O' never far away.

    Helix: much fuller feeling, but comfortable and pleasant. This time my muscles seem to move around it with the Helix moving less, instead of the other way around (involuntary muscle movements).

    MGX: in between the other two, with the good effects of the other two.

    Conclusion: If I only had ONE then I would go for the MGX, but the other two do their 'thing' better, so it is nice to have them both. Having said that, at the moment the Eupho is definitely my favourite at the moment.

    Does anyone else feel the same?
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    I have the Helix and Eupho and the Eupho is my favorite also. It seems to hit my prostate better than the Helix.

    It also allows me to control the pressure and action better than the Helix.
  • mogmog
    Posts: 166
    Hi Torba,

    >Having said that, at the moment the Eupho is definitely my favourite at the moment.<<br />
    Yes, the slim Eupho seems to have an enthusiastic following, perhaps more amongst the Aneros adepts than beginners, and this might be in keeping with its being more "grippable" than the more robust models, a characteristic that becomes more significant as the various anal muscles develop and become stronger. I find that the Eupho takes a lot of beating when I get onto the high ground in my sessions.

    But I would suggest that at your stage of progress your might, if you have not investigated already, be surprised at what one of the Peridise models could do for you.

    Mog :)
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    About 2 weeks ago I got the Peridise Beginners set and am still using the larger of the 2 in the set and love it.

    It is a different experience since it is an anal toy and not a prostate massager. I have to use a very, very light touch with it and really pay attention to the sensations since they are much more subtle than a Eupho.

    I bought the set after seeing Lynn's experience with it and I want to get my wife involved. It should have the same feeling for a female as for a male since it is not a prostate massager.

    One nice thing is it does not put any pressure on the perineum so it is more comfortable at times. I highly recommend the Peridise, in fact I have the Advanced set on order. Starting with the largest size is essential since it takes some training to be aware of the sensations.
  • FakmanFakman
    Posts: 45
    Started with the MGX, then went to the Progasm (everyone was sying it is the bomb), got the Eupho, then got the Helix and Peridise. I know I am an aneros freak, but I can't get enough of them. So far, the MGX has produced the most consistent results. Although I have to admit I have only utilized the Helix once and the Eupho 3 times and Peridise 2 times (all recent purchases). Each time I use progasm, helix or eupho I give myself an ejaculatory orgasm with no penile touching. I don't know what it is but they hit the right spot. When I use the MGX, I can go for a long time an experience sexual bliss. As I get more familiar with the newer products I will hopefully feel that same long lasting euphoria I get with the MGX.

    I must say that each device is unique and I get different feelings from each, which is really nice. It gives me the opportunity to switch it up on occassion and to try different models.