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Angry and embarrassed!
  • unclelezunclelez
    Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I just need to vent my frustration as I'm a little bit embarrassed after a lengthly search for a missing Aneros that I ordered just before Christmas.

    I live in Ireland and I ordered my Progasm on the 10th of December so I could use it as a Christmas treat with my girlfriend but it never came (no pun intended). I was constantly checking the status of my order and everything seemed ok until it reached my stupid country.

    I waited for several days but still no Aneros at my doorstep so I contacted my country's postal service to find out about what happened. They informed me that they were right on it and the package would be directed to me ASAP. I waited for about two weeks but still no arrival so I contacted them again in mid January where I was told that they delivered it to an address about 30 miles away from my house. Then they apologised and said it would be delivered. Cool I thought, but that was only the beginning.

    I waited about 2 weeks for the package to be delivered but still no joy so I contacted them again where I had to talk about the contents of the package to a tech support girl for about 10 minutes. She informed me that the package must be missing and that I would have to fill out forms for the postal service to begin an investigation. This was very embarrassing as I don't like strangers investigating what I'm up to in my bedroom. I know this sounds a little silly but you can understand my frustration. Further more I recieved no compensation due to my country's terrible postal service this time round so I wasted of 120 odd euro on an embarrassing couple of months. It's now mid March and the ordeal is only over now. That's nearly 4 months and I'm quite angry.

    When I ordered my Aneros the site insured me that privacy was nothing to worry about but as soon as it hit my country.......

    What are the odds of the postal service messing up only when you by a sex toy? Priceless!

    Thanks for reading and I hope nobody has to go through the same bullshit I have gone through!

    Good Luck!
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Your situation sucks, that's for sure! I wonder if Ireland's postal service does X-rays of suspect packages. Maybe the postal inspector saw what was in there and took it for himself!!!

    How embarrassing it must be to have to divulge the contents to someone over the phone. Remember to B.S. and say that you have a prostate condition and your doctor has prescribed this for therapy. That may help ease some tension for you.

    Other than that, if you ordered from the U.K. I would make the next purchase from the U.S. and vice versa. Of course the best way would be to walk into a store and get one, but personally I've never done that. I saw Aneros products in a sex shop before but was always to embarrassed to buy!!!

    Good Luck!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello unclelez, :)

    Perhaps next time it would be easier to order from a sex shop within your own country. Or even just buy it at a local one. I agree, I would be embarrassed to have to describe to the postal customer service person what was in the package also. (A back scratcher? LOL) It's a real bummer when these sort of things happen. I also wonder if UPS, or FedEx, assuming they operate in your area, would have done a better job delivering. I know that in my opinion, the postal service in the USA is less than optimal in their service also. You didn't specifically say whether you finally got your Aneros. I hope you did and that the pleasure it brings you more than makes up for the hassle you had to go through.

    Love is Peace