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Bought my first Aneros...I have some questions.
  • jsw513jsw513
    Posts: 2
    A little about me:
    I've been interested in prostate play for a few years. I've experimented with fingers(mine and partners) and vibrators designed for female g-spot stimulation. I've been chasing the elusive prostate orgasm for a few years, and have never had it. I've known about the Aneros for probably almost as long as I've been interested in Prostate play, but never pulled the trigger(fear of commitment i suppose).

    I've discussing this with my g/f recently, and last night we found a retailer near by, and picked up a MGX our way to dinner. We came home, got in bed, and began our evening.

    We started with some foreplay. She wanted to get my region relaxed so she rimmed me for a good 10 min, then slowly started introducing a finger and lube. She was gentle, and got me relaxed. We got the Aneros in. I didn't notice anything right away, so i asked her to grab the "handle" on the bottom side and rock it back in fourth. I could then feel it. She started performing oral on me, and stopped rocking the aneros. I reached down underneath my body and grabbed the handle and started rocking it. A minute into rocking i felt like i was going to cum. I stopped and let her continue giving me oral, and all of the sudden didn't feel like i was going to cum. Just testing my suspicions out.

    I began rocking the aneros again while she was performing oral, and it was clear that I was going to cum soon. I told her when I asked her to stop giving me oral, to just pull off and wait. I was getting close so asked her to stop, rocked the aneros for another 20 seconds and came w/ nothing stimulating my penis. Can I call this a prostate orgasm? What can I change or do differently? It wasn't an earth shattering sensation like some of you talk on here. It was an orgasm, but felt a little more intense, and a bit different.

    Is rocking the toy with my hand the way to go? Or should i go to contracting the sphincter to control it? I'm a little sore today, so I'm gonna have to hold out a couple days before I give it another go. Thanks in advance for any input you guys have to offer.

    I forgot to mention one thing...Upon cleaning up, I noticed a little blood on the toilet paper. Is this a matter of me not being fully relaxed, or not enough lube?
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    Sounds to me like you had a traditional orgasm via your prostate you will find more on this by searching hands free ejaculation. As for the blood this is most likely coming from manual stimulation with the handle which is not its intended use. Be very careful the design of these models can be to aggressive with manipulation of the handle. Torque=force applied times perpendicular distance. Meaning you can generate a lot of torque just by moving the handle a little bit.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello jsw513, :)

    Like luvinaneros said, these devices were never meant to be manually operated by hand once inserted. I've done it a bit myself, but you have to be very very gentle. It's very easy to damage the soft tissues. The blood could be either or in combination of manually manipulating the Aneros, your anus not being relaxed enough, and not enough lube.

    From my own experience, it took me quite a while to learn how to relax the muscles in my anus during a session. Also, please make sure that if you are using a liquid lubricant that you are generously lubricating your anus, the MGX, and also injecting some inside your rectum before insertion.
    See the following link for a device to do this.

    I've read here in the forum that you can also buy something like this at a pharmacy. Generally 3 to 5 ml is enough lube for a session.

    Most people never even experience any pleasurable sensations on the first try. It usually something that takes many times of practice to learn. Be gentle, and allow your anal muscles to operate the Aneros. What you experienced was a hands free traditional ejaculating orgasm that we in the forum here call a hands free super-T. Keep at it. The fact that you even felt anything pleasurable is a good sign.

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836

    Dive into the WIKI and start reading, most of all your questions will be answered there. :)
  • jsw513jsw513
    Posts: 2
    thanks for the input folks