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cutting handle off
  • eddy99eddy99
    Posts: 26
    I am thinking of cutting off the handle to my MGX. I enjoy watchin porn on my computer and can't sit down and use the aneros with out the handle pokeing me and not allowing any movement. I haven't used my new toy very long, just got it two days ago and used it twice but find it very uncomfortable to sit down and use. Would this be a good idea or should I try something else? :?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    There have been many users who have done this in the past and most seem to be quite happy with it. If the sitting position is going to be the primary way that you use the Aneros, removing the handle will be a must. It's just not comfortable otherwise and the sitting position restricts mobility. It's also been said by some that handle removal results in slightly better prostate engagement as the unit will tend to cant forward just a little more.

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    BF Mayfield
  • Wouldn't the Peridise be good to use in the sitting position?
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    I agree that if you want to sit at the computer, the Peridise is the way to go. It's nice-n-small and the flange flare fits right into the butt-crack.

    One thought though -- The weight of the body tends to place too much pressure on the lower pelvic region when sitting on the Perisise without any buffer. -- Place small pillows or towels under each leg leaving some play in the perineal area.
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    When I’m plugged in to a session and need or want to use the computer or TV, I roll out my exercise ball and lay on it and use pillows for my knees. This turns out to be very effective for me because the exercise ball is fun object to play on during a session anyway.

    … Just a thought in case you had one those lying around …

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi eddy99!

    I made my Helix an MGX tailless and not only is it more comfortable
    in my "chair sessions", but I also find that they hit in a little different
    angle and move a little differently! (an interesting difference!)

    I prefer these models "tailless" rather than with their "curly tails" . . .

    Just be sure to make it nice and smooth, with no jagged edges!

    Good Luck!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • eddy99eddy99
    Posts: 26
    Thanks for all the great feedback. I finally cut off the handle last night and buffed it down and made it real smooth. I haven't given it a real good try out yet as I had such an intense session a couple of days ago that I think I am drained of all fluids. I do have an issue with my MGX--- it keeps falling out, with or without the handle. I am thinking of ordering a Progasm in hopes it will stay in better.....
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    Excersise balls are great for Aneros play. I wish that HIH would come out with a ball-oriented device based on the Peristal/Peridise.

    I have been using a ball for quite some time now and the results are great. -- You can wrap your legs around it and gain a considerable amount of control over the action.

    Remember kids -- it's a game of finesse -- No large movement.
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    A word on Aneros mods...

    I have destroyed more Aneros units than many have owned.

    The one thing I learned was that they were designed for a purpose and that once I learned the technique, the mods were not necessary -- I could cultivate an orgasm with a "stock" unit.

    Bottom line: If you are thinking about modifying your unit then chances are, you have not discovered the "technique."

    good luck
  • eddy99eddy99
    Posts: 26
    one problem I have with my MGX is that when I sweeze in it works fine but then when I relax the contraction it starts comming out and I have to push it back in with my hand. I have ordered the progasm in hopes it will stay in better.. :D