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First time
  • After reading a lot in this forum, yesterday I got my first Aneros. It's MGX. I am straight, I've milked my prostate using a finger, and found it very comfortable. Last night I couldn't wait to do it, and once I got home I applied lube and inserted aneros in my ass. The whole evening i was walking around the house with it, so at one moment I didn't feel I have something inside me.
    Once I got to bed I laid on my back, squeezed a lot of lubricant into my hole I inserted Aneros again. I put pillow on my lower back, closed eyes and started breathing as I read in this forum. I don't know it took about half an hour, and I started moving aneros together with breathing. I tried to think only about it but it was kind of difficult.
    At sertain point I felt that if I hold my breath and try contraction, there is a very plesurable feeling inside me. I continued to hold my breath for about 15 seconds, and at the same time to do contractions.
    In maybe 10 more minutes doing that, Aneros started moving by itself. It wasn't getting in and out of me with big amplitude-it just started moving very fast inside me. My penis was sitting on my stomach, and I felt that I'm gonna cum. At the same time my feet started shaking. The bad thing was that I started thinking to get my camera and record this. And this incredible feeling stopped, and couldn't make it againg. After one more hour of trying, I quit, stroke my cock maybe 10 times and started cumming very hard.
    I will try to do it tonight again because all day I'm thinking about what happened to me. I cannot explain it but it was amazing. I know that still I have a lot to try until I reach Super O, but even only with this 15 seconds of incredible feeling, I am not skeptic anymore. I cannot wait to try again tonight.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    Great story, next time forget the camera! :D
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148

    After one more hour of trying, I quit,

    Quit trying! It took me a while (I'm a slow learner) to catch on that I need to quit trying to 'go somewhere' and just concentrate on trying to feel what my body was telling me.

    Now I start out by concentrating on my slow deep breathing and start trying to be aware of any feedback my body is giving my mind. This is the reverse of my old way of using my mind to tell my body what to do.

    I found myself trying to make something happen this morning so I just quit that session. For me it is better to quit and get back to it later when I am more relaxed. The harder I 'try' the less results I get. The more I 'let go' the better results I get.
  • Hi all,
    Last night I tried again. I was lying on my side, as most of the people from this forum suggest. I was watching some movie (not porn) I was breathing with aneros inserted and didn't try to contract at all. In about half an hour, I deep breath, and squeezed aneros, and immediately it started moving by itself. I closed my eyes concentrating on it, and I only felt very fast touching my prostate and outside. It got faster and faster. I was just breathing. Everything was involuntary. It continued for about 5 minutes with sudden stops, and then again. I felt like I wanted to urinate but it wasn't the same. Something like an electricity was on my lower back. After all this I stand, and I checked my penis. It was all wet as towel underneath. So it wasn't dry but it was much more joy than first time. I took the advise not to try to do anything. It is getting better by itself when you don't do anything. Next time I will do it again. Just breath, watch movie or read a book... I cannot wait to do it again.
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148

    It is getting better by itself when you don't do anything. Next time I will do it again. Just breath, watch movie or read a book... I cannot wait to do it again.

    You're catching on!

    Just a suggestion, but I have found in my experience that turning off TV, movies, etc. I can pay closer attention to the feelings my body is sending me.

    I have grown very sensitive to my body's feelings in the 2 short months I have been using the Aneros and practicing KSMO meditation.

    Any kind of TV or even music can be a distraction for me. The one thing I do have for 'white noise' is an old fashioned fan that makes a constant hum that drowns out things like cars going down my street. I used to just tune the TV to a channel that did not have a station on it and turn the volume up just enough to hear the steady 'static'. It also works as a night light if you want a little illumination.
  • Almost three weeks later, I think I did it. Last night I started my usual procedure of cleaning myself, lubing and inserting my MGX. I was reading this forum without thinking about thing inside me. In about 15 min. without any trying, involuntary contractions started, and not like before they continued. Feeling was incredible. I felt like electricity in my legs, and the only think I did was to turn off my laptop. I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the feeling. In maybe 10 more minutes it started: Aneros stopped moving, but arousal was growing. My penis become hard in seconds, and I felt like prostate was wraping around aneros. After reading so many posts here now I understand how dificult is to explain what happened next. I stopped breathing, my whole body was shaking but from inside, no external movements. I felt my head as I was drunk, but at the same time I could control myself. It continued for about 2-3 minutes (I don't know for sure) That was the most incredible feeling I ever experienced. It stopped for a while, and then started again. I was a bit skeptical abotu super O, if it ever exist but Oh, Yes this is true. Thank you Aneros!!!
    Today I am a new person. Right now I am writing this, and my prostate is pulsing by itself. I want this to happen again. This is not orgasm-this is something more. Regular ejaculation orgasm is not even close to what happened to me. I am sorry, but I cannot explain it.
    What I can say to people who have not experienced this is-Don't try to think about Super O, it will come by itself.
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    Have fun enjoying the ride.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    It so wonderful to read about someone's first Super O and the feelings of shock and awe that they're left with. It brings it all back to me.

    Stay with it, it only gets better!

    BF Mayfield
  • Yeah, no joke Brian. It is quite amazing to see all of the hard work and dedication of our members pay off with the SUPER-O result. It also very intriguing to watch which people catch on to it faster than others and then change their whole mindset. 8) They go from being skeptical and an unbeliever to a believer. That's my favorite part to watch "mature" in all these threads! :twisted:
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    Congratulation veryhorny3!
    You are part of the "Super-o Club" now. :D
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96
    CONGRATS!!! Patience and practice pays off!

    Enjoy your future!
  • Last night happened the unbelivable. For 3 hours I was shaking and receiveing orgasms every 5 minutes. My body was doing whatever it wanted. I tried different positions: sideway, on my back, on my stomach, with legs bent, straight. It worked all the time. In the middle of orgasms I felt tired, removed MGX, and went on the balcony for a smoke. AND I received super O without aneros. I was just thinking as it was inside me, involuntary contractons started, and I climbed to the top. Later on I took camera, and filmed part of my session afraid that thinking of fiming I would not have orgasm, I have orgasm session to watch. Today when I am watching it and contractions starts by itself.
    Three hours of shaking moaning, I can beleive it can happen to me. Today my stomach muscles hurt but who cares. During my last night session the most incredible thing was when I was laying on my back. Right before super O started,muscles on my stomach started flexing, and as I was laying my body started rising. During orgasm, I was almost sitting on my butt, with head and body up, and legs bent in the air. Convulsing was like ejaculating but without stopping for 15-20 seconds. The day before I had orgasm with erection without shaking and moning, but last night I was out of control. I almost screamed of joy, my whole body convulsing with semi hard penis. I just cannot explain.
    I am looking forward to feel this againg...or maybe something more.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435

    At sertain point I felt that if I hold my breath and try contraction, there is a very plesurable feeling inside me. I continued to hold my breath for about 15 seconds, and at the same time to do contractions.

    What contractions were these: rectal, PC?
    Were you mentally or physically aroused? Or just relaxed?
  • Almost one year later, I am writing again. I still use my MGX, but it's time to experiment with something else soon. I am using aneros at least once a week, and 95 % of the time I am going to the top. The only time I am not enjoing Super O is when I'm too tired or something is distracting me.
    Since I can acheive super O almost "whenever I want to" I started experimenting with different positions, breathing deeper, nipple plat etc. And every time I can learn something new.
    Regarding positions-most of the time I am using side one, with laying on my left side, with right leg bent. The other position is laying on my back, which is easy for nipple play. I've read a lot about nipple play at this forum, but once I experienced it myself what nipple orgasm means. The other thing I learned is orgasm without Aneros. I can lay, using the same technique, and if I'm lucky I can acheive orgasm in 20 to 30 minutes.
    Aneros really changed my life. I can sit in my office, and experience dry orgasm whenever I want to (I am alone in the office). My sexual life also changed-I can control ejaculation, and give the best orgasms to my wife.
    Now I'm thinking to buy new aneros model, but I don't know which one. I want to continue my orgasmic experience to a new level. Even with my MGX, current Super O's are different-with shaking, with swetting, with hard on or flacid penis, with screaming and crying or just with my mind gonig out of my body.
    Almost an year later, I want to say: THANK YOU, ANEROS!
  • Veryhorney3-

    You are one lucky dude! :)
  • [QUOTE=helixbill;77621]

    I have grown very sensitive to my body's feelings in the 2 short months I have been using the Aneros and practicing KSMO meditation.


    What is KSMO meditation?
  • [QUOTE=WillieJ;85879]What is KSMO meditation?

    Key Sound Multiple Orgasm
  • thank you for your nice comments after one year its going pleasure to hear something like you might be a next year