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Electromagnétisme human aneros
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
    good morning think - of you that the aneros changes Electromagnétisme human being or level of the women
  • ThinkThink
    Posts: 7
    Good morning to you too Plantation.

    There have been many studies on this exact subject! Popular belief is that the Aneros can hamper trans-dimensional electro-magnetic phasing of both neon AND brownie-based flux capacitors, but only in Canada and Brazil, and only during lent. Further studies reveal that the level of the woman is inversely proportional to the square of the root of the weight of Nikola Tesla's left testicle at his 15th birthday.

    Personal experience has shown me that the Aneros's Electromagnétismic human-flux potential is a similar phenomenon to the brownian motion mechanic as demonstrated by Zaphod Beeblebrox shortly before he was consumed by giant, orange monkeys from the planet cacadodo 9.

    I hope this answers your question. :)
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi plantation and Think!

    I think Think has answered your question well, even through the delightful circumlocutions around pop culture icons of sci-fi wit and wisdom, including many of my favourites, and his circumambulation of human flux capacity in particular. Thank you Think! :D

    If you will pardon the precision of circumcision, the answer that I humbly offer is also no.

    Butt, anything that assists one in identifying and cultivating a sensitivity to what Tantra and Tao refer to as chi or the life force energies, that thing does indirectly benefit one in developing other techniques that enable one to enhance those energies in one. As BF Mayfield has christened it, your Aneros can be your "Tantra Training Wheels"! Aneros use can indirectly contribute to one's awareness of and decision to develop that ability and those energies. :wink:

    Where those energies fit/manifest in the electro-chemical/electro-magnetic neurological system, and the quantum body/mind signalling that Roger Penrose proposed and seems to be being confirmed in current lab experiments, and further, what role our energy generator cellular co-symbionts, our beautiful mitochondria, play in all this is still being investigated in the larger questions of the nature and mechanics of consciousness itself. Time will tell. 8)

    Then there is your corollary question about women's levels, which really gets us into Yin Chi and Yang Chi. That question might be better wrestled with at The Tao Bums site which you could join, as several of us here have done, and post this question there:

    Another investigator of sexual/erotic energies that could provide some guidance is the late Dr. Rudolph von Urban whose approach I have discussed in my blog entry Tantra and Bio-Electric Sex:

    There is nothing else like energy sharing/balancing/jolting with your opposite sex partner! And it leads to or enhances other partnering pleasures wonderfully. :D

    Anyone listen to the Brownian motion sound as part of your meditation?
    Thanks again Think!

    Jing (Orgasmic) > Chi (Life Force) > Shen (Spiritual)

    long may these energies flow

  • big jimbobig jimbo
    Posts: 80
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    [quote=big jimbo]HUH??????

    Use the Forrrrrrcceeeeee. *giggle*. :D
    Posts: 70
    You got it wrong Think. The monkeys are from planet Xenon in the Anusian sector of the Prostatious Star System. Capt Kirk knew how to find it (with help from Bones). Once he found it he became addicted and Scotty didn't have enough power. Spock probed him and all was OK.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well JIH!

    Are you onto something or what, eh? Bones, indeed!

    You are clearly a Intergalactic Colonial Antidisestablishmentarian Prostater of the Olde Kirk! Let the debates and the accompanying sports begin!!!

    Testicle Toss using Darwin Rules, thanks Think for weighing in, will start at 3:00 PST. Shortly their aft, the O-zone Marathon will begin and include both volunteers and involunteers, so watch for the Perineal Press Gang and their heavy-duty medically designed cabers!

    More games will be announced as they appear...

    Fettle yourselves as you choose... You might want to refer to these possibilities at my last post in this thread:

    Will it be progasmic teleporters in open fields or electric towels at close quarters then? Others feel free to join the fray...

    Join me hoisting a Guiness today! Oh say, are these special bones here available in green?

    42, and thanks for all the fish

    Posts: 70
    LOL!!! 42? Don't panic.