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Help! I cannot get it to work... Helix
  • I have the Helix and I tried using it a few times. I cannot seem to get the dang thing to do its job. I have laid there for atleast an hour or more contracting and nothing! I end up just going to "manual mode" and finishing myself. Can someone please help on ways I can be successful using this damn thing?
  • Your results are not uncommon for just starting Aneros use. The best advice that I can give is every other day or so try another session and try to go into the session expecting nothing. Sooner or later, you will start to feel it doing it's magic. There is a ton of advice posted in this forum for different approaches to success, so read up and try a few. I read that you do contracting, you may want to try the do nothing method (that is what gets everything started for me). Normally I put on some good porn, and when I'm getting really excited I put my Aneros in. Then I relax my whole body and do no contractions. Within 15 mins, my involuntary contractions have taken over.
  • That is some good advice from chaos snake.
    I would also try controlled breathing for the first 20 minutes if the do nothing approach does not yield any results. Above all the key patience!
  • thank you for the advice! Anyone else?
  • I haven't posted on the board in many months. While many here will chalk up my coments as "blasphemy", the truth of the matter is that I recently threw my helix out. I have had it for several months and used it fairly regularly, only to be continually disappointed with the lack of results. Perhaps I was under the impression that this device was a "plug and play" item, but it simply isn't doing anything for me. No one tells you when you buy it, about the "re-wiring" or the journey you may have to take (or endure), which might take a year or so according to some members. The package simply extolls the virtues of the device and makes it sound like you'll get the best orgasm of your life when you try it out. I'm certain some purchasers experience this but frankly, my helix was 70 bucks down the toilet. I even toyed with the idea of getting another model but can't justify the cost for the same lack of satisfaction. Interestingly, I had a fantastic reaction from a 17.00 silicone plug that I purchased about the same time. I'm half tempted to try another brand of prostate device to see if it works better for me but as for aneros, I'm not a fan. :(
  • Ive had a helix too for a little over a month now. My first sessions had the same problems, contracting for a long time and nothing. Since Ive used it more I have gotten better results, but no super O's or mini O's. I do feel like with time and practice I could definately work my way to them. This forum, and the wiki have the best advice that anyone can give you, you should take time and read through alot of both. My advice, youll get more pleasure if you start out slow. Get into a "sexual mode", start with deep breathing and very light contractions. Eventually work yourself up to stronger contractions, experiment with different rthyms. Everyones body is different and what works for one person wont necessarily work with you. Relax your mind, as well as your body, practice and you should make progress :wink:
  • ya i just got one of helix i got a lot of pre cum but no orgasm yet :(