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very interesting experience (progasm)
  • well, i just had a really interesting experience with my progasm.....

    i've been up all night (i work nights, but i was off last night), and i've been just browsing the web to different porn sites watching videos & whatnot. well, i decided to break out the progasm and have a bit of fun.

    normally, after inserting it, i get started with the sphincter contractions immediately....doesn't take me long AT ALL to loosen up enough to get it inserted with no pain and start feeling pleasure from it, especially if i'm already worked up from watching porn.

    this time, i decided to just kinda let it sit contractions, just let it be and keep doing my thing. so i watched a few more porn videos (watching women getting off like crazy on the Sybian is hot as HELL to me.... ).

    so i tried to think of other things i could do that would be a new experience for me. watch TV in the living room? nah. watch some more porn videos? nah, been doin that for hours already. :oops: :lol:

    then it hit me!

    i remember reading other people's stories about going out in public with butt plugs, vibrators, dildos, etc., and how arousing it can be, and was curious. but i wasn't really dressed for public mingling....

    I KNOW! i'll take a drive!

    oh man, that was FUN! i didn't drive a lot (for obvious reasons, don't wanna get in a wreck caused by cumming)....but i drove around for about 10 minutes, and try as i might, i COULD NOT keep my asshole from gripping my prograsm and trying to squeeze it into two pieces! probably even moreso because i have a sports car with custom modified suspension that makes the ride more firm, and as a result, tends to transfer more vibration into the frame of the car.... :shock:

    and my car also has a manual transmission, so moving to shift gears made it even, that felt GOOOOOOD! talk about white-knuckle driving! i don't think i've ever gripped the steering wheel that tight in my life, at least not under 120mph! :lol:

    i couldn't help but moan as my trusty progasm did its thing, all while i was trying to balance my sexual pleasure with maintaining control of the vehicle.

    don't worry, i never came close to losing control, i had enough self-control to know when to put it in park....but if you guys think you have the same self-control, i highly recommend it at least once, even if only for a few minutes, or even just a trip around the block. good stuff!
  • Hey awakened beast-

    What a coincidence, just a day or two ago I was thinking of doing the same thing... in my mind I was working out a route that would take me over some of rougher roads in the neighborhood.

  • Your manual transmission has park? Man, that's some high tech stuff right there :lol:

    Joking aside, I'll take a ride. Won't say a word, I'll just slip it inside.

    Drive down the block, stroke my soft cock, hope I don't get searched by a cop. :shock: