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Question for the gay men of the group
  • JonnarraJonnarra
    Posts: 2
    Hi all. i haven't been using my MGX for very long and I haven't yet achieved the super-o (I know, it takes time). For you gay men out there, is the super-o the same orgasm a man gets when he is getting fucked? My orgasms are extremely intense when my BF fucks me. I was just wondering. If the super-o is the same, then perhaps I will stop trying with the Aneros. It wouldn't seem to serve a purpose. I'm wondering if all the men surprised when they achieve their super-o are simply str8 men who now are experiencing what gay men have been experiencing for centuries.
  • It's different in my opinion - it's possible to have a full-body orgasm that is far more intense than cumming with spunk, and because spunk is not involved you can have one over and over again.

    Also, because it moves in precise reaction to your nervous system, you can achieve intense 'traditional' orgasms by wanking with it inside.
  • An orgasm is an entirely different thing from ejaculation. I think you're getting the two mixed up. The super-O is a very intense orgasm (NO EJACULATION). It's more on terms of that as a female orgasm and you can have multiple of these in any given session!

    So to sum it all up, it's something entirely different than what you're used to. It's a NEW experience to say the least. :wink:
  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    I believe it is possible to achieve even better results in some ways with another guy it's just that it takes a deep sensuality and desire to please instead of trying plow some poor guys ass at 90 miles an hour...ouch!
    I only had a boyfriend once over five years ago and it never felt as good as the aneros but then he was way too rough and nonsensual anyway :?
    I don't know if I have experienced orgasms as nice as those described by Mayfield and others on this forum but using the Progasm model combined with a realy submissive mindset brought me more satisfaction than I ever thought possible.
    So I would say definitely possible but let the Aneros be your "Training Wheels" as someone ?said on this forum.
  • JonnarraJonnarra
    Posts: 2
    thx for the feedback all. guess i'll keep trying :) sounds like it must be worth it.