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quivering-wave breathing
  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    I am a new user of both this site and my new MGX. I have had 4 sessions so far and looking forward to my journey. I have ejaculated twice now after extended sessions by adding a rotating motion with my hips. Both times were very powerful and did not seem penis based. The other two I was so relaxed that I fell deeply asleep. All four time I found invigorating, each time different and pleasurable.

    I have two questions so far. I am practicing my breathing and muscle use outside of my MGX sessions as well and have had some success. But I am having trouble with the "quivering-wave" breathing. I have not been able to focus on anything other than the stop-start breathing. Any suggestions on how to practice them would be greatly appreciated.

    One of the reasons that I purchased my MGX was that I am middle aged man and am having trouble getting and maintain erections. I have had the check ups with nothing really wrong and I am making the changes to my lifestyle and diet. I am making the assumption that being aroused does not mean erection. That in time, with the life changes I am making, and with practice, I will regain my erections and should not to be concerned at this time that I do not have them. I should just be laying back, relaxing and enjoying the sensation. Again any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks C
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    i don't know what quivering-wave breathing is. doh. so, don't worry to much about it! if you want to think about breathing, look up tantric breath on youtube.

    about erection: give a good bit of time. months. you can't rush it, and trying is counterproductive. that said, i think it is pretty much universal that men feel their erections get a lot stronger from using it.

    lifestyle changes: go for it. very important.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I used the Search function to find some older posts by ‘B Mayfield’ which describe his use of a similar breathing technique,
    see – Post #1, Post #2 and Post #3
    Also you might want to check out this video called the ”Breath of Fire”.

    The Search function can be used with multiple keywords to find discussions on topics of interest. I encourage you to make use of it, as there are many tidbits of good information dispersed throughout these Forum postings.
  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    Thank you both for your replys. It is good to learn that I am going in the right direction. Rumel thank you for your suggestions, I have previously viewed several of the video's and read 2 of the three post you recommended. The third one did bring more clarity.

    Having read so much on the subject both here and wiki and the aneros web site I was getting a little overwhelmed with information. I am finding the whole experience exciting. So I will take a step back and stop trying to duplicate what I have read works for others. And find my own path. Thanks C