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Little help...
  • Ok first time poster, been using the aneros for about 6 months. Progress has been slow and I'm not very far along the "milestones" list but there are changes so I can't say it isn't working. I'm at the point where I get infrequent pleasurable feelings and a rare strong one (not enough to make me lose control of anything but it puts a smile on my face). The problem I'm having is I can't keep the damn thing in! I've been searching for similar reports but I'm not getting anywhere. The aneros simply pops out on it's own even if I'm just laying there not doing anything, I can resist it by making contractions and trying to hold it in but I can't hold it forever! Naturally the more it does that the more I get frustrated having to stick it back in to start over and that kills the attempt right there.

    It doesn't seem to happen when I lay on my side but unfortunately I find that position least effective. Laying on my back seems to cause more of those little "waves" and give it easier movement but it falls out the most there, laying on my stomach is about the same. It happens with both the helix and progasm. For lubrication I typically use one of those marksman one-shots and then lube the aneros itself with id glide. I typically use it 1-2 times a week at least 2 days apart. As it is now the sessions take so long to finish because of the delays I usually finish off the old fashioned way while sitting, at least that way I can take advantage of the "amplification" effect it has on penile orgasms. I'm open to suggestions from the masters, thanks in advance.
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    What you need to do is some pc muscle exercise to strengthen the muscles. Your muscles are too weak to grab a hold of the aneros and keep it from slipping out. Do some pc contractions like you are trying to stop urine flow this is the easiest method. Hold the contractions as long as you can or maybe 15-30 seconds and do at least 50 threw out the day in a few weeks you will notice your much more toned down there and do not try to over do it too much. Since you mention that you can hold it in with a contraction do hold it in these exercises will help you as the muscles will automatically hold the aneros in so you can better relax.

    I do hard 10 or so contractions of about 1-3 minutes each around 3-4 times a day every other day but i have been doing this for years. I have noticed a lot positive such as better and longer orgasms too. I can hold off ejaculation too by contracting soon as ejaculation is coming then let go and continue. I can hold a contraction for around 5 minutes but not at 100% strength. I can hold a full strength contraction around 2 minutes.

    I cant seem to find a guide to do these but i think you might get the idea. Just work those muscles out anytime you are able to like when sitting at the dinner table reading the paper heck or like me when i fuel my car i hold a good strong contraction and as i drive when its safe i do them.

    P.S I am holding on and off contractions as i read the forum here :lol:
  • Thank you for the swift response!

    I will give your suggestion a try and see how it goes in a month or so.
  • As far as Lube goes

    Ive tried several, water based, silicone and even vasiline, I didnt like them.

    The best isnt lube at all, Try Clear Aloe Vera Gel,
    prime the anus first then generously on your Aneros
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,354
    no doctor, but, it seems that your rectum muscles are stronger than your anal sphincter. it is possible you have poor tone in the latter. use your finger to get a sense. you should feel resistance going in. might even want to have a physician check it out.

    you want to strengthen your sphincter, not your rectum, so do the exercise where you try to keep in a fart, or, try to grab a marble w/ your hole.

    take w/ grain of salt, as i am not a doctor.