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out of date condoms. Whats the deal?
  • Okay, ive got some condoms that are about 1 month past thier expiry date. Just what makes them "Expired"? Does the latex begin to break down?does the grease-coating (or whatever its called) go off? Or are my condoms still fine, and they just put the date on to cover their asses (No pun intended, lol) as it is still classed as a pharmecutical and still comes under strict SOP (Standard operating proceedures)-like a medicines.

    Any insights would be welcome

    Johntrevy :D
  • Latex perishes with age and loses its elasticity. The expiration date is probably conservative, but better not to risk them, especially if you live in a hot climate where everything perishes more quickly. But you could use them over your Progasm :)
  • Oh goodie. Could i still use them for masturbation?Obviuosly i wouldnt use them with a girl, because thats just rude and irresponsible.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Condom for masturbation? Are you circumcized (you are British like me, so I expect not)? Is it to save clearing up? Does it decrease sensation/foreskin movement?
  • not sure. i just like the snug sexy feeling of a condom on my penis. Yes im uncircumcised. Ejacultion feels great
  • To me, ejaculating into a condom is like sneezing while gagged. They reduce my pleasure so much that I refer to them as 60dB attenuators. Even for masturbating, the little bulb at the end is nowhere near big enough to allow unimpeded flow when the moment arrives. Two or three man-sized tissues placed strategically to absorb the flood are much better :)

    I'm an ex-Brit and fully intact :D
  • I remember masturbating into a condom in my virgin days because I thought it might feel good.

    I did not enjoy it.
  • Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks. :D