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At last I've experienced the "O"
  • percypercy
    Posts: 4
    :D At last I have experienced the wonder of the Aneros. I bought the MGX but after three months of nothing bought the Progasm. That was a year and a half ago and I have tried in vain with all different kinds of lubricants and positions and never had any earth shattering experience until today.
    I read through the forums and decided to try again. It was 11am so I went to my bedroom and used KY Gel and after inserting the Progasm lay back and relaxed as it says on the forum. I started on my back with my knees bent and about 6 inches apart and my feet further apart as one of the people on the forum suggested After ten mins my sphincer muscles twitched but this time I didn't try and fight it or enhance it...just concentrated on relaxing. Slowly the sensation grew and I started tingling all over. Then Wam the first orgasm...amazing. I let it happen and go but they kept on coming in waves until it was almost like one continuous orgasm which lasted for ten or twenty minutes. I could feel my stomach muscles contracting and a feeling of my body being in this state of continuous pleasure.
    I didn't get the sensation of ejactulation which everyone says you do but there was quite a bit of pre-cum when I decided I had had enough.
    I am now going to rest for a couple of hours and then try again, hopefully this time it will take me to the next level and I will be able to have a bigger and better dry orgasm. I am so happy it has finally happened and if anyone can advise me on how to take it further please let me know.
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    My tip for you is when you said you will "Try" again later is lose that thought you will have a session and take it for what it is. If the session is a dud which i hope it is not do not get discouraged you cannot try and force things just let it happened its much more exciting when it catches you by surprise. I wish you the best and hope you get what you deserve.
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96
    CONGRATS!!! Just don't be upset or confused if your second session doesn't produce the same results. You seem very eager...but I can understand that after so long of have results no where near your recent experience. I'd want to jump right back in there and say "lets do that again" I'm happy for you and hope that is one of many in your future.

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    Sounds like you had a great time! Good luck with future sessions. :)
  • percypercy
    Posts: 4
    After Mondays mind blowing session I tried again later and nothing much happened, I figured I was probably tired and maybe I should have a days rest I tried had a hard on first first thing this morning so lubed up and relaxed. Again I wasn't getting there, there was something but nothing like before. Then as I was about to give up and sat up it hit the old G-spot and so I starting pushing against the duvet and this was sonething else, My whole body tingled and shook, I got short of breath and there were kind of spasms...I'm not sure whether I liked it or not, it was almost scary. I lay back and it continued for about an hour but was more convulsions in my backside and a feeling of an itch that needed this normal? I couldn't keep still and my body shook and my heart was beating like an african drum,but it never seemed to get past that point, I feel I needed to go just a step further. In the end I stopped, I thought an hour of it was maybe too long and I didn't know whether this was normal and worried about the feelings I was having but maybe I should have carried on. If anyone has experienced this please let me know what I should do.


  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    Maybe you are trying to hard to make something happen again?
  • My best results have come so far, when I've done NOTHING and just relaxed. Amazing, doing nothing seems to work.
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    Doing nothing except deep breathing is what 'floats my boat'.

    The natural movement between my abdomen and my anus when I breathe very deeply is enough movement to start the fireworks.