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Sexual Energy; Super orgasm and rapture.
  • Hi there. I'm new to the forum here and to Aneros in general.

    I have not yet acquired an Aneros but plan on buying a Helix as soon as I have some money spare :D

    One question I have an area of sexuality that interest me greatly, is sexual energy. I find that when I ejaculate I have a loss energy, in all areas of life. I feel more lethargic the next day, less social, less comedic and less of an extrovert. I know this sounds strange, but the day after ejaculation I feel in general; more apathy than I normally would. If I go a while without ejaculating (It's been 8 days now, and I feel great) I obviously feel a lot more energetic (And horny), and everything I do and say just feels like it goes smoother. I need less sleep, and in general I'm in a better mood. Sort of like being wired, an extra boost in my activities.

    Does anyone else experience this? I find it easier and easier to go for a time without ejaculation when I feel these benefits from the energy, but there comes a time when its almost too much and I can't stop thinking about sex and need to release it.

    So the Aneros interests me greatly because of the idea of having 'dry orgasms', the great feeling without having the lose my semen and seeminly energy or spark for life. Some say that after these orgasms the sexual energy is even more intense!

    I'm not a virgin and only 18 years of age, but at the moment do not have a girlfriend. So I would really like to experiment with the idea of having multiple orgasms and being able to control myself better for future relationships.

    Does anyone have any similiar experiences or input about the Aneros in general?

    I hope this isn't too nonspecific and can spark some interesting conversation about sexual energy.


  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43
    I know from my own experience that I fell more outgoing and energetic when I have not ejaculated for a while - it's sort of in the back of my mind and gives me something extra to look forward to.
    Going 8 days for me is unheard of (even though I am 50).
    I find that I can easily recharge in 2 days ever since I was your age.
    Get something like the helix, I have the progasm since it was what was available at the local shop at the time, it's the biggest (which I did not know - but not really disappointed), but I just go a little easier with it, I want to get the helix and compare. My wife and I thought about spicing it up a notch and even though she doesn't participate directly in my aneros sessions, she is ok with them. I try not to get too carried away (as much as I would like to). Hey being 50 isn't all bad when there is something new to discover. I have only been doing this for about a month, but have toyed around a little with anal play.
    Back to sexual energy - you are just having a little down time after an orgasm - no problem.
    I find that eventually I have to release so I can concentrate on other aspects of my life (at least for a day or 2 - LOL).
    Read up on this forum, the wiki too, there's a great bit of experience on this site.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)
    Hi Sparkie900,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    From your post it sounds like you are a prime candidate to embark on the study of Tantra in the vein of Taoist philosophy.

    The importance of semen retention in the Taoist philosophy is briefly explained in this short article . You may wish to also read this related article about the importance of ejaculation control (actually there are many good topics on this site).

    While the motivation for and intended techniques for use of an Aneros prostate massager can be quite varied, probably the most frequent intended use is to achieve multiple dry orgasms in the form of a Super-O. These are non-ejaculatory events very much in accord with Tantric practices. The most knowledgeable member of this, ‘B Mayfield’ appropriately coined the term “Tantric Training Wheels” for these devices because they provide a simplified method for training the body to enter heightened states of sexual energy without having to endure years of traditional esoteric Tantric learning exercises.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi Sparkie900,

    And I add my welcome as well!

    I agree with Rumel 100%!

    The beauty of the "dry orgasm", whether large or small, is the
    ability to have multiple orgasms while separating them from
    the traditional ejaculation.

    (which brings on the lethargy and other negative things you've mentioned).

    Although, I do believe in cleaning out the pipes every once in a while and
    have a "traditional orgasm" complete with ejaculation!

    One thing I have noticed though, I don't experience quite the level of
    side-effects after ejac that I used to. Don't know why???

    Later, Hlaser99
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    If I had found an Aneros when I was 18 I could have saved myself from 2 or 3 bad marriages!

    I am 63 and had ED, or so I thought. Since using the Helix for almost a month and then switching to the Euphos I have started having dry orgasms and they do not leave me drained physically. Weak in the knees for about 5 minutes, but no long term lethargy. And my desire to have sex with my wife is returning!

    Perhaps the Aneros will help you to use up some of your sexual energy and you won't be so drained when you do ejaculate occasionally.

    At your age you have a lot of hormones raging. You might try ejaculating every day or even 2 or 3 times a day and see if you release some of your sexual energy gradually each day instead of saving it all up for 2 weeks and exhausting yourself. Starting at your age and into my 40's I could go at it at least once a day every day, sometimes even 2 or 3 times a day.
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    This is most interesting. Until recently I would be totally drained for a couple of days after ejaculating, but now I'm enjoying multiple dry orgasms, and many of them, on the occasions I do ejaculate I don't feel depleted anymore. I'm a sexagenarian so I only go for a super-T about every two to three weeks.

    I read somewhere, either in Mantak Chia's or Dan Reid's book, that after we have spent a long time recirculating our sexual energy, as we are doing, by the time we ejaculate we have already reabsorbed much of the energy contained in our sperm. That doesn't seem to make much sense technically, but the effect seems to be true.
  • Thanks for the replies!

    I find that I can easily recharge in 2 days ever since I was your age.

    Oh definitely. I feel recharged in one day! But what I'm talking about is the slow build up in sexual energy (Not just recharged and ready to go again) from certain periods of abstinence. Seems to effect everything I do. I don't know if I'm just extra sensitive to this energy or something, or just out of my mind :lol:.

    Thanks for the links. I have been studying the taoist techniques and traditions for a while now, greatly interests me and ties in a lot with what the Aneros is all about! I think perhaps linking these two together a little more would help with a lot of peoples false presumptions about the Super-O's tendency to be anything like a penile ejaculation, therefore already heading into a wrong start. (Not that I have experienced the aneros or a super orgasm yet, but I am basing it on what I have read and my following experience);

    I have been practicing the KMSO (Key Sound technique) for a few days and felt a sort of rising of energy even the first time I started practicing. Literally a few days later I was in a very relaxed, happy state. Very carefree. I started to cultivate the KMSO a little, and then decided to add to it with some lite erotica. After getting really aroused, the energy seemed to multiply violently, like a huge ball of red energy. by concentrating (and breathing) i could expand the energy to a sort of feeling all over my torso and head. Eventually after a little while of doing this I experienced a sort of 'release', or mini orgasm perhaps? it was intensified for a short while to a level I have never experienced before. My eyes were shut and there was a sort of flash of light and disconnected feeling from myself, just of pure sensation. This was all without any stimulation on the penis - I touched it slightly once and instantly felt the intensity of the outer energy fade.

    Afterwards I felt energized and still aroused, yet content to just reflect on the experience and not masturbate.

    Has anyone else experienced this before even having experience with the Aneros? Will using the Aneros multiply my experience and let me cultivate it further?

    I think in addition to some really big changes in my life, the incorporation of meditation regurarly has left me much more receptive to feeling these sorts of energies or phenomenon. Do many people here meditate at all? ( Any buddhist or people who study the Dhamma around? :P

    My order is placed and should hopefully be here tomorrow, so I will keep this thread updated once I try it.

  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148

    Do many people here meditate at all?

    I have been meditating for several years by deep breathing and/or prayer.

    I finally heard a remark about meditation that made sense to me: "If you know how to worry you know how to meditate".

    I guess worry would be thinking about what I don't have and meditation would be thinking about all the good things I do have.
  • ^ Cool. Meditation definitely has benefits

    I don't know if anyone here studies buddhism (I am only starting), but in the meditative practises there are things called "Jhanas'. (In corporates stillness and concentration). From here you can go into 'absorption".

    There are many states described such as Piti (deep tranquilitty; joy or rapture) and Sukkha (“happiness" or "ease" or "pleasure" or "bliss). If one is absorbed into these states a feeling of pure bliss envelopes the mediator. Some basic descriptions I have found;

    * Weak rapture only causes piloerection.
    * Short rapture evocates some thunder "from time to time".
    * Going down rapture explodes inside the body, like waves.
    * Exalting rapture "makes the body jump to the sky".
    * Fulfilling rapture seems to be a huge flood of a mountain stream.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone? The connection between this meditative state and the feelings of a Super - O seem to click together. I think perhaps this has a lot more to do with meditation and concentration than many think. You have to let yourself be totally 'asborbed' by the feeling. These 'absorptions' is only a small part of practise, kind of like a stepping stone. Further meditation and further along in the different level of Jhana, the actual physical aspect of bliss is dis-continued, and a more subtle, yet sublime bliss emerges. Neither pleasure nor pain. Just content happiness in all things.

    Perhaps this is why a lot of people have trouble achieving such feelings ; a state of concentration and absorption has to be achieved, which for some can be quite difficult (especially if you are only used to penile orgasms and are trying to associate the feeling with that).

    I don't know if this make sense or interests anyone, but I just find the similarities to be uncanny. '

    Either that or I could just be talking out of my ass !

    Maybe once I have had more practice and experience I can write more in depth about this. :shock:

    I would love to talk to anyone who has an almost cleansing spiritual experience from this kind of pleasure!
  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43

    I can identify with the flashing lights with my eyes closed, that happened to me in my session this morning.
    At the time I had a strong contraction going my eyes started to flash and I think I experienced my first dry-O. Very nice feeling like a wet one but without the refractory! I could feel lots of precum dripping out. My penis was mostly flacid but did get semi-hard at times.
    It seemed like I was laying beside myself in bed a little too.
    It lasted for about a minute or so and then I had to relax, I was not able to repeat it again during the session but maybe tomorrow.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    You may be interested in reading a few of the earlier threads with regards to the Tantric/Taoist implications of Aneros usage. Tantra / First Super-O / Yoga Resources or Automatic Tantra? are just two of many other threads that speak to this topic. I encourage you to use the Search function to find some of them, I think you will find some worthwhile information as you rummage through some of those past threads.

    There have been quite of few men who have reported of their transformative experiences from Aneros usage and a heightened sense of spirituality has also been mentioned, you are definitely not alone in your observation.

    You said “…I could just be talking out of my ass !”, well in that vein, for a little light hearted banter about talking out of ones asshole you can read some of this thread My own theory of understanding orgasm.

    Incidently, the Automatic Tantra? thread was one of the influencing reasons for me to develop the "HypnAerosession" guided Aneros Session.