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Health Risks?
  • DavoDavo
    Posts: 19
    I absolutely love my Helix. And I would like to use this thing daily. I lube up real good 7cc of Probe and coat the messager with Wet platium. I like going for a couple of hours a session. Am I going to cause any issues? I don't feel sore but I can feel some tingling afterward. Is this an adjustment to the messager? Any issues with hemeroids?
  • Hello Davo,

    Frequent use is good for you and should help prevent hemorrhoids. If you already have hemorrhoids then the Peridise works wonders. See my posts on HIH at:

    Enjoy your tingling feeling. The only issue I can think of is your choice of lube. My philosophy is that if you can't eat it, then don't use it in the other end! So I use pure coconut oil which keeps me well lubed for hours on end, even overnight! Coconut oil is liquid in warm weather and solidifies when it's cooler. Here in Arizona its liquid most of the time, so I put my Aneros in the freezer for a while, and then when I apply the oil is solidifies and provides a good coating. That all I need. I slip it in and off I go.

    Enjoy yourself,

  • I would not use more than every other day IMHO.

    Your icon is hilarious! :lol:
  • serenget1serenget1
    Posts: 22
    Re Health issue

    I have been using my helix and peredise rather a lot over the past 3 week almost every night. I have notices that during the day I experience a slight dizzy sensation that starts at the back of my head as a sort of prickle. It is difficult to describe but is like a bubbly feeling. It only lasts for about 10 sec.

    This could be due to increased stress level at work over the past 2 week, lack of sleep as I do also feel tired

    It is not a bad sensation but I wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

    Have I been over doing it ans should drop down to say twice a week.


  • DavoDavo
    Posts: 19
    The tingling I had was in my pelvis. Sounds like you need more sleep. Why not try cutting back to every other day for starters.
  • Only harmful thing I see is maybe slow down on your sessions and give your body time to recover. Oh, and GrandTiger is right. Make an investment in some good safe lube.


    Other than that only time will tell the benefits of using an aneros. ;) 8) :twisted: :!:
  • BeachBumBeachBum
    Posts: 3
    I want to say thanks so much for your feed-back here. I was beginning to wonding if I was the only one experiencing sensations even after I had removed my aneros. It seems as the past couple of days, usually in the mornings before I get up I'm having very mild anal contraction. It's not bad. It's even happen a few times during the day and without any notice? Guess thats okay?
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Welcome BeachBum; I replied to your other post and only just noticed you joined today. We look forward to hearing about your progress. Best wishes,