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hands-free ejaculation and self-fuck videos
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    apropos eddy99's recent post, i have come across some videos on x-tube by a multi-talented guy ("zenigata").

    the first one is hands-free ejaculation, with no physical stimulation at all:

    i corresponded w/ zenigata about how he does this. he reports that all he does is try to stay as relaxed as possible. he's been doing it since he was a kid and had thought everybody could do it!

    (i have been practicing to try to be able to do this. i have gotten pretty close... but the ejaculation i had was... dry! i was *sure* it was wet, but it wasn't. got to keep on trying. it feels really incredible, by the way, a deeply sexy way of getting off, all driven by the desire of your penis to grow and cum.)

    the second one is zenigata performing self-fuck. i have tried this. got close, but couldn't really get inside. when that penis head touches that anus, look out!

  • who wants aprendre me has make thank you her :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The first video is quite interesting. The dramatic element of strapping himself in is a nice touch too! lol I'm just spit ballin' here, but it seems as if he gets himself to a certain level of arousal (presumably by mental focus and some contraction?) where his penis starts to bob up and down ever so slightly. I suspect that at a certain point the bobbing movement generates sufficient stimulation to drive him all the way to ejaculation. To be sure, an interesting technique and something to try!

    With respect to the second video, here's a guy that took the expression GO F... YOURSELF very seriously! :lol: But next time he might want to think about rinsing out before he does...seems like he picked up some collateral damage prior to insertion.

    All kidding aside, while this is undoubtedly an expression of self-love, it just doesn't look very pleasant to me. It just seems that the contortions required to achieve this (as depicted) would be rather uncomfortable.

    In the end it has me wondering if this is more of a stunt than a legitimate form of onanism.

    BF Mayfield
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    well, give it a try....

    don't go for insertion, just rubbing. those two parts of your body rubbing together is something else...

  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    That first video basically is how I've been having my hands free ejaculations though I either sit down or lie on my back. I try to keep the arousal internal for as long as I can and then when the energy finally transfers into my penis I then just focus on keeping my penis as relaxed as possible and focus my mind on the energy and intend to have an orgasm as if I was masterbating towards orgasm.
    For me when my penis becomes hard and I fully relax it, it will start to bob and jump around with out any kind of contractions. That's what's probably happening in this video. I think it's mainly due to the built up level of arousal and the relaxation of the genitals as well as the mental focus of achieving orgasm.
    Darwin, I'm trying to get to your level on this one and to be able to do this but have a dry O instead though since my last session using this technique I'm trying to switch my mentality towards full body multiples.
    On a side note, I have a friend who grew up very religious and since he was young he was made to believe it was bad to masterbate. So he took this as touching his penis. He felt ashamed by touching so he instead grew up learning to have hands free orgasms. He told this too me and another close friend years ago and we used to tease him about it. My other friend would actually get mad at him about it saying it just wasn't right to orgasm with no stimulation. He would always say "what about when you have sex, you're going to put it in and cum right away because you're not used to stimulation." Then at about the age of 24 after becoming my roommate and me helping him break his religious constraints he began masterbating 'normally' and to this day he doesn't have hands free orgasms any more.
    When I first started using the aneros and started learning about hands free orgasms he was the first person I told plus now it was me asking all the questions. I and his close friends thought it was just silly and wrong the way he went about having an orgasm not even realizing the pleasure to be had through mental focus instead of physical stimulation.
    LOL so since, I've been trying to convince him to go back to his old way of achieving orgasm admitting I was wrong and there's much more pleasure to be found through non stimulation than there is from just rubbing one out.
    What a fool I was!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    cool story!

    yes, i find the pleasure quite amazing, with all kinds of resonances with "first sex" levels of excitement.

    for me the key is insisting on everything down there staying as relaxed as possible. you will inevitably get some uncontrollable jerks, but when they happen, relax again instead of letting them continue.

    you completely relax and the penis begins to arouse itself, grow, leak, throb, grow super-hard, and then start heading towards ejaculation (in my case dry). all without any voluntary contraction.

    by the way, zenigata has about 20 videos, all of them pretty interesting.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    What a story indeed! It almost reminds me of a sci-fi plot where a child with special powers is schooled by the unenlightened around him (who don't know what they're dealing with ) to deny his gifts. Again, it only goes to show that we don't know...what we don't know and as a consequence we often reject what we do not understand.

    Thanks also for the explanation of your hands-free technique.

    BF Mayfield
  • That is REALLY and interesting story Billy.
    It is amazing the way the body can adapt to situations. I wonder how many people are out there that grew up with their hands tied behind their back because of religious upbringing and are able to do this. To me the idea of mentally inducing an orgasm seems unreal and impossible. I have learned so many AMAZING things in just the last couple of months on the forum.
  • I really liked the first was very hot watching his cock get harder and harder as he built up to that climax. Yeah, the second video was a bit gross with the crap on his fingers, but interesting to watch and also pretty hot how he shot his load over his hairy asshole.

    I've experienced hands-free orgasms with ejaculation numerous times, although generally not as quickly as the man in the video (which was within 5 minutes.) Typically, I lay in bed to do this, relax and essentially I have two thought processes "streaming" at the same is a fantasy stream playing out regarding some sexual situation or possibly remembering some visuals (pics or videos) that I've seen or replaying an actual experience I've had with someone. The second "stream" is a focusing on what I'm feeling, particularly in my cock and balls but also the surrounding areas. It does take a bit of focus, and doesn't always result in what I would term a full-blown orgasm with ejaculation, but along the way there are numerous sensations, mini-orgasms or orgasmic waves, periods of accelerated heartbeat with blood pounding in my ears, and lots of flowing pre-cum. Edging like this can go on for a couple hours or longer.

    When I do finally orgasm with ejaculation, it is very interesting to experience as the orgasm seems to stretch and slow down in time...with a long gradual build up towards a threshold when you can feel the contractions result in the ejaculatory fluid being released...I can actually sense the progress of the fluid more feels as if my balls start to fill up with the fluid at which point I know that I have reached the point of ejaculatory inevitability. This is the point where my cock expands and hardens even more than it has already. My whole being becomes my cock, in a sense, and it feels enormous (and it's only usually about 5.5" or so fully erect.) When I do ejaculate it is really fantastic with many powerful spurts.

    I was definitely intrigued with Aneros when I first became aware of it about a year ago. I received my Progasm a few months ago and I've had the opportunity to use it a few times. While I've experienced some very pleasurable sensations and a number of times when I felt I was close to ejaculating, this hasn't yet happened. I have, however, ejaculated with the Progasm inserted, by touching my penis, sometimes just lightly tapping or stroking the underside of the tip of my penis.
    I plan on using my Prograsm again shortly, after logging off, so let's see what happens this time...looking forward to it regardless of whether I cum "hands-free" or not.
  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43
    In reference to zenigata in this topic, as much as I would like to try it, my penis points in entirely the opposite direction to ever get it in - LOL, kudos for sure!
    My first and so far only aneros is the progasm, it's big and filling for sure but after 30 minutes it feel like it is a part of me as I concentrate on how it feels in me and the fun begins - enjoy!
  • I too am impressed by this ejaculation at will performance. As many of you aneros experts have said many times as well as many other sexperts that I have read . . . . the brain is the body's largest sexual organ. This guy clearly demonstrates it. Darwin mentioned that he was unable to ejaculate but got close and just had a dry orgasm .... I say congratulations you have achieved something even better. Save the ammunition and continue to fire is my motto. I have been able to achieve hands free super o's with gentle pressure and no friction stimulation on the head of my penis and no aneros. I am working up to no contact at all but it is really hard. Congratulations again Darwin!
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I found the first video very interesting, and exciting. Almost brought myself to a wet one without hands, had a very intense dry orgasm just focussing on the lower part of my body. As far as the second video, I agree with Darwin, just introducing the two parts is interesting, until tumescence makes the reverse curvature impossible.
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    Textbook --

    For all of you beginners out there watch this and see how lower pelvic training can lead to this phenomenon -- This individual seems to have natural pelvic tone which allows him to orgasm through the use of his mulscles in conjucjtion with valley breathing -- notice that he is breathing with his stomach -- We can't see what's going on inside but I'd bet that he is totally re-wired and his anal cavity is tight as a drum.

    That muscle tone allows him to constrict around the prostate and achieve orgasm.

    Once you can achieve total tone of the lower pevlic region you are "home free" -- You can control the arousal ramp which is the key to the elusive SUPER-O

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    i am all for pelvic tone. and i agree that it would seem relevant here. but i am not sure we can draw that conclusion.

    i asked zenigata about what kind of contracting he does, and he said that he does none. he just relaxes.

    if you think about it, all of us can ejaculate with physical stimulation. it doesn't take any particular tone. it seems that in case, he is inducing the same response but without the stimulation.

    i don't see why he would need particularly strong tone for that.

    also you say that you think his rectal cavity is tight as a drum. i find that i get best the sexual response when i relax all those muscles, not tighten them.

    i do agree that he is valley breathing. i take that to be a key part of his relaxation. he probably isn't aware of it.

    i also do agree with you that once sexual contraction begins that the better the tone the better the feeling. so perhaps zenigata he does have good tone, and therefore has a particularly strong pleasure response. don't know... just throwing out ideas here.

    i think my point is that i agree that you couldn't do what zenigata is doing with poor tone, but, i don't think that just toning will get you there. this is about more than just tone, and i don't think that hyper-toning would give you a leg up here. but... again, i am not sure.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    hula said:

    I found the first video very interesting, and exciting. Almost brought myself to a wet one without hands, had a very intense dry orgasm just focussing on the lower part of my body. As far as the second video, I agree with Darwin, just introducing the two parts is interesting, until tumescence makes the reverse curvature impossible.



    about the reverse curvature. i think you can work around that. if there is one thing i know about wieners it is that they curve in all kinds of ways.

    my wiener curves a bit up. (is that what you mean by "reverse curvature"?).

    to handle that you can rotate it at the base so that the curve goes down.

    for more ideas on self-fuck, there are plenty of videos on xtube that show it.

  • darwin said:

    apropos eddy99's recent post, i have come across some videos on x-tube by a multi-talented guy ("zenigata").

    Hello everybody... here I am... :oops:

    Btw, i want to inform you I finally buyed a helix aneros, and yesterday I tried it for the first time... to tell the truth, it was not an "unforgettable experience": I achieved very little pleasure and wasn't able at all to ejacualate hands-free (and you know I'm able to do it...).
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks to all of you!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    Hey zenigata! great that you are here.

    don't worry, it is very common for the first sessions to not be great. just keep trying. try some relaxing or some contracting.

    how are you lubing? you need a lot of lube inside.

    have you read the wiki yet?

    if you have other questions, start a new thread so that they will be noticed and answered.

  • zenigata-

    It's a slow journey for some, myself included. Getting away from ejaculation "goal" mindset is a step in the right direction. And expectations should be left at the door. 8)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Welcome! Many here have enjoyed your videos. With respect to your first impressions of the Aneros, it is not at all uncommon for new users to be "underwhelmed" with it at first. This is particularly the case with someone such as yourself who has a high level of experience with alternative methods of gratification. The reason is that the Aneros is a device that must be accepted on it's own terms. It is not a vibrator or a dil that is driven by hand, nor is it a plug that remains stationary. Applying concepts that are consistent with these or other methods of gratification are often fruitless.

    I would strongly, urge you to check out the WIKI. Our WIKI is a user developed resource that was designed to give individuals a shorter track for achieving results with the Aneros. While some information there may be familiar to you, there will be some concepts that are different.

    With all of this it is absolutely essential that one is open to a new way of generating sensation...perhaps a subtler way than you're used to .

    Check it out!

    BF Mayfield
  • bienvenue zenigata :P :P :P
  • Zenigata,

    Wecome. I'm sure it took your body a long time to condition itself to perform the "skill" (as Darwin referred it), that you are able to do. Keep in mind that with the Aneros you are in so many ways starting over from scratch. Consider it as though your body is learning a new language. Instead of telling your body what to do, listen to it instead. I wish you luck.
  • PolecatPolecat
    Posts: 57

    I think that Lynn2694 and BF Mayfield's comments are right on target. It's like the difference between long distance running and sprinting, there are very different methods used to achieve success. Go with this as a new challenge, not a retread of something that you already know.

    By the way, I was really blown away by your hands free video. Amazing! Oh and welcome to forum.

  • zenigatazenigata
    Posts: 2
    [quote=B Mayfield]I would strongly, urge you to check out the WIKI. Our WIKI is a user developed resource that was designed to give individuals a shorter track for achieving results with the Aneros. While some information there may be familiar to you, there will be some concepts that are different.Hey, many thanks to all of you!!! Yes, I read the wiki... let's say my main problem is I really haven't all that time that seems to be required "to learn" aneros...
    Anyway, let's see...

    Thanks again!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    zenigata said:

    Hey, many thanks to all of you!!! Yes, I read the wiki... let's say my main problem is I really haven't all that time that seems to be required "to learn" aneros...
    Anyway, let's see...

    Thanks again!


    I know that it seems counterintuitive that one would have to bone up on information about masturbating, but there is often some of that involved on the path to the Super O. Considering the fact that we're talking about an experience that in the days of the ancient Tantric and Daoist masters would have taken many years to achieve, this is a small price to pay. How long depends on the individual, but in our forum poll on the subject 37% reported having a Super O within 30 days and 64% within 6 months.

    That said, this is not all about learning a set of techniques. While there is some of that involved, the process is more subtle than that. It is really about taking time to know your body in a new way. To experience sensation and arousal in a new ways. As I've said so often, the journey is as important as achieving the Super O itself. So make sure that you stop to smell the flowers!

    Hope you can find some time to check it out.

    BF Mayfield
  • zenigata thanks to you I am one step close to helping other people here on the forum.

    There are still people here that have yet to even feel pleasurable feeling from the aneros. I haven’t had a full super-o myself, but that time will come, however I have experienced all other pleasures the aneros can provide.

    I have analyzed all of your hands free videos and came up with my own form of sexual techniques, which is a bit different from my other techniques that I haven’t posed here yet

    I can build sexual energies through visualizations; it's one of my specialties. You have a gift that I tried to force myself to learn. Even though I didn't ejaculate seminal fluids when I tried what you did, I did come close. Through my one day journey (a few hours of experimentation I have discovered a way to use a similar technique like yours to make the aneros move in and out involuntarily , which instantly created the p-waves needed have a super-o. I can also make my penis feel rock hard by using the technique to focus at a different area of my body.

    I haven’t tested the limitations of what I learned today; I’m not even sure if it was just luck, so I’ll do more tests tonight.

    If everything works out then I can share with the aneros community and they can also have good experences.