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My First Super Orgasm...
  • For the first time using various models of ANEROS, I finally got a suoer O. It all first started using and trying out various means and ways of getting the super O but without results. Then one night, after buying the helix, I tried using it, gently contracting the PC muscle. The vibration was feeling good, but then tension of wanting to CUM built up, higher and higher, till it felt like cumming, but no physical ejeculation, then wave after waves of very intensed dry ejeculation..... lasting ofr 5 minutes o so, ... lost track of how many waves!

    So those who have tried and hopeing to make it work, .. dont give up. Its awsome!!
  • I bought the Aneros and tried it today. I lied on my side with my upper leg pulled up and inserted the Aneros. I relaxed for 15 minutes(checked clock) and was breathing deeply. After the 15 minutes, I started contracting my sphincter. At first nothing, then after awhile I thought the Aneros was going to fall out(used lube on Aneros and myself). I realized that it starting massaging my prostate. I didn't get hard. I kept squeezing and after awhile, I did get hard. I noticed that I didn't cum whether I was hard or not. I never came but definitely enjoyed the feeling and was moaning loudly. My question is do I remain on my side with my upper leg pulled up towards my chest the whole time or can I switch positions. Also, was that a Super Orgasm? Or should I have kept it in and kept squeezing? How long does it take to achieve a super orgasm?
  • Hi everyone I am a 40 yr old straight male with a beautiful wife and three wonderful children. My wife and i have a very active and satisfying sex life and we have both enjoy anal play. (with our hectic schedules we try and make love at least 4 times a week).

    I have a very high sex drive and enjoy masturbating at those times when the the wife is not available. I love to have long session where i have can cum at least 2 to 3 times in a session. A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from the fleshlight website( I've owned a fleshlight for about a year now and enjoy using that)about the aneros so I decided to check it out. I read a lot of information about it on this website and i could not wait to give try it. I received my SGX about 2 weeks ago and i have used it 4 times. the first 3 sessions i did not get any results....but today OH MY GOD!!!!

    It started this morning after everyone had left for the day and I had a few hours before I had to go to work. I started watching some porn I downloaded the other day and got that me very aroused so I started jerking a little, I was in a very relaxed mode so I deceided this would be a good time to try again. I lubed up my SGX and inserted it turned over on my back with my legs up and my feet flat on the bed and then I started my breathing and slow contractions. I started to grind my waist in a circle motion and at the top of the motion i would do a short contration which felt really good. I did that for about 10 minutes before I felt a twing in my pelvic area and i started to shiver uncontrolably, my ass felt so good that i did not want to stop, the feeling keep getting better and better until I came all over myself. I rested for about 5 minutes and the waves came back again, i was shaking uncontrolably again, I started to grind my ass harder on the SGX and after about 3 minutes i exploded again BOOM!!....CUM ALL OVER THE this time I was moaning so loud I thought the neighbors could hear felt so good. I don't know if that was a super O because I did not have a dry orgasm in this session but I know that im on to something(no pun). Boy I can't wait for that next session!!!!
  • I had written about my very first experience, which, subjectively, was a revelation. More than anything else, that session taught me to become more aware of my body and my mind. From that experience and the subsequent three others, it became evident that the mental aspect was a crucial factor in achieving positive results. Distractions, internal and external, acted like brakes on the process. Being tired, being not all that enthused (lack of arousal), being impatient—these all dampened the experience.

    Now comes my fourth session. I decided to change my position—from my side to my back—and though I immediately noticed a lack of sensation in this position, as opposed to the “tightness” I experienced on my side, I was determined to give this new angle a shot.

    The lack of sensation seemed to be a certain “looseness” that the Aneros had acquired in this position. It felt like it was floating in place, while in the side position, it felt like it was being held or gripped. In all my other sessions, I followed, more or less, a pattern with my contractions—small and slow, medium and slow, small and fast, medium and fast, deep and slow. By this time I could feel a sudden fullness in my rectum—like it suddenly became very crowded in there—and the Aneros would be nudging a spot (incidentally, that spot only seems to appear at this point in my session) that seemed to be the source of my building pleasure. While that spot wasn’t actually pleasurable—more like putting pressure on a slightly sensitive itch—it seemed to produce pleasure as a “by-product.” Nudge, hold, release… a wave. Nudge, hold, release… a wave. This would bring me to a heightened state of arousal with full erection—a state that never culminated with any kind of release. Each time I was left at near peak, seemingly straining to get over that free-falling edge. While each experience was very enjoyable, the thought that something more was just over the horizon, so to speak, left me with a bit of disappointment, and maybe even a bit of frustration.

    Yet, I have learned to take each session as a beginning, with a new perspective, as if I was an explorer setting out to discover places I’d never been to.

    Which brings me back to my fourth session. While on my back, feeling that looseness, I decided to change my pattern and just go small and slow. Small voluntary twitches. I also decided not have any goal or destination in mind. Just go with it. After about ten minutes, I came to a full arousal quicker than in any other session. My rectum seemed to fill up. That spot appeared and the Aneros was hitting it square on. My erection was quite hard and trying to get harder by the second—it actually started to feel a bit uncomfortable. As this state of arousal built up, I was flooded by some of the most erotic mental imagery—of an endless sex act, of an endless sense of penetration (receiving and performing), of rising and flowing. And then I seemed to hit an absolute peak. The world simply stopped, held its breath, held its mind. My body locked up. My back arched. My eyes rolled up. I was at an incredible still point. A perfect resonant plucking of a taunt string. I flowed upwards. I flowed outwards. I expanded from the center. This was something beyond sex. Something beyond a “normal” orgasm. Instead of a frustrating denial, of being stuck on the edge, I experienced a soft lateral drifting while in a state of pure arousal. The string still hummed—though not as strongly as when first plucked. A gentle tap of the Aneros, and the process began to build again. And again.

    It was an amazing and deeply satisfying experience, though I must say that during my session, I seem to have seen a glimpse of something even more incredible lurking just out of reach. It may be that this “something other” is different for each individual. For me, for some reason, it hints at an experience that could only be compared to an ecstatic mind/body union with a soulmate. I’m not normally so “metaphysical” or even “spiritual” but these sessions—and this last one in particular—has placed me in an experience that is best described in spiritual terms.

    I have much to explore. At my age, long after the “magic” of the universe has been worn down, I am again filled with curiosity and delight.

    Who’d a thunk it?

  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    Yesterday I had my first Super-O, and I’d like to share with members, especially newbie’s, my path to this milestone.

    It began naively enough about a month ago when I searched the Internet for some kind of alternative treatment for symptoms of an enlarged prostate. I found numerous references to prostate massage and eventually found the HIH site, where I ordered the Pro-State, the Aneros equivalent of the Helix. It arrived a few days later; I read the directions carefully; did a cleansing enema; lubed it with Astroglide; and inserted it. I laid on my left side with the lower leg straight and the upper one by my chest and did some abdominal breathing. At first I just felt something cold in my rectum. Then after about three minutes – Oh my God! It pushed up against the G-spot on my prostate, and it felt so good! I had no idea a medical treatment could be so pleasurable! The directions had been quite detailed and had mentioned something about sensuous feelings and orgasms, but they mostly emphasized what one needed to do to get the prostate massaged for health purposes. So I experimented with pulling it in with my levator ani muscles and was immediately rewarded with a copious flow of pre-cum. The first session lasted about 2 hours and was very enjoyable as I experimented with various ways I could make it feel good.

    Intrigued by this new discovery, I did a little more Internet searching and found the Aneros site. The next days were spent either reading extensively form the posts or with long “therapeutic” sessions with the Helix. The regular users of this site are wonderful teachers. I am especially grateful to BF Mayfield, Darwin, and Pan. Most users are articulate, insightful, honest, and comfortable with their bodies. I almost feel as if I have joined a brotherhood.

    Over the next couple weeks I concentrated on learning to use my pelvic muscles. I regularly did Kegal excerises, and during the Aneros sessions learned to control individual muscles to give me ever increasing levels of pleasure. It reminds me of when I learned to move my various toes individually. Other members have talked about learning to isolate and use various facial muscles. With concentration and practice this can be done.

    I also realized that this is like a form of meditation, something I have practiced most of my life. I began each session with deep abdominal breathing, stilled my mind and simply became aware of and a part of my sensations. I started to let things happen on their own. I see it as learning to drive a car. It first one has to think about how to do everything, but later one doesn’t have to think about it at all. One simply knows where he wants to go, and it happens.

    At about the third week new things were happening. I found that when was just sitting without the Aneros, I could make use of most of the pelvic muscles in very pleasurable ways. Also, during the sessions I was getting a lot of involuntary sustained rhythmic pelvic muscle contractions. Along with this, I was having involuntary large muscle spasms, especially my abdominals, but also in my upper and lower extremities. Sometimes I would get a tingling vibration around my prostate similar to what I feel as an ejaculatory orgasm is about to happen, but it would fade as I became distracted by it and began hoping that it meant I was going to have an “O”. At this point I discovered that I didn’t have to do anything to control the Aneros. After inserting it, I simply would lie quietly, and in a few minutes it just took over with a myriad of ecstatic contractions. The car was driving itself!

    Then I remembered a point made by one of the members about keeping the mind on what is feeling good, especially when the pre-“O” feelings are happening. I took that a step further and decided not to be at all goal-oriented. Even if there were no such thing as “O’s”, this is a highly pleasurable activity. Why, I was doing it one to two hours virtually every day, not to have an “O” but because it felt so good. So I just allowed all my attention to be on the pleasure of the moment, and I found that those feelings would expand to become virtually my whole being.
    On the fourth week I watched some videos Darwin made of having “O’s” without the Aneros ( ). I realized that he was focusing not only on the pleasure from the muscle contractions but had become immersed in the orgasmic aura innate to that pleasure. So, without the Aneros, I envisioned the feeling in my pelvis I get before an ejaculatory orgasm, and I could generate a warm tingly vibration in my prostate. Simply by being with it, it would grow to a very pleasurable level. That was the final key that opened the Super-O.

    After cleaning and lubing (5cc Astroglide injected with an infant feeding syringe, and generous KY Jelly on the Helix), I laid on my left side, bottom leg straight, top knee by my chest, hugging a big pillow, and a warm quilt covering me. I did a few deep abdominal breaths. I put the Helix at my anal opening, and welcoming it as a good friend, it virtually reached out, grabbed it, and pulled it into position. After a few seconds, involuntary contractions began, and they felt so good. I just became one with them and enjoyed them as they moved rhythmically among the anal sphincter, levator ani, and bulbo-spongiosis muscles. Big muscle spasms, especially the lower abdominals began. I contracted the levator just a bit and held it, and that’s when the warm tingly vibration began around my prostate. I just kept the mild contraction, and the feeling grew until the sensation engulfed my entire body. It’s difficult to describe what happened next because I was in a euphoric, altered state of consciousness. I was vaguely aware that my ejaculatory muscles were contracting vigorously (but there was no semen), and I had a mild erection. First I was moaning, and then I was screaming. Although I was alone in the house, I was covering my face in the pillow, which I was hugging and writhing about upon. This must have lasted about 3 minutes, at which time I relaxed the levator and entered a quiet, peaceful zone, but after about 30 seconds I tightened it again slightly, and I was back flying. I had a total of four Super-O’s” before relaxing, exhaling a big breath and blissfully lying there in total silence, not even breathing for what seemed like a very long time. Needless to say, I felt great the rest of the day.

    This morning while sitting at the counter reading the newspaper (no Aneros), I began having involuntaries. I just let myself be immersed in them, and the next thing I knew I was having a Super-O.

    To all of you who have helped me discover this “Key”, a great big thank you! This month of discovery has given me many thoughts and insights which I hope to share in future posts. By the way, my prostate is much better. The stream is bigger, and I’ve gone from getting up 3 to 4 times a night to only once.

  • I'd like to share my own path as encouragement to others that have begun ... but feel that they may not have "arrived".

    After happening upon the Aneros site I embarked on a bit of experimentation, primarily work on training the sphincter muscles through practicing various levels of contraction while using my fingers to press on the perineum area. This went on a few weeks, was mildly pleasurable, produced a surprising amount of liquid from Cowper's gland ... and so after some time I purchased the Helix.

    I found the Helix immediately pleasurable and each session seemed to "ramp up" the level of pleasure as well. That was encouraging. I experienced three major stages: one after changing from laying on my side to on my knees with my torso across a settee (that seemed to help finding the p-spot), and the second after modifying this posture so that my torso rests on a bed, but my legs are extended and resting somewhat lower on a chair. This is almost but not quite like laying on the stomach flat on the bed. This second stage included music, reading many of the posts on this forum, and lots of practice breathing. The third stage occurred after using a syringe to lubricate the back passage, as well as lubricating the Aneros itself. The result of that was a very lively Aneros and a mini-O that suggested good things to come!

    So, early today I had a little private time -- lubricated the Aneros, and lay myself down with few expectations for a brief, half-hour session. Surprise! That very lively Aneros returned. I pushed down onto the bed with my lower belly while breathing in and the mini-O extended for ten minutes of bliss. I had to bring the session to an end but I continued to feel energized throughout the middle of the day.

    Again this evening I had a little private time and I am blissfully (afterward) able to say that I was able to experience another extended orgasm ... at some moments filled with muscular tension, and at others simply riding as it were, on the other end of the Aneros.

    What a pleasure! Hmmm ... two weeks later I find that that wonderful experience was a most likely a series of mini "O" ... presumably if it was the "Super" it could not have just kept on getting better ... so ... since I can't delete this just take it as an indication that the path includes places that were not previously imaginable.
  • this morning during only my 3rd session with the aneros, i had the most intensely pleasurable experience that i have ever had in my entire 31 years on this planet, and my life will never be the same again (this is a good thing).

    i bought the Progasm, despite having limited experience in prostate stimulation & anal play. oddly enough, i didn't find it very difficult at all to insert, despite its size. the first couple times i used it were very nice (around 3 hours each time), but i knew that i had not yet achieved the "Super-O", and that there was still a lot more in store for me. well, the 3rd time is indeed the charm.

    i was already about 45 minutes into my 3rd session, and so far it was about the same as my previous two.....very pleasurable, but far from the fabled "Super-O" that i've read about. it didn't really seem as if i was going to experience it again this time, so i decided to get some help. i took something that really relaxed me from head to toe, then got back in bed. i've found that laying face down on the bed with my cock pushed down so that it's pointing toward my feet is the best for helps minimize penile stimulation while i'm moving around, so i don't have a penile ejaculation and end it all.

    well after laying back down, almost immediately i started having smaller involuntaries that involved my sphincter, the base of my cock, my ass muscles, and my diaphragm....more or less the same as what i'd felt before, only a bit more intense. but this time was different. as i lay there having these involuntaries, i started taking shallower & shallower breaths, which caused the intensity to gradually increase even more. this in turn led to even shallower breaths, which led to even more intensity. all the muscles in my body started contracting & releasing repeatedly, my toes started to curl, and my entire body went into uncontrollable spasms, wave after wave after wave. i was grasping the comforter on my bed so tightly with my hands that if it had been flesh, i would have probably drawn blood. i could feel my eyes rolling back into my head, and eventually was only vaguely aware that i had almost stopped breathing entirely, my breaths were so shallow.

    the only way i can describe the feeling is that of the very strongest penile orgasm that i've ever had before, multiplied x25, and lasting for several minutes instead of mere seconds.....and felt with my entire body instead of only my cock.

    after the first Super-O subsided, i lay there and relaxed my entire body again and tried to catch my breath (actually breathing straight into my comforter, so as to keep anyone else in the house from hearing :lol: ). after only about a minute, i started feeling the involuntaries again, felt that tell-tale tightening at the base of my cock, and i could not consciously control my arm/leg movements. it's as if some second, hidden brain in my body shut off control to the brain in my head to anything other than life support and pleasure receptors, and was causing my limbs to move in the exact optimal way to send wave after wave of stimulation to my prostate, and in turn, my entire body. i was starting in on my second Super-O, and it was even better than the first one, lasting around the same amount of time. on this one, i did stop breathing entirely for probably 30 - 40 seconds as my prostate felt as though it was shooting out small bolts of electrical energy throughout my groin, butt, legs, chest, and up my spine....over & over & over. after i was able to breathe again, i let out the most gutteral, animalistic growl that i've ever heard come out of myself (again, into my comforter for the sake of "keeping it to myself").

    i repeated this process again & again over the next 20 - 30 minutes, until i felt the unrelenting need to i finally (and shakily) got up and went to the bathroom, removed the aneros and emptied my bladder. i still was not exhausted yet and wanted more, so i hopped in the shower, rinsed all the old lube off & out of my anus, rinsed off the aneros, then dried off, re-lubed everything, and reinserted the toy. i went back to the bed and laid back down again in the same position and started using conscious contractions to move the toy around again. after only a few minutes, i felt little jolts of energy shooting out again into the rest of my limbs, and started to get some weaker involuntaries again, which subsided shortly thereafter. i focused back on my breathing, and tried to keep every muscle in my body relaxed & completely motionless, while at the same time, contracting my pc muscle as tightly as i was able to consciously. before long, i started getting the stronger involuntaries again, and as much as i tried, my arms/legs/waist were completely incapable of being still, and i was launched into yet another series of Super-O's, like the ones i had before, with only between 30 seconds & 2 minutes in between each one. each Super-O lasted from (i'm just guessing) between 1 - 5 minutes.

    all-in-all, i spent almost 4 hours with the aneros, and with the exception of the first 45 minutes of it, and the amount of time that i took to urinate, rinse off/out, and re-lube, the rest of the time was spent having Super-O after Super-O after Super-O. just taking a guess, i'd say i had somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 of them....but i don't really know the exact number for sure, because as i learned from my first couple of sessions, the minute i start consciously thinking about it, the brain tries to take back over and make it happen....getting the exact opposite result. just sitting here think about this while typing it (without the aneros even being inserted), my pc muscles are working away on their own, and i can feel the pre-cum slowly oozing out.....and this is 12 HOURS later!!!

    i honestly could not believe that what was happening to me was even possible, much less that it was actually happening to ME. it's no joke when people say that they lose almost all sense of time & space & being while this is happening....i think the house could be burning down around me, and i'd be oblivious to the fact, it's THAT intensely pleasurable. you feel almost as though you're tapped in directly to some other-dimensional, extremely powerful energy field that is short-circuiting all the nerves in your body (in a good way). you completely let go of everything except that feeling, and could care less about everything else.

    i forsee that i will be having a LOT more fun with my aneros in the future, and i am looking forward to every minute of it.
  • I'm a first time buyer. I'm 21 years old and just got my two aneros' (a helix and a progasm) yesterday. I picked them because I saw in a poll that they were the two most popular. Anyways, I'm fairly experienced with anal sex toys, as I own many, so I'm used to having things up there, shortly after they were delivered, I decided to go ahead and try them, even though I was a little tired.

    The first use didn't go very well. I'm not even going to bother going into much detail. I decided to go with the helix first. Shot 3mL of ID glide lube, and lubed up the aneros, and inserted it. I usually use a different kind of lube, but I recently ran out, so I decided to go ahead and go with ID (which I use for my fleshlights), which was a mistake. I think it contains glycerin, because I just felt uncomfortable and I felt like I was going to have diarrhea. So I tried laying on my side and back, but couldn't feel anything really, so after awhile, I decided to try and go with the progasm. As soon as I inserted it, I felt much more pressure on my prostate, which was good. Once again, I tried using it on my side and back too, but I just felt uncomfortable do to the lube I was using, I decided to stop and go to sleep.

    My second session I had just about an hour and a half ago. I found some old anal lube I haven't used in awhile (probe), and looked at the ingredients. It too contained glycerin, but I decided, "What the hell?". I shot 3mL into my rectum, inserted the progasm, and laid down in bed. This time, it felt much better, no uncomfortable feelings. I let my body get used to the aneros for about 10 minutes, then tried doing contractions on my side and back again, but nothing more then a slight warm feeling in my anus. Then, I laid on my side and decided to try experimenting with different kinds of contractions. I read about the breathing in for four seconds and exhaling for four seconds technique, so I tried that, but didn't really get anywhere with that, so I decided to manipulate that technique to see if I could get some results. First, I tried slowly contracting for four seconds, holding it for four seconds, and then exhaling for four seconds and releasing. After doing that for a few minutes, I started getting results. All of a sudden, my legs started slightly shaking, and my body quivered a little. Then, I started to feel a warm, happy feeling somewhere inside me, somewhere in my anus, but I couldn't pinpoint where. I started to moan softly and suddenly, got an intense feeling. Then, I started to cry. Tears came down my face, and I whimpered a little; body shaking like it does when you really bawl your eyes out. I'm not really sure what they were tears of. I know it wasn't tears of pain, but it didn't feel like it was THAT intense at the time to have caused me to start crying. Maybe it was just the awakening of my prostate that caused it, like a baby being born, and crying at it's first experience at being in a strange new world. The crying lasted about a minute, then subsided along with the pleasure I was starting to feel. I did contractions for about a minute or two, but the buildup that was starting to happen diminished shortly after I started crying, and I decided to go ahead and stop, only after 30-45 minutes. I made the decision to stop because I felt that in this emotional state I couldn't focus on my prostate, and my efforts to get it going again would be fruitless. I decided to hit the shower, and just sit and think about what just happened. While in there, some more tears found their way down my face. I'm still not sure what to think about it. All I know, is that it was the start of a super-orgasm. Now that I have a technique down that can trigger it, I look forward to trying again, although something tells me I may end up crying again for a few sessions. But that's ok, it's a unique, intense experience that I've got to get used to.
  • Hello! Been using the Aneros for ages. In accordance with everyone's advice, I've been relaxing and trying not to think about orgasms. I've had an awful lot of pleasure from it, and even if I hadn't got to the Super-O it would have been well worth it. But I'm glad to say that over 100 sessions later, I finally made it!

    The circumstances:

    - Aneros Helix, modded to take the back handle off
    - Lube: A mixture of Aloe Vera gel and some other lotion (normally prefer Aloe Vera lotion)
    - Position: On my back in bed, knees slightly bent and together. Duvet over me to keep me warm, also helps keep my knees up and relaxed

    I didn't have much expectation when entering the session. I was feeling quite down, and was hoping using the Aneros would help me get in touch with my negative emotions and get them out of my system. It's been really useful for that in the past. I notice that if I really enter into any sadness I might feel, I come out the other side feeling somehow cleansed and able to feel more physical pleasure. Maybe that's why it's taken me a long time - I've had a lot to work through!

    I think the key this time was that I was combining the Aneros with cremaster exercises. Search the forum for "cremaster" - you won't regret it! I'd actually had a dry orgasm without the Aneros a few days previously, using just cremaster exercises. With the Aneros though, WOW.

    I kept telling myself that it wasn't going to happen and that I should just relax and enjoy whatever was there, and when it finally happened I couldn't quite believe it. It felt like I had partially jellified, and was receiving delightful electric shocks all through my body. More than the physical pleasure I found it a really emotional experience. I broke down with relief that I was finally getting what I wanted; I was blissfully happy.

    I felt like it could have gone on forever, but I wanted to go down and tell my wife what had happened and be with her - not to have sex, we didn't have time, but just to be with her and let her know how much I loved her.

    It's 12 hours later and I'm still walking on air. The best thing was that I could see how it could be even better. I could always "see how it could be better", but I no longer feel like I'm missing out. I can't wait to explore the other Aneros toys I own, and to share my revitalised body with my wife! Thanks to all at Aneros and on the forum.
  • Lizard1Lizard1
    Posts: 4
    I started using a Helix this past January and did not get more than involuntary jerking of my legs and abdomin. I then bought a MGX and it did some what more, so I bought the Eupho. After a week of not much more, I finally had a small (short) super-O. Well, tonight my Progasm arrived. I could hardly wait to give it a test drive. Lubed up and in less than 10 min. it hit me...WOW. I rode that wave for about 5 min, then just as I thought it was over, the Progasm started up again. Never felt anything like it. Now I know what you all have been talking about.
  • FakmanFakman
    Posts: 45
    After 1 year of trying, I finally experienced the "Super O"!! I have had multiple mini-o's but last night I experienced something mindblowing.

    I had followed the ususal protocol as defined by the multiple posts in this forum over the last year. I inserted an average amount of lube and applied vaseline to the aneros. (I have the base model with the modified handle). I then relaxed by listening to the "Strawberry Jam" audio. It was very relaxing. I started my normal contractions and started getting my mini's. Usually at this point (1-2 hours into it) I would actually ejaculate. But last night I was on a mission to not allow myself to do that. Mind you, I had ejaculated in the past without penile stimulation. So, I kept letting the rythym get stronger and stronger. By hour 3, I had had at least 20 mini o's. I was determined to let myself go and continue the journey. As I kept it going for another 15 minutes, I felt it coming. I actually started to feel the sensation grow within my body. It started in my arse, then quickly grew to my chest. My heart was racing, my nipples were aching and my brain was on fire. I was screaming in extacy! I was not even contracting my PC muscles. It just took over my body. My breathing was all over the place. It was incredible. I backed off as much as I could to regroup myself.

    Then it happened again! This time it came even harder. I could not believe it. I was not even trying for it to come yet. But my body was now on its own mission. I exerienced 5 more of these, each with increasing intensity. Now it was 3am and I had to get up in 3 hours for work, so I shut everything down and went to bed.

    Today, the strangest feelings keep happening to me. My heart is still running, my nipples are sensitive, my chest feels "weird", my prostate is pulsing and it all feels awesome. I know I need to rest a few days, but I am already planning a Friday night repeat session. I just hope I can get to hour 3 a little sooner! lol!

    It has been a year and I must say I have enjoyed the journey so far. I am looking forward to the next year!

  • mobilesubmobilesub
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    I bought my MGX in September of 2006. I did the basic reading here on the website and proceeded to "squeeze out" a Super-O for about two months. It was too hard to find alone-time and while it was pleasurable, I didn't have the focus and patience for it.

    It went in the closet for the next year.

    Late last year, I decided that I was ready to give it another go and did all I could to read and absorb as much knowledge as I could find here. I had no regular schedule but I managed a couple sessions a week with some being better than others, as you would expect. While I was doing my best to get in touch with relaxing and feeling the sensations, I was running through all of the knowledge, techniques and "try this" info that I had absorbed. The net result was I got too wrapped up in doing it right and thus couldn't get anywhere.

    For the last month, I have been completely and utterly uninterested in the outcome of a given session and just taking them for what they offer. It wasn't a major change in philosophy and maybe I had enough muscle memory that I didn't have to think about it so much anymore. My sessions were just a time-out from reality and a chance to see what the next one would offer. I also bought a Helix and Progasm to see if I could get a different response from those with limited success.

    Last week I spent a lot of time in hotels with nothing to do so I had a session every night for four nights in a row. I alternated between the MGX and Helix each night to keep things different. Each was okay on its own and but nothing more than what I had experienced in the past. I was beginning to notice a trend of being able to start pwaves more reliably during sessions and to even get mild pleasure from sitting on the edge of a chair at work and just concentrating on a contraction.

    Monday, I had more time in a hotel room and decided to follow up my "volume sessions" with yet another one after my weekend break. I popped in the Helix and rolled over on my stomach to watch some TV and let everything warm up. I normally don't do anything for the first 15-20 minutes so I can decompress and get in tune with the Aneros. It wasn't more than 10 minutes in when I started feeling some pronounced p-waves. I turned off the TV and focused my attention on the Helix. In minutes I was panting hard and my heart was racing. This wasn't a first for me, but it was the fastest I had ever gotten to this level. My normal reaction to such a pleasurable response is to lose it in under a minute and start over. This time it wasn't going away and I was having a hard time keeping up with my breathing. I had to force myself to take some deep breathes in between panting or pass out.

    I felt facial twitches, I felt abdominal tightening, I felt a complete and total loss of the ability to control my muscles around the Helix. This was new. The Helix was taking over and I was along for the ride. I was panting and moaning and quivering, I felt the ejaculation sensation with no ejaculate (new for me) while I held on for the ride. I knew it was going to end any minute, but it didn't. I hit a mini-O and gasped for breath while the Helix was just getting started. It began a furious series of thrusts and contractions that I couldn't stop if I wanted to.

    Kaboom! Super-O! I stuffed a pillow into my face and made a noise that was somewhere between extreme joy and crying. It went on for over a minute and finally my breathing returned to normal, my ability to think, speak and control muscles returned. My prostate was dancing like a mechanical bell and was maybe two minutes before I was working my way into Super-O number two. I had strong feelings of ejaculation, my prostate was pulsing like a 10,000 volt power line and I was back trying to keep enough oxygen in my system.

    Things get very fuzzy and I lose count shortly thereafter but I had just under 10 super-O's that night with each one getting a little better than the last. I went from just moaning and making odd noises to literally sobbing at the top-end of each cycle. I am hoping like hell these were super-O's because if they weren't, I'm a dead man. I never did sleep that night and finally pulled the Helix out around 6:00am. I was hoping another O might be out there for me but the pleasure of just holding it after those was intense and I didn't want to stop.

    Can I do it a second time? I sure hope so but I'm going to put limits on it this time.

    In a word, wow.
  • I think I had my first super O. I got ready for a session with my MGX, lying on my bed with the Aneros inserted I relaxed to the point I fell asleep. Several hours later my roommate said he came in to my room thinking I was having a bad dream, I was apparently moaning a lot and loudly. To his surprise I was naked and uncovered with an intense pulsing erection. He told me that I was dripping with precum which was evident from the amount covering me and the large area of the bed that had become soaked with it. Not really sure what to do he put his hand on my chest and shook me to wake me up. I was disorientated by the sensations I felt. I could feel my prostate getting violently attacked by the Aneros with the contractions of my quivering body. Waves were flowing through me; I reached for my penis as I could feel it pulsing. Just a few seconds later my back was arched with my penis high in the air and I was ejaculating out of control. I’m not really sure I can express the feeling. My entire body was on fire, I could feel everything like energy was flowing through me. All this time I was completely oblivious that my roommate was in the room. Thank God we are close or he’d probably be freaked out and not given me the chance to explain. I’ve never ejaculated that much or for that long before, my chest was covered in thick cum. It took me a while to recover. After I did I explained to him was it was all about, now he wants to get an Aneros. I can’t imagine what he was thinking watching this.
  • 1962Guy1962Guy
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    I am truly amazed. I am by nature a skeptic on most things, and wondered about all the hype I heard about the Aneros MGX, butt no more. This thing works!

    I enjoy masturbating on a fairly regular basis, and have tried some different prostrate toys in my years, but none have ever delivered the pleasure they promised. The first time I tried my Aneros, it seemed the same way too. However I realized didn't really give it a fighting chance. I wasn't comfortable and was stressed by the 30 minutes I allowed myself. I now know that you'll need more, and want more, than an hour to play with this toy.

    The next time I tried the Aneros, I gave my self all morning on a Saturday and got comfortable in my bed and lubed everything up well. I started to fantasize some sexual thoughts while working my butt muscles to a nice rhythm. Soon my cock was moving to the beat, and standing like a flag pole. I could feel inside me, for the first time, a pleasure spot I never knew existed. I started to rock a little and the feeling swept over me like a jolt. It shook me from my trance like state, and I knew then that this was real. I relaxed again, and went back to the rhythm I was doing before, and quickly found myself in the sexual dream world again.

    I worked up to an incredible orgasm and my cock was throbbing but yet I wasn't cumming. I was suspended in this orgasm and oh so much enjoying it for what seemed like 5 or more minutes. I was moaning out loud, thank goodness I live alone, and my butt had a mind of it's own. I reached out and pulled on my cock and then the cum started shooting. I haven't cum like that since I was a kid, heck I don't think I've cum like that even then. I totally lost it!! Shot after shot of cum was pulsing from me and I could not believe how good this felt.

    When I finally ran out of cum, my body was exhausted. I just laid there and was amazed! It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. In fact it seemed like two orgasms in one. A prostate orgasm and a cock orgasm, except the prostate orgasm made the cock orgasm SO much more powerful.

    My recommendation for the first timers or someone who hasn't had the Aneros work for them would be to try again. Make sure you're comfortable, perhaps in bed. You'll need some time to let it do it's magic. It needs to warm up to body temperature is when it really becomes a part of you. Remember to lube up good. Feel where the Aneros us working and allow your mind to fantasize some great sexual dream. Breath deep and I'm sure you'll find something "happening" inside. Let it happen!!

    I truly believe every guy on earth to own one of these. It would end all wars because we would all be much more relaxed and sharing stories of our wonderful orgasms. Aneros would receive a Noble Peace price!
  • Yes, I am truly amazed by this product. A few years ago I purchased an aneros (forgot which model) and it was a very interesting feeling/sensation but never achieved a super-O. However, I didn't like it because the tab caused soreness to my perenium. Anyways, a couple months ago I noticed the progasm model was released and ordered it quickly.

    I remember the time I opened up the package and saw how big it was compared to my other model. I popped it in that night and had some very interesting sensations that were hindered when my prostate felt really sore after 1 hour of use. I stopped using it and it just sat on my shelf for a few months. That was until 3 nights ago when I started getting the interest again. I feel so bad for having neglected this pleasure toy for so many months. I came to this website and started reading up on some things and something about a super-O. I never even knew anything about this and it looked/sounded extremely interesting.

    That night I set forth on the path to achieving a super-O. I took a hot bath, warmed up with some other sex toys, and then went to bed to play with my Progasm. I inserted it and started with the suggested position on my side and integrated the breathing techniques to relax. Sure enough I noticed some sensations that I have never felt before. While I didn't know what a super-O felt like this was the most pleasurable feeling I ever experienced. I ended up seeing how I could get to these sensations by achieving this feeling again and again. After about 2-3 hours I called it quits and left it in all night long.

    However, the next night is when I would try to get these pleasurable feelings again but see where they could lead me. I was able to achieve the pleasurable feelings pretty easily but noticed when I turned on my belly during the most pleasurable feeling something amazing happened. The waves or something just got extremely intense, more intense, I held my contractions which felt like for over a minute, my body started doing these weird type of thrusting movements, then all of a sudden my whole body contracted out of control for a good 10-30 seconds. It was the most intense and best feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I firmly believe it was a super orgasm + a full body orgasm.

    One thing that was different was my penis wasn't that erect but it felt like I was cumming loads but nothing came out except the normal precum. An orgasm with no cum. Not only that I was able to get these full body convulsions multiple times. Multi-orgasmic and no cum. It is truly the best thing and I want to encourage anyone to NEVER GIVE UP!!! Thank you aneros for this wonderful gem and it's a shame we can't openly discuss something like this in public places.

    Sorry, my post is so long... Thank you for taking your time in reading. If there is enough interest I plan on recording one of my sessions when I go to full body convulsions to show what the progasm is capable of.
  • I've had an MGX for about two years, but today was my first success. I used the little syringe to make sure I was well lubricated internally and found it easier that I remembered to insert the Aneros. Then I rested on my side with my knees bent and breathed slowly and deeply for 15-20 minutes. At that point I started contracting and relaxing my PC muscle. After 5 minutes or so, I was starting to leak pre-cum. I continued the contractions a few minutes more and then started to gently stroke my penis. A short time later I felt the sensations of a VERY intense orgasm. A large quantity of semen flowed from my penis - it gently flowed, there was no sense of it spurting as it does in a normal ejaculation. Yesterday I had a sizable traditional ejaculation, so I was particularly surprised by how much cum I had today. I suppose this is a result of the direct stimulation of the prostate. Oh, and BTW I did not have even the slightest hint of an erection!

    I was a bit disappointed with the Aneros when I first got it, but I'll be using it more frequently now. This was far and away my best experience with it. I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life and certainly the most unusual. I did need to touch my penis very lightly to make it happen, but perhaps someday I may be able to have the "hands-free" orgasm.

    I don't know if what I had was the Super-O, but it was amazing! I'm going to try to do it again today.
  • ObioneObione
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    My First super-o came last Friday :D It was really a perfect situation because I was home alone with at least three hours to myself. First,I lubed up my anus with about 5ml of KY jelly which I inserted with a syringe. Than I lubed up my Helix generously with Crisco. I inserted it and it went in quite effortlessly. I got comfortable lying on my left side and just started watching some tv. About 10 minutes later something incredible happened. Without me moving at all, the helix began to move on it`s own. It shifted itself a little deeper and just perfectly on top of my prostate. Right after that it began. First,my anus began to have small involuntary contractions and immediately transfered that energy over to my prostate which began quivering and in turn sent shock waves back to anus. My midsection tightened up without me really noticing which seemed to keep my internal ping pong game lasting longer. The whole thing lasted about three minutes after which a warm feeling swept over my entire body. My legs were shaking and I knew that at that very moment I had crossed over. I was incredibly sensitive in what seemed to be every part of my body. I repositioned myself to get a little more comfortable with my pillows and WHAM the next one began ,stronger and more powerful than the first. My heart began to race and I began to moan a little. This shock wave lasted about 5 minutes and ended with me being very close to tears. I lay there awhile very much aware that the slightest movement on my part would start another orgasm,I wanted to stop but I couldn`t. I waited until I thought I could handle another one, all I had to do was twitch my anus slightly and another wave began immediately. My mind was lost in lust and my entire body was shaking. I was feeling sensations that I never knew existed. I had buzzing sensations in and out of my anus,in and outside of my prostate, and my scrotum was in a constant tingle though I never got an erection. I was in a place I`d never been before,discovering things about my body that I could barely comprehend. I tried to get control of myself and pull it out but my will wilted against the pure bliss of the experience. Once again the orgasms came,one on top of another on top of another. I`m not sure why,but I started to cry and moan at the same time,I just couldn`t get a handle over my emotions. I finally summoned the will to remove the helix some time later. I just lied there in the sheer wonder of what had just happened. I cleaned up and went down to the basement to watch a little more tv,shaking still,but thinking that it was over. It wasn`t !!!!!!! I started to spasm while I was sitting there and rush after rush continued without me doing anything. I had no idea this device was this powerful. Thanks to the inventors and posters!!![/b]
  • bonerownerbonerowner
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    I had my first super-o during my 8th session last night! I was going for a Super-T, but ended up with a Super-O!

    I added the info to my blog here at aneros (, but here it is again, for those that don't frequent the blogs:

    Today I started out by relaxing and massing my perineum after I inserted my Helix. I then tried several positions, such as on my stomach, on my knees, on my back with legs down, on my back with one leg up, on my back with both legs up, on my stomach with my ass in the air, etc.. Then I decided to go for a super-t, since I am familiar with "edging." When I felt I was ready to cum I stopped and contracted my anus, pulling the aneros deeper inside of me, and then letting go. When I was ready again, and felt like I was not going to cum, I started again until I felt that feeling again, and repeated the process. Each time I felt like I was going to cum, and I stopped, I got a mini-o, and I got harder and harder. After about 5 stop and starts I started getting anpther mini-o after I stopped. I went with the feeling, but it evaded me, so I started jerking again and shortly I felt like I was going to cum again, so I stopped and this time I felt a huge wave of orgasmic energy wash over me, but I stayed hard and did not ejaculate. After I felt that subside I started jerking again, and felt that same feeling, yet it was more intense and lasted longer. I lay there for a bit and got a few mini-o's hands free, and then started jerking again. By this time I was leaking a lot, yet I still felt like I could go longer. I started and stopped a few more times until I felt like I was going to explode, and then took my hands off of my penis, and started getting another super-o. In the middle of the super-o I started jerking again and couldn't hold back any longer, and I shot a huge load. While I was having the super-o I saw flashes of purple and felt like I was outside my body. I never expected the super-o to be so intense, even after reading all fo the posts here. Until you feel it yourself it's really impossible to imagine what it feels like - it is in another realm than an ejaculatory orgasm. I liked cumming, but it was actually not as fun as the waves of mini and super-o's that I was feeling for about 20 or 30 minutes.

    I still need to be sexually charged before I can have a mini or super o, and so far the only way for me to start feeling that way is to stimulate my penis by either jerking or squeezing. I am going to try to work towards getting those feelings without jerking off while using the aneros, but until I get there I m not going to deny myself, and a super-t and mini-o's followed by a wave of super-o's will suit me just fine, even if the only way I can get there is to stimulate my penis :D
  • O'sheaO'shea
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    Hi guys,
    Last night I had my first Super O and it was awesome. I went through the usual routine, basic cleanse and lube and went to beb. After a while the involuntaries started and to my surprise, I had the first mini within minutes. Then nothing more happened for a while and then my helix just started going deep. I felt the first orgasm begin to build and before it was done the next one started and it was even stronger. This continued wave after wave each one building on the last for what seemed like forever but in truth it was only about 20-30 minutes, I'm not sure exactly. All I know is I was in total bliss. I was twitching and gerking all over the bed. When if finally stopped I was spent. I drifted off to sleep for a little while and when I woke up it all happened again. It didn't last as long as the first time but it was more intense. Looking forward to the next one!
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    Hi. It took me almost 2 years but now I can have dry Os in about 10 - 15 minutes. Some are more intense - others are barely noticeable. When I get tired they stop coming. I am now practicing on how to make them more intense.

    My advise for those that have not reached this point is I suggest what has ultimately worked for me: concentrate on very subtle feelings and practice tightening different muscles with various levels of contraction. There seems to be at least two muscles that feel like they are connected to the inside of the penis - one seems to be deeper inside and one closer to the base of the penis. You can learn to contract these in sequence and it feels like the same series of contraction you experience during ejaculation. Contracting these in sequence as if you are ejaculating, while clinching certain muscles in the rectum which will hold the Aneros close in contact with the prostate wall is what finally worked for me. Also though, I had no success until I finally found the massager that made contact in the right spot. I probably bought 6 or 7 devices. I threw some away as useless. When I insert the massager that fits me it presses against something that gives me an instant sensation like that you would feel when edging or coming close to orgasm. This feeling is immediate upon insertion and very subtle but grows in intensity until you feel you are on the verge of an intense orgasm. Up to this point I do not move or tighten any muscles. I just lay still, relax, breath deep, and focus on the feeling of impending orgasm. While focusing on the feeling the intensity grows without any intervention. In fact, I have found that if I succumb to involuntary contractions the intensity is reduced or disappears altogether - I have to remain perfectly relaxed until I feel I am about to have an explosive orgasm. This now takes about 15 minutes following insertion and it takes practice and a whole lot of discipline to not move and just relax during the build-up. When I get to where I feel like I am about to explode and I just cannot stand the intense pleasure any longer, I begin my sequence of very mild penis muscle contractions and clench the massager tightly with my rectum. It feels, at this point, like I am hugging the massager from all sides - my anus pulls in up high and my rectal walls clench down on it and I hold it there as long as possible. I then clench those penis muscles very tightly while I clench the massager in my rectum as tightly as possible. When muscle fatigue forces an involuntary let-go, about 60 seconds after first clenching as hard as I can, I continue to try to clench the fatigued muscles tightly as possible and the involuntary contractions begin - about 2 per second. At this point I allow the involuntaries to continue and I begin to have dry Os after a few ( 6 or 12) involuntary contractions - some dry Os are more intense and stronger than others. Others are more subtle. The dry O occurs with each involuntary contraction. Today was the first time I had a dry O that felt like I ejaculated. It felt like cum squirted. I had to look down to confirm things were still dry. It felt great (and i want more)! I can tell practice improves things a lot. I look for things to get even better. I am not seeking a super O because what I am experiencing is wonderful in itself. I am just seeking more intensity and longer sessions.

    So, to answer your question, get a massager that makes instant contact with your prostate (you can tell when it happens), pay attention to subtle feelings because once you find them they will grow in intensity, and practice with various muscles and various levels of contraction.

    (BTW, the massager that finally worked for me is the longest model I could find AND I had to heat the P-tab and bend it backward to let the massager go even deeper. I guess I am built different - I am a big and too fat 6'1" guy.)

    One last thing, to have the dry Os I have to go at least 4 days without ejaculating. The longer I wait without ejaculating the easier the dry Os come but there seems to be no benefit to waiting more than 5 or 6 days.
  • bill3763bill3763
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    I started this journey eight months ago with the Helix. The Helix had been increasingly pleasurable, but I seemed to have reached a plateau with it ... so I purchased an MGX. The sensations that I experience with the Helix or MGX often follow a definite sequence: initial contact with the prostate, tingling at the base of the penis and the perineum, small involuntary contractions, deeper involuntaries, the feeling that the prostate is pulsing against the aneros, involuntary sense of pushing outward, repeated tingling and the sensation of becoming erect ... the pushing outward grows stronger and the pulsing seems to slow ... until a bridge is crossed and a combination of pushing and pulsing occurs that then becomes a wonderful series of contractions of the anal muscles ... sometimes the pulsing increases in tempo ... and I notice that my abdominal and leg muscles are involuntarily tensed (query: how do you stay relaxed when muscles are involuntarily tensing?). Today I switched to the Progasm after this sequence and several small orgasms. Initially its size seemed to interfere with the sequence: all I could feel was a nice sense of fullness. After a few minutes the sequence started again ... it seemed that crossing the bridge was no longer a possibility -- as if the progasm was simply too large for an anal orgasm to occur around it ... but then I just dissolved into a very sweet sense of fullness and joy, combined with the pulsing as the progasm began its massage.
  • LeaderdomLeaderdom
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    I just today experienced my first Super O. My last session, my third, I was exciting in that I had a lot of involuntary contractions, but no real sexual pleasure.

    This time however my body was just ready for it somehow. I was laying on my stomach a few minutes into starting, trying the 50% squeeze and hold that had worked for me last time. I got a few contractions, but during one of those I contracted strongly pulling the Helix in deep. At the peak of that, I felt a strong pressure instead in my (soft) penis, and a small urge to urinate. It was unusually enjoyable, so I contracted strongly again and held it there. At first there was nothing other than the enjoyable feeling, but I started to feel sort of a tingling feeling up and down all the muscles in my legs and arms, and I started to become erect. I began to have a small number of involuntary contractions that again were enjoyable but never really seemed to go anywhere.

    Remembering what I had read here on the forums about how important visualization and focusing your thoughts were, I decided to do away with thoughts of sexual energy or any real sexual imagery, and shut off my computer as well because it seemed any distinct sounds were distracting. Instead I decided to focus on one, simple image: a foot on a gas pedal revving a car engine.

    For one reason or another I had discovered the key to my Super-O. Visualizing a car engine being revved began to translate directly into how my body was responding to the Aneros. Everytime I visualized the pedal being pushed a corresponding wave of pleasure coursed through my body that felt like it was being reflected back through me again instead of dissipating. I "floored" it all the way up to my first ever mini-O, and the intensity was so surprising I had to physically stop myself or it felt like I was going to throw up. Afterwords I even had to roll over to check the towels I had under me because I thought I had had a traditional ejaculation, but they were still dry. It was so powerful!

    Bettered prepared for the feelings, I was able to repeat the process quickly for 2 more mini-Os, the last one being especially powerful. My entire body was quaking, and every muscle in my body was tensed up with pleasure but I was still going. It felt like I had plateaued there, but I decided I wanted to try once more. After catching my breath, I once again began to visualize a car engine being revved, but this time I was "redlining" it. I felt the electricity inside me build and build and I neared the level form the last mini-O. But this time I visualized myself keeping the pedal down and for some reason I began chanting "Never Going to Stop, Never Going to Stop" over and over as a mantra in my head. I felt the pleasure building from my pelvis and crash over every nerve in my body. Every muscle was flexed to the point of shaking as I gripped the bed for dear life and went along for the ride. For a few moments I felt like I was even close to blacking out, as my eyes closed and for a moment I forgot I was laying on my bed, in my bedroom, in my apartment. At the last moment I felt something "give", and all the energy in my body felt as if it focused itself and burst forth as I ejaculated, while I could do nothing but lay there shaking and quivering.

    Afterwords I could only lay there sweating and panting. I felt like I had run a marathon or something similar. But even when I took a shower to clean up, just the water hitting me felt more pleasurable somehow, as if all my nerves were still alive with the energy. Even as I dried off and got dressed I just couldn't stop grinning.
  • Wow! I am very tired so I just wanted to say after about 4 months, I had my first super - o. I am a believer now. I will give details at a later time.
    For now, goodnight. 8)

    To be honest, after an hour or so of rolling around I was getting bored, thirsty and hungry. So I took the Progasm out, had a bite to eat, drank some ice water and relaxed. I ended up on my PC looking at some profiles and vids which got me feeling frisky again, so I edged a bit (working my cock close to orgasm, then letting ago). I also copied over my own videoclip to make room for more filming.

    Back in bed and with the gizmo in, it became clear which positions work best for me. Lying on my side doesn't do much. On my back with my feet pulled towards me and my knees up is a lot better as I can stimulate my nips (pinching these was sent my legs into vigorous tremors). But best of all is when lying on my front with a pillow under my chest.

    It was in this position whilst grinding my hips and pulling one leg up towards my torso that the gizmo began being pulled into me. I understood what people meant when they say it 'felt bigger' or it 'pinned me down.' That was pleasurable enough, but then I began cumming! Hot waves pulsing through my groin, but without ejaculating! Lots of watery pre-cum, but no spunk.

    I was dazed by this but kept up with sliding my left leg up and down the mattress when it happened again after only 30 seconds. Remarkable! And two more followed in about 10 minutes, each stronger than the next. I felt so drained by the last one I thought 'that has to be it' and decided to call it a night. The camera's memory was full and the battery half dead anyway.

    But I kept the gizmo in. 'Just a bit longer' I thought to myself. I couldn't resist a few more contractions. Soon the duvet was flung off and I was on my back, enjoying the ride. This time though I placed my fingertips on that ridge between my cock and belly button. My arms spasmed and my fingers worked the spot incredibly fast.

    O-H-M-I-G-O-D...! The most intense electric jolt of my life zapped me as if struck my a thunderbolt. I practically whited out. So THAT is what all the fuss is about!

    And then, unlike the dry-gasms, it seemed I entered a remission period. I'd not had an erection most of the night, but now I couldn't get one. No matter, after these intense discoveries a wank would have been 'anti-climatic'!
  • This is a repost (not on this sticky, but the site). I should have put this story on this sticky to begin with. The reason I am reposting this particular article is because it best explains my first Super O without me having to rehash it all. The only update to this story is I am 27 now. This article is on my blog on this website too. Here it is:

    I’m now almost 27. When I first saw the Aneros on the shelf at a local adult store in late 2006 I was excited and bought it right then. I believed what I saw on the website over the years about it. It made scientific sense. I was excited and that night I went home and used it. My ass literally sucked the Aneros right in. I felt it hit my prostate immediately. It was a great feeling. A sweet feeling! I felt like my whole lower abdomen and ass had all this energy surrounding them. I also felt it in my ass cheeks. It felt a little bit like electricity. I had alternated between lying on my back and lying in this position with my legs bent and feet facing down. After about an hour my breathing became deeper and my heart started pounding heavier and I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears where it blocked out sound, ears buzzing and ringing, and put me to different level or reality. I felt all the same things when I first inserted the Aneros and lightheadedness and the back of my head was slowly spinning around in circles. It just snuck up on me. My perineum had a nice sensation and my penis had a somewhat numb, tingly, and prickly feeling, more so in the base. Then things were less concentrated in the penis. I felt this warmth, electricity, ringing in my ears, and buzzing through my face, cheeks, and head. I felt like I was floating. It felt so safe, warm, and peaceful. It felt right! This warmth flooded my body like it was shielding me from the cool air around me. It was somewhat like an electrical feeling. My eyes became fixated and vision a bit blurry. I felt in an altered state of consciousness. There was all this sexual energy and emotions. It was like being so horny and submissive. I thought all these sexy/erotic thoughts. It lasted almost a minute or two in all and my penis was unusually, extremely erect toward the end and it spewed out a long string of pre-cum with intense pressure. Then my body felt like it was lowering back on my bed and the stiffness from my back from the experience subsided like I had been levitating and slowly lowered to earth.

    There were times when I used the Aneros for several hours lying in bed at night. My body would start jerking and heaving off the bed and falling back down on the bed hitting the pillow. My back would arch a lot and legs would move somewhat and abdominal muscles contract, my upper body would jerk toward the direction of my legs. I have a few fond memories during these events of feeling my perineum spot vibrate and tingle like it was on fire with sexual energy and it just kept going for a while and after a while of contractions on it, it would cause me to start gasping and panting on and off for minutes at a time. During my panting episodes it felt so wonderful I could feel a smile produce on my face almost involuntarily and would think to myself that every male of every age should be able to experience this pleasure. I feel so robbed that I couldn’t experience this pleasure as a child and teenager and early twenties. I feel it should be mandatory that every man try an Aneros at least once in his life. I have to wonder if Aneros users get even more pleasure than women having g-spot orgasms or if they are less or equivalent. During my time lying down enjoying the Aneros I’d think about hot guys I know or have seen and I’d picture them all in a big room together with their butts up in the air or knees up and feet down with their asses quivering, vibrating, and shaking and being drenched in sweat from one Super O after another. When I’m feeling so good and deep in fantasy I think about other guys around my age. I think what it would be like if guys just got together and did this Aneros thing. Picture a locker room full of jocks with jockstraps and other guys just lying all around the place and naked in the shower area floor with hot water running down on them. All of them moaning, groaning, grunting, growing, roaring, yelling, panting, hyperventilating, sighing, and gasping from the ecstasy the Aneros is causing them. I would picture some of them in doggy style positions and others with their knees drawn toward them. And all of them listening to all the other’s sounds of pleasure and seeing their bodies spasm, shake, vibrate, tremor, heave, jerk, convulse, orgasm, etc. and creating a cycle of ecstasy and sexual energy. I feel it is important to fantasize, have visual and audio stimulation, think sexy thoughts, and reminisce on your past sexual adventures. NOTE: For straight guys, picture naked ladies having multiple orgasms with the Peridise and that you are there participating with her. Fantasy, mind, sound, and breathing are essential to getting the most you can get out of it. I’m thinking damn, every guy should love his butthole. It, the prostate, and perineum feel so much more intense than the penis. I just picture in mind my all these men enjoying the power of their assholes. It’s the command center for a man’s pleasure. But many men would not want to admit that to themselves. Guys, when you get the hot feeling in your perineum (sweet spot) where the p-tab digs into the feeling is out of this world. It will cause you to pant and feel tingly and warm all over. Some men have issue with anal play, but when you get this feeling you’ll know it is just right and will feel everything is right with the world. You won’t feel less of a man. This is a very masculine feeling. You will feel so masculine, “Like dude, I’m man!” You will feel like this is what being a guy is supposed to be all about and that this feels way better than the penis. The buttocks, asshole, and perineum should also be a symbol of his masculinity.

    There was a time with the SGX in the bathtub when I lied on my left side and I just started vibrating and shuddering with pleasure for what seemed like 2 minutes on and off during a 6 minute time span. There was also slight warmth encompassing my body. I cannot describe the emotions. They are equally as good. It’s like you are the horniest you’ve ever been in your life and you keep getting hornier and the horniness is never quenched just keeps getting better and better and more intense. It’s such a peaceful feeling you want to share it with all your buddies and wish they could experience such pleasure and that a group of guys or people could share this together. But how do we explain this to our friends? Some of my friends think I’m weird for liking the Aneros and other sex toys and I just tell them they don’t know what they are missing out on. Narrow-minded people miss out is all I can say.

    Things that helped me to believe it was possible to have a Super O was reading the Aneros Wiki and watching Arctic Wolves who is a member of Aneros and Xtube, under the same name, having a Super O is his two videos. I wish he’d record all his sessions because it is a phenomenon rarely caught on video. It is not only erotic, but very educational and scientific as well. Also the fact that I could have many orgasms before puberty by letting the pool jets stimulate my penis. I remember when I was 12 or 13 there was a guy my age who stayed the night with me. He was a lot more developed than others our age. He was a lot farther in puberty and I had not reached puberty. To me his penis was huge and he was a lot of pubic hair. We played around and humped each other. I was more horny and hard than I had ever been in my life. After humping him a while I began to get the regular penile orgasm with the pumping/throbbing/contractions/pulses/spasms (The type that does not happen during a Super O but Super T.) I ejaculated a lot of clear prostate fluid. One of these days science will find out what causes the male refractory period during puberty and there will be some discovery on how to get a guy to penile orgasm as many times as he wants.

    I feel like I should bring up a few things which are a little scientific and theoretical. Well, we know that any human being of any age is capable of orgasm even in the womb. Before puberty, it is impossible to ejaculate because your glands are not yet developed nor do you create semen and sperm. And some people before puberty are able to have repeated orgasms with a small or no refractory period because they have no ejaculations. But our body parts are still there no matter what age we are, we still have a prostate. I remember when I was about 9 or 10; I got curious and stuck my finger up my anus. But I vividly remember there was a spot that I brushed against quickly and pulled out that felt good in sensation. Now I wonder how that was possible considering I was too young to produce seminal and prostate fluids. So how did the prostate give me pleasure? I’m assuming it had something to do with nerves which makes me wonder as an adult if prostate fluid is even essential in generating the Super O. I didn’t think much about it then because when you are a kid you don’t know much about sexuality and many males don’t know the asshole has any other function than defecation. When we are young we are discouraged by our parents from masturbation and anal play. The Super O which has no ejaculation involved can be repeated over and over. We are told though that it is good to have and store semen in our prostate, to not masturbate and ejaculate, before our sessions with the Aneros. I’m sure this makes the outcome of a Super O better (to have a full prostate) but I wonder if it’s possible to get a Super O without one. I know after you reach puberty once you ejaculate you go through a refractory period but this may not apply to the prostate being drained but at the same time it may considering as an adult once you cum your done. The prostate and penis do work differently so I haven’t figured this one out. I know it’s possible to have a Super O with an empty prostate because I’m almost certain I saw a post by Brian Mayfield which stated moments after he ejaculated to his surprise he was able to begin another session and have a Super O. Though for me if I end my session with a Super T (ejaculation) I have no desire to continue just like with masturbation or intercourse. So I like to edge a lot and stimulate my penis and anus a lot and watch, read, and view erotic material before a long Aneros session. Always lube inside your anus first.

    The mind can do strange things to the body. For example, if I think long enough and deep about being dominated and submissive to a hot guy, I sometimes let out a loud sneeze. The prior urge to sneeze feels sensual, erotic, and peaceful. Thinking about a submissive Aneros session can also do that to me sometimes. When I see something gory on television or get grossed out sometimes it will cause an emotion which causes the base of my balls to ache for a split second. I’ll never understand it but we only use 10% of our brains.

    Earlier this year, there was a time when my friend was away. I have a key to the place and am welcome there anytime. So the naughty thought occurred to me that this is the opportunity to watch some porno and have some anal play fun. I began lubing and relaxing my ass. I laid out a towel. I put in anal beads, after that the Crystal Wand (stimulating the prostate and then the tailbone internally, part of it you can manually press on the perineum), and then used the Prostate Cradle for a while and then I finally inserted the Aneros MGX. During that time, I watched porno and contracted. I later just listened to it. I could feel all of the sexual energy in my body. I had some spasms in different parts of the body, especially this and contractions in the abdomen. The abdomen kept getting this weird, tickly sensation and would sink in as if an invisible force were pushing my stomach toward the ground. My hips started bucking and thrusting a lot. I got a nice tingly feeling in my perineum. Then on and off for like 5 minutes my legs all of sudden started kicking and thrashing in the air faster than I’ve ever kicked before. I was then kicking at this speed in the fashion of lying down on my back peddling a bicycle and my feel peddling higher and higher into the air, my butt rising off the floor, nearly rolled backwards. I had hardly any control over this. I believe I was breathing feel hard during all this. I think I may remember something like my body involuntarily knocked me up to my knees and thrust my pelvis at the air a little as if I were having intercourse. I was in such an altered state of consciousness. My body kept getting thrown up in the air and falling down on the floor hard. It stopped and as soon as I was about to catch my breath, having no indication whatsoever, surprisingly, my body involuntarily threw me sideways to my left and my hands started slapping the floor hard sort of like on Donkey Kong Country when Donkey Kong does that squat down and slap the ground technique with his hands move to break the ground and find a bonus item. Boy, did I find a bonus item! My body kept throwing me around from side to side and up and down. I had to move to the guest bed to finish my session because I kept hitting the hard floor hard and my muscles were becoming fatigue. I finished off with a hands-free Super T after laying there nearly an hour moaning and panting and sweating in ecstasy from my prostate/perineum tingles and the nice feeling of all the fluid built up in there just dying for release. I think one of the things that helped me a lot is knowing I had no chance of being caught in the act. My breathing as much and as loud as I wanted and certainly of no interruption certainly helped me in getting somewhere. I didn’t have to worry about anyone listening to my sounds. I just let whatever sound come from myself that wanted to come out. I ended up vocalizing sounds I never thought I could make. Prior to that climatic moment it was like the entire session was building a bunch of energy and horniness to a big climax. Earlier that day it was like I had an instinct I would have some sort of climax out of this. I knew something big was going to happen. During the session I just told myself that I was going to take as long as I needed and not worry about any goals, just relax and enjoy and let it take me wherever. If something happens, it does; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I was horny that day, not just regular horny, but Aneros horny. No sex or masturbation would satisfy that urge. I had this tickling feeling in my butt and I yearned to have the Aneros in it. There was another time when my friend was out of town that locked the house, locked myself in a bedroom, and then locked myself in the walk-in closet. No one could catch me in the act now. I laid there on the closet floor on a towel looking at my asshole in the mirror pumping in and out a Progasm and yelled as loud in pleasure as I wanted to. My face was all red and flushed. I spent hours of pleasure in that closet. It was so erotic. Once the Aneros is in you, it feels so good you don’t ever want to take it out. It feels so natural like its part of your anatomy.

    For anyone who would like to tell the stories of their experiences, by all means, don’t be shy, please post them. For those of you who have good writing skills, please be as descriptive as possible. I want to help and educate other users and it can only happen if we all communicate with each other within the Super O Society and also answer unanswered questions on the forum or chip in with our experiences, opinions, and tips. Each and every one of us needs to do our part. Please tell me whether you’ve had any similar experiences or similar experiences happen to your body? Please be as detailed as possible. You can type your stories on Microsoft Word and copy and paste it in the forum or testimonials if you want to take more time to do it. I don’t know whether this article should go in the Testimonials or Forum, it seems to fit either/or so I figure I’ll paste it in both sections.
  • I was skeptical that this piece of plastic could do anything that I saw posted here, but yesterday and today, I was totally surprised by my reactions using some of the techniques I read.

    Model: Helix
    Position: on back, feet flat
    Using my precum to play with nipples (really got me going)

    I've had it for about three weeks now and tried it with limited success about 4 or 5 times, with ok results, and yesterday, it took about 5 or maybe 6 hours to get to the (what I think might be the big O) today, I could get there in about an hour. I think my body just had to learn what to search for.
    Couldn't believe the sounds I was making or all the movements. It was like something electrical and soooo exciting! I have a feeling there might be another level and I can't wait to try. I missed the release that ejaculation I did that at the end. I have a Progasm too, but it seems too big right now. I may go and buy another different small model (not because I can't take a larger one, but because I think that the smaller one, Helix, actually does a great job)
    It is like you are relaxed and your body is out of control...weird!
    I would like to know if there is a higher level than this, maybe I didn't have the Big-O, but a small one, but it sure felt big and what a workout! My abs are tired :)

    Note: I understand now that Preparation H is not a recommended lubricant and that it may actually numb the feeling (Thanks rumel), I am going to try to find the perfect lube :-)
  • I just had to write and tell someone (other then my wife) about last night and the nights leading up to it. I'm going to say sorry in advance for the long post.

    Up until now, I've enjoyed my Aneros sessions, with each time (one day apart) getting better. I feel that I can almost plot the progression in how it feels like and keep getting better.
    Session 1 – Getting comfortable with the Aneros and trying different positions. I remember having a few anal muscle spasms and feeling really horny. After like 2.5 hours, I called in the wife and told her that I really needing to cum. She gave me a bit of oral and then on top of me. When I finally cam it was just a bit stronger then normal.

    Session 2 – More involuntary contractions from several different anal muscle groups that seemed to last longer. I also starting having a throbbing feeling behind my penis. I finished by masturbating by hand, and I don't remember it feeling much different then normal after 1.5 hours.

    Session 3 – I kept having spontaneous erections and involuntary contractions most of the day. I also commute about an hour each way to work, and the motion of the car really brings these on. Wow, does this make the drive much more interesting. I found that laying on my side seems to work the best, and started getting waves of a pulsing/throbbing sensation across my whole body. It almost feels like this starts from my prostrate (at least what I'm now thinking is my prostrate) and the pulsing/throbbing also had a “dreamy” feeling to it. This was also the first time I got an erection using the Aneros and the throbbing behind my penis turned into contractions. The “dreamy” feeling gave me a bit of time loss and after 3 hours I used one of my fleshlights to finish with an orgasm just barely stronger then normal.

    Session 4 – Started getting involuntary contractions within minutes of inserting. At times that pulsing “dreamy” feeling would come in waves and then leave for a while. I finally found the position (on my side with my knees pulled about halfway to my chest) that gave me a feeling that I can't describe. Pleasure was rolling out from my prostrate across my whole body,caused my legs to quake, and every now an again would make my body jerk. At one point I felt lost in the feeling and when I started getting a tingling in my penis my mind was begging for it to stay or if it turned into some kind of release would be awesome. After 2 hours I finished with a different fleshlight an had a body convulsing orgasm.

    Session 5 - Spontaneous erections and involuntary contractions all day. I felt that I also couldn't get the Aneros in fast enough and started having anal contractions immediately. The “dreamy” feeling came in waves that gave me very hard erections. I was riding these waves for about an hour, when my ass clenched up (something that I had been trying to stop and stay relaxed) and my hips started pumping on there own. The pumping motion turned into a convulsion that swept across my entire body and lasted about 30 seconds. When it stopped, I took a deep breath and it happened again! During these convulsion my penis felt electric and I had a strange metallic/electric taste (different but not in any way unpleasing) in my mouth. Some of the convulsions lasted for what seemed like a minute, some would stop and restart immediately. Most of the time I could not unclench my ass, when I could I would think that it was over, then my ass would clench and it would start again. By this time I had lost count of how many times I orgasmed and I'm normally very quite during any sexual activity, but at times I couldn't help from moaning. This cycle went on for 45 minutes! At this point I called my wife who was playing on her computer. I had 2 more orgasms by the time she came in, and she walked in during my third since I had called her. I couldn't see her face when she walked in, but when I stopped shaking all she said in what sounded like a concerned voice was “Are you OK?” I think I replied something like “Oh god YES”, before another orgasm hit me. I reached out and took her hand as another orgasm hit me and pulled her next to me. We started kissing between orgasms, when it hit me that I don't think that I could stop having orgasms (and I was really torn if I wanted to). I asked if she wanted to fuck me, and she started taking off her cloths as I orgasmed again. I managed to hold off long enough for her to get on top of me. I even thought of climbing on top of her and having my convulsions help me fuck her, but by this time I'm not sure if my body could handle it. As soon as I was inside of her, another body orgasm with her on top of me. I think I had a few of these, and she was really riding me when I started feeling the sensation that I was going to cum build deep inside of me while having more body shaking orgasms. It built slowly, and the handle of the Aneros pushing against the bed had moved it off to the side when I had a convulsing cumming orgasm. I managed to stop orgasming long enough to remove the Aneros, but feel that if I had left it in I could have started all over again. I don't ever remember cumming or having any pre-cum during my body orgasms, but when I was cleaning up I had some clear fluid on my upper stomach.

    After it was all over, my wife said that she has never seen me convulse and shake the bed before and that at first she was worried that I was Ok. I woke up in the middle of the night and had what I would call my first dry orgasm, it wasn't as powerful as a cumming orgasm and left me feeling like I wanted more as I fell back asleep. Today, it feels like part of my brain is foggy, kinda like that first twinge of a headache coming on. I was at first worried that I had rattled my brain inside of my skull during my orgasms, but no headache so it must be after effects of last night. All that I can think of the experience is that I must have had a continual string of multiple “Super-O's”. I can't fathom that it gets more intense that last night, but I'm not going to complain if it does.

    I think that it would be awesome if my wife and I could find a way for her to have the same wave of orgasms and hold each other and writhe in pleasure together!
  • So I mentioned in another thread how my first time happened while using some marijuana (actually really the first time I'd ever used it, although I did a tolerance test [yes I am quite the paranoid person] the night before of an ultra-small amount). I'm not suggesting this will work for others, and there is some interesting debate as to whether this is a good way to go. All I can say is what happened for me ...

    So first off I took only a couple of hits and then started completely freaking out. The slightly sober part of my mind is thinking "oh great ... I'm going to be the first person to actually jump out of a window, finally proving that crazy old anti-drug movie to be right after all." I genuinely thought it was going to be one of the worst days of my life because I was so paranoid. In order to calm down I somehow decided to try focusing on some anal waves. I hadn't remotely planned to use my MGX during this time, but the pleasure was so intense without it I figured I had to give it a try.

    I was sensible enough to realize that trying a lube injection in my state was not a good idea. So no injection. I then wanted to make sure the blinds were fully closed (being paranoid and all -- although actually I'm paranoid about the blinds being closed when I'm sober and don't have an ass plug inside me). So while pulling the blinds closed I somehow managed to completely rip them out of the wall. "Why can't you let be be happy Jesus? WHY DO YOU SABOTAGE MY EVERY ATTEMPT AT HAPPINESS?" I stuck the nail half back into the wall and the curtain hung precariously off the wall. I then fumbled around trying to put a folded tissue over the P-tab (which I usually do) but needless to say in my condition it was a comedy of errors.

    Then I got a towel, washed up and got down to business. My wife was lying next to me vigorously eating some pizza pockets. The perfect mood was set!

    Now for some background. I got the MGX almost two months ago. I had made some decent progress, basically having a better session each time. I kept thinking "if it gets any better than this I'll definitely have an orgasm" (which is apparently a common thought) but then it did get better ... but no orgasm. However after what happened to me yesterday I realize I was nowhere near an orgasm.

    This is going to be a long post by the way ... those who have moral objections to long posts should stop ... frankly you should have already realized this thing was going long.

    I am by nature very uptight and stressed. I'm also very "in my own head" and constantly thinking about every little detail of life. So my experiences with the Aneros so far have been probably too analytical: "oh that's good, I should do some more of that, but not too much, hold this position, they say on the message board I shouldn't do this, is my cock touching the towel too much?, I should relax a little, I should try some contractions, remember to breathe, this feels 10% better than last time ... well maybe 8% ... did I leave the tap running in the kitchen? ... man my wife must be bored watching me do this ... she must think I'm really weird" and so forth with the distracting inner monologue. Needless to say not the right mind-set for these types of shenanigans.

    However with the weed I suppose I could relax more. I was still slightly paranoid and had some very weird thoughts, but I was in the right mood to just go with the flow and let the Aneros take me where it wanted to go without short-circuiting things by over thinking and doing something wrong (either mentally or physically).

    It felt better than ever before almost immediately. We were watching Survivor on the DVR for about half an hour until I asked for some porn. At some point soon thereafter I started having involuntarily contractions faster than ever before and they just wouldn't stop. I don't remember if I was really doing much in terms of contracting myself at this point -- I think it just took over. I don't really remember too much about how I got there in terms of contractions or breathing. It wasn't anything I hadn't really done before from a physical standpoint, which lends credence to the idea that this is (like for a woman) more mental than physical.

    My wife wanted to know what was happening so I told her I was having an orgasm. I was vibrating and shaking and going generally wacky (like in the videos I've seen). It just didn't stop ... over and over again. Then, maybe ten minutes later, it got better. "Wait, I think that was the orgasm" I said ... then a few minutes after that I had an orgasm. I guess the whole thing was a super-O ... just with peaks. Needless to say it was mind-blowingly amazing.

    After maybe half an hour of this my wife wanted some cock. I figured I'd had my fun and she needed some too, so I somehow pulled myself to my knees (still having the convulsions and spasms) and entered her doggy-style. The contractions of the Aneros were fucking my wife -- I basically I had nothing to do with it. I really wasn't trying to move, the convulsions were just pushing me in and out. In a way she cheated on me with the Aneros that night. ;) We both ended up cumming at exactly the same time (me actually ejaculating) and I collapsed onto the bed thinking that was that.

    Only the spasms didn't stop. They just kept coming. No matter what position, no matter what I did, they just kept coming. However I was in control; I did slow things down at one point to take a little break. Then I thought, "hope I haven't lost it" and started allowing it to happen again and I went straight back to the uncontrollable shaking and spams and generally looking like a jackass.

    My wife and I have experimented with the male deer exercise (or at least a modified version) and at some point she started doing that to me. I had what I can only describe as a female orgasm; my wife even said I made the same exact "O-face" she (and many women) do when they cum. It felt like what I imagine women feel when they cum (I recognize I have absolutely no factual basis there). Having no frame of reference I'm not sure where to file this. It was different than the anal/prostate orgasms. It was more full body (although centered on the general groin-y area) and just warm and awesome.

    I think maybe three or four times after this happened I reached new peaks and remember saying to my wife "well maybe *that* was the orgasm."

    Oh ... there was more fucking at some point to and I ejaculated again. I also ate some ice cream and it was really good but that likely wasn't related to the Aneros. It was almost as if I had no refractory period. I probably did from a cock perspective but from an arousal perspective I didn't. Usually after cumming I tend to lose interest in porn or anything sexual but in this case it didn't slow me down at all.

    After over 2 hours of orgasms I had to take a break. I figured I could get it back later (but I was way too tired after all of this ... although I did try).

    What I thought was going to be one of the worst days of my life hiding in a closet as invisible spiders crawled all over me turned into one of the best days of my life. It was two (or more ... I lost track) hours of just pure bliss. Later on that night I kept saying "I'm still high" but my wife told me that was impossible. I was likely high on endorphins from all the orgasms.

    So, all-in-all, it was a good time. The question (which I raised in another thread) is if this has provided a short-cut for me or if I was only able to get there from my altered state. Needless to say I don't want to use substances every time I use my Aneros. However it's too soon to tell if this has helped me shortcut to sober super-O's or if I'll be back to the start again. We'll see and I'll let everyone know.
  • I think I reached a Super-O, eight months after first getting into the Aneros. This was in a session Thursday night that capped off a very horny week for me.

    I started off with the MGX and only a few squirts of ID Glide lube. With this session, I just wanted to guide the Aneros to a "sweet spot" and let it sit there. Boy did I ever do that! About 15-20 minutes into the session, following some wonderful p-waves, I jiggered the MGX so it was nudging the prostate. This produced a fantastic "wave" sensation emanating through my midsection. I was in a semi-sleepy state, totally relaxed. Instead of doing contractions, I just let my body lie there like a wet noodle. The only movement was very gently stroking the base of my hard penis to stimulate the "holding off a pee" muscle. Then something fantastic happened - the pleasure got deeper and deeper. I went from fantasizing to vaguely thinking "oh my god" as my heartbeat and breathing got more pronounced. The feelings got to a consistent intensity, very much unlike anything I've ever had before. Although there was a little bit of fear in the back of my mind, I was able to hold this super-o (at least I hope it was the super-o!!) for about five minutes.

    The main thing I want to point out here is that, once I got the thing in place, I hardly moved at all. This was a bit of an epiphany for me. Maybe as guys we're so used to thinking we have to "push" something to get the maximum pleasure, like with a normal penis-based orgasm. In this case, I barely had to do anything - just make my body into a limp noodle.

    That night I spent the next two hours trying to get another one. Although I did have some excellent dry-os, I think I was too awake and excited to do a repeat performance. It does, however, give me incentive to keep coming back for more!

    (Double posted to my weblog.)
  • I have been using the aneros for about a year now....and at first it was nothing but disappointment after disappointment. i had tried EVERY thing under the sun to get to were some of the people on this forum are. i was almost on the brink of just giving the hell up.....i thought maybe i was just one of those people who just were not capable of this. i would feel like i was getting some were sometimes and just end up no where. I have read the forums and the wiki till the wee hours of the night studying every word. still nothing... i tryed different models still nothing..... spent hours and hours with nothing but a sore butt. as i said i became obsessed with trying to make this happen untill i learned you just can't. its something that happens when you are not trying to make it happen. I want the people reading this who are in the same situation as me to not give up....what happened to me yesterday was truly a life changing event...i mean it had to be.....who the hell sticks something up there butt and wants to tell everybody about it.....if your like me it ain't exactly something i bring up at the bar with the guys.....but In here i guess its safe LOL!!!!! just like alot of people say this is not something that you can approach with the I'M GOING TO DO THIS RIGHT does in fact happen when your not trying to...

    HERE IS WAT HAPPENED......(and you won't believe how it ended)

    I was working late and i was reading the forums like i normally do trying to find a hint maybe i missed....when i read what one user did and it seemed to work when all else me he had tried everything and every position.....but he did so on his knees this time because he had a problem with the Aneros seeming like it would go in to far after a while so just using the force of gravity to keep it it place....i had the same problem so i thought i would give it a try.....i got home and prepared i got my helix and my syringe and my KY jelly. i lubricated the outside with the KY then filled my syringe with ID Glide.....lubricated internally then coated the helix with a generous about of KY.....inserted it and got on my knees and just relaxed...though about somethings that turned me on and my prostate....i had always though that none of the models fit me like they were not touching my prostate but they just don't have the sensitivity to detect them....i started with some really light contractions for about 20min....being on my knees seem to give the Helix the angle it needed for me......(MY HEART IS POUNDING FROM JUST WRITING THIS).....i started to feel something......something i never felt before....i knew i was onto something and that feeling started to build and build i started getting this warm feeling all over my body heart started beating faster this feeling of a glow started to build up inside i was stroking my prostate gently then one stroke just changed everything.... BAM.... suddenly i was in this euphoric state i had stopped moving the helix .....on my own and my body took over .....i was totally out of control of what was happening suddenly the helix was stroking my prostate on its OWN!!!!!!! I was is utter disbelief of was was happening My dick was rock hard it was like i was in a totally different state of mind i could not belive wat i was feeling...... the movement of the helix stroking my prostate was.......i can't even describe it..... it was like GOD came down and touched me.... i was in total exctasy.... i really did lose all track of time i really could not tell you how long i was under this AMAZING SPELL and it was getting better and better i was nearly in tears..... my body felt like it was going to explode with pleasure but i still knew i was still building up to something better all i could think was the SUPER O!!!!!!I"M GOING TO HAVE A SUPER O!!!!!!!! then it happened.......

    I'm sorry to say it wasn't the SUPER was my Daughter banging on my bedroom door in tears because she was having a bad dream........ i was instantly snapped out of it......but it took me a few min to come back to reality.....all i could think was F#@K!!!!!! i looked on the floor and there was cum all over it....i must have been ejaculating and didn't even know it....

    all i can say is even though i feel that i have fell short of the SUPER O....i know now it is possible and that it is going to happen for me......i can't imagine how good its going to feel and i can't wait to experience it.....

    i have one question for the EXPERTS of this forum.....HOW CLOSE WAS I???? and is it always like that even after you have been having SUPER O's for a long time???? is it still just as good or is it never like the first time....
  • jimmyjimmy
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    Well Just had my aneros helix a few days ago. First time I used it quickly after it had arrived to see what it was like.

    I didn't get much out of it other than a great penile orgasm when i finally stimulated myself that way.
    After a visit to this site and forum feeling more fully informed I had my second go today.
    All I can say is it was awesome. I relaxed initially in a darkened room with the aneros inserted for 10 mins or so. Then began moving it with small contractions initially. I was laying on my back with my feet flat knees pointing to the ceiling.

    I lowered my legs down to the mattress and then its seemed to hit me with greater pleasure. before long the pleasure increased until the contractions were just happening by themselves and the waves of pleasure were flowing through me. This was awesome and unlike anything I've ever felt before. My body just wanted to move with the pleasure. I somehow feel that this wasn't the legendary Super O and there is something I didn't quite get to, as I didn't perceive a specific climax, but I'm not really sure. Its so different from a traditional penile orgasm its hard to tell really. Either way it was great.

    I repeated this twice more with it being slightly different each time. I'm glad this is happening so easily for me, perhaps Its because I find it easy to relax and work with sensations having done alot of meditation and the like. I think i've found the right position for me, on the back legs flat, or on my side. hope eveyrone finds it as easy if not keep going its worth it.

    :D :D :D
  • Hello everybody!

    I am a 2-year user of aneros. After my first little successes with aneros devices, I stopped writing here, but I continued using the Helix and MGX constantly. Most of the time I used to have more or less the same experiences, very pleasurable. After 2-10 minutes after insertion, I fell a great pleasure in the whole body, after some moments, I felt like spinning with my bed and losing my head :). Such an orgasm lasts for several minutes, not too much. Although the sensations are extremly pleasurable, they don't fit the description of a Super-O.

    Some days ago I had a different experience. I had my normal orgasm as described above, then everything stopped, like usual. After several minutes of contractions and concentration, something started again. The pleasure grew step by step. Suddenly I felt an unusual pleasure in my whole body, then I had the same sensation in my stomach as when you yawn. I realized my whole body was trembeling and I had involuntary contractions. I have to add that the pleasure lasted more than usual.

    However the pleasure was not unbearable. I was perfectly conscious of what I was experiencing, and I wanted more pleasure (I felt there is something more), but somehow I was afraid to do that and I went off the bed, and in less then a minute I lost my concentration and the sensations faded and finally stopped.

    Judging the sensations, maybe I stopped just before having a Super-O ?!
    I wait for your comments! Thanks in advance.

    Now I am planning another session, because I am very curious what can I get.
  • I believe I experienced my first “Super O” today, almost a year from when I first found this website. Before I give the details, let me provide some background. I am straight and married. I am 5’ 8” and weigh 185 pounds. I am 57 years old. While my wife doesn’t share my same enthusiasm for discovering the added pleasures offered by our minds and bodies, she is okay with my “chilling”, which is how she refers to my sessions.

    I had hemorrhoid surgery in 2000. If anyone has had that done, you know that there is the likelihood they will return. Mine were internal and were removed with laser surgery. Well, the first time I inserted an Aneros, I thought to myself, “Uh oh. This isn’t going to work for me.” The pain was quite intense. I only mention this because it didn’t take too long for the pain to turn into discomfort and eventually disappear altogether. As others have said, Aneros use actually helps prevent hemorrhoids from recurring. I would assume its use could prevent them from occurring in the first place.

    I ordered my first Aneros, the SGX model on Feb 28, 2008. Since then I have purchased the smaller Peridise models, the Eupho, the Helix, and the Progasm. I had to grind down and sand the Progasm to get it to be small enough to go inside me. I am another who is awaiting the release of a smaller Progasm.

    The lube that I use is the one homemade one recommended on this site. I go a little heavy with the beeswax when mixing it, since I found that the heavier the better. I have discovered that when the lube is a little cooler, it adherers better to the Aneros. Once inside, it will soften. One batch of lube lasts me a month or two. I prefer this healthier alternative to the other lubes that have been suggested.

    I take fish oil, but not the amount recommended by Marenna Lindberg, aka (Zane Blue), in her book “The Orgasmic Diet”. I also take a few other daily supplements. One that I feel may have helped my testosterone levels is “Activa Mune”. I purchased it because it is filled with anti-cancer properties and is good for boosting the immune system. It has DIM, and other things that are good for the prostate. I take a multivitamin, 500mg of vitamin C per day, calcium with magnesium and vitamin D (Approx. 500mg calcium, 250mg magnesium, and 300 IU of vitamin D.) I am not sure how much this has to do with my progress, I am just providing it for your information.

    I drink coffee, too, which Marenna highly discourages. This may be why it took me so long, but I don’t think so. I walk three miles at least once a week. I am, for my age, very healthy, but not as fit as I should be.

    Before I explain what I think helped me the most, let me thank all the people on this forum. The little tidbits which I found so helpful came from the many posts by the numerous contributors. I feel it is my responsibility to share my story for the benefit of other new ones who have found this site.

    Now the details: When I started nearly a year ago, I pushed way too hard, which seems to be the tendency with new ones. We want so badly to feel what we have read about on here. We are just too eager to experience it for ourselves. Like others, I spent countless hours trying to make it happen with numerous positions, various models, contracting, etc. without much success. I would occasionally feel something very delightful, which prevented me from giving up.

    I started making rapid progress when I purchased the “HypnAerosession” CDs. I got the MP3 version and loaded it only my iPod Shuffle. That was at the beginning of November 2008. I have listened to this every morning since then with few exceptions. Each day that I listened gave me a little more pleasure. I was raised believing that hypnotism was evil, from the Devil, allowing someone else to control your mind. I asked Rumel in a private message about what kind of messages are on the CD. He told me where to find exactly what is on the CD so I could put my mind at rest. I knew this CD was something special when I listened to the sample tracks on the website and got a nice little pleasure wave or two. I had purchased the “Brain Sync” CD prior to this and have listened to it since, but it just doesn’t do the same for me. Although, I know others have had good success with it.

    I must mention that I am a morning person. I have tried doing the sessions at night without much success. The exception to this was just recently when all the Aneros users were doing their sessions at the same time. Wow! That ended up being one memorable day for me. Not only did I have a wonderful session that night (I had to try the 9:00 PM thing), I had a great one the next morning and had orgasmic waves at work all morning long with no Aneros in. Fortunately, I have my own office at work so I was able to ride them for a few minutes each time they showed up.

    Once I realized that night wasn’t going to work for me, I started going to bed earlier. I now go to bed at 9:00 PM or thereabout and get up at 4:30 or 5:00 AM. That allows me plenty of time for my session prior to going to work. Initially, I found that I would have to listen to the whole hour and a half (1st CD) before I got to the pleasure part of the session. Now, it happens much quicker. It is completely related to how quickly I can become totally relaxed. By the time I get to that point (2nd CD) now, I am experiencing awesome pleasure equal to the “Calm Seas Orgasms” mentioned on this site.

    My “Super O” experience has not been one of uncontrolled flailing about. I would describe it more as an extended orgasm, only on a level much higher than I ever experienced with ejaculation. Not in intensity, but in pleasure. I can feel the orgasm touch every part of my body. This is what I imagined the “Orgasmatron” would be like in the old Woody Allen movie, “Sleeper”. Since the experiences that I have had continue to improve week by week, I am not sure this is the end of my journey. If it is, I will gladly settle.

    Today, the orgasmic waves came one after the other and I was able to experience them completely. It is mind-blowingly amazing to me that the brain can train (rewire) the body in this fashion to provide you with the pleasure you want.

    There are few other things I should tell you that may be of help. One is that I sit in my recliner with pillows under each leg to give them support with my feet resting on the ottoman. I believe the key is for you to be completely comfortable to enjoy this pleasure. Another is that I just recently purchased a book that was recommended by someone on here, “Access Your Brain’s Joy Center” by Pete A. Sanders Jr. Where it has proved helpful is that when the pleasure started to build for me, it would cause pressure in my forehead which would distract me. Pete tells you about the point on your forehead that is above that spot where the pleasure is. Now, I just stop and press that point and the focus is shifted. (I have wondered if this is how the “third eye” concept was born. That area is where I was feeling the pressure.)

    As with the brain’s pleasure point, you cannot focus on it; instead it is to be found more like seeing something from your peripheral vision. The same is true with discovering these pleasurable orgasmic feelings. You cannot focus on them; you must experience them almost in a peripheral way. You sort of have to go with the feelings, “ride the wave”, as Alana says on the CDs. I have found that as you relax and go with them, your body will kick into another mode. It is a different feeling; one of well being, akin to what Pete Sanders talks about in the “Brain’s Joy Center” book. Once you get that feeling, the really good pleasure will soon follow.

    I cannot tell you enough, how important the HypnAerosession CD was to my progress. And, no, I am not getting paid to say that. I get no benefit from telling you other than the satisfaction of knowing I may be helping someone else by sharing that information. I would also recommend the aforementioned book.

    As far as which Aneros to use, I let my body dictate that to me. If I start with the Eupho or Helix and things are a bit too intense, I go change it out for one of the smaller Peridise units. If I start with one of the Peridise units and am not getting anywhere, I will change it out for either the Eupho or Helix. I don’t use the Progasm at all anymore. For those who have no discomfort from the Progasm, you might substitute it for the Eupho or Helix where I mentioned above.

    I am hoping that the one person who is able to benefit from these comments will not find the post too long. Forgive me; all this has been bottled up for nearly a year now. Thanks again to Alana, Marenna, and all the guys on here for your helpful guidance on this incredible journey!
  • harloharlo
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    So I don't have an aneros, and I just had a supero. I have other toys similar to the aneros, and i have had really good experiences with prostate stimulation. Specifically a toy that vibrates at a very low level, not powerful at all. I've had things that I thought were super o's before, but I really couldn't say that it wasn't a different type of orgasm. I wasn't sure what was happening. This time, I'm sure.

    At first, I felt the vibration obviously. But after a while, the vibration went away almost instantly. I thought the toy had turned off but it didn't. I just stopped feeling it vibrate. My thought process was just letting what was going to happen happen, and not try to define anything. Any bit of pleasure felt was a complex interplay of me noticing it and my ego disappearing. It sounds crazy, but I think when I stopped feeling the toy vibrate, I entered a different state of consciousness. I felt at ease, and very aware, but also like I had disappeared. I'm not sure what I was aware of exactly, only that I felt like I could think complicated thoughts very easily. It was quite strange. The world was so quiet and dark and peaceful all at the same time. Extraordinary feeling of peace. I felt like before I would always feel this rush of pleasure, and then be pulled out of it when i notice it. This time though, I didn't feel all "excited" about the pleasure happening and I guess I "rode the wave" if you will. Its like "this is happening right now, and I feel like I can just deal with it and be okay with it".

    It was more like taking a hit of acid or doing mushrooms than an orgasm. It feels amazing, but it isn't an entirely sexual experience. The world went from black and quiet and peaceful, to white and intense yet still peaceful, all with my eyes closed.

    I'm gonna for sure buy an aneros now.
  • buffd1buffd1
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    I have great sessions and reach multiple super o orgasms. Relaxation is key using breathing exercises and NO penis stimulation. Check out my video on X - Tube. It was a 30 minute session that could have gone longer but I was too exhausted after too many orgasms
  • I have been using the Aneros every two days for a little over a week and I must say that I was starting to wonder if I would ever achieve a Super O. Even without the Super O I was feeling great and I noticed that when I come (usually one day after a session) when with my partner my O's are far more intense with my legs muscles shaking uncontrollably followed by monster loads much to the delight of both myself and my partner. Unfortunately, once I come in this fashion I am done for at least 2 hours and can barely feel my legs during this time.

    With that said, today I decided to mix things up rather than simply doing contraction exercises. I started by laying on my stomach with some nice relaxing music and started by doing two sets of rectal and anal contractions then one rapid set of both. Then I started to move my hips as is I was grinding inside someone clockwise 10 times and 10 times counter-clockwise. I did this for about 10 minutes and began to notice that when I did an anal contraction on the upswing, particularly counterclockwise, I would get an intensely pleasurable feeling that for lack of a better explanation made my ass "hungry" for more.

    Once this started to feel somewhat sensitized I reached back and spread my cheeks and did the contraction exercices followed by dry humping the bed with a strong contraction during the "push" phase.

    I was feeling great and had not concept of time just great pleasure. I then rolled over and pushed my ass down into the bed and continued to move in a grinding fashion both clockwise and counterclockwise. Once again I notices that with a strong anal contraction that I held as long as I could while grinding I was able to feel great pleasure from my prostrate and my anus. Eventually I began to shake enough to were it was hard to stay in any rythm but I kept at it and focused on contracting my anus.

    Soon I was having uncontrollable shakes and was literally bouncing off of my bed from my back. When I eventually stopped I looked over at the clock only to realize that I had been at it for well over an hour and at the time of me writing this message one hour later I still feel light and euphoric. I would take this type of orgasm over ejaculation any day. The euphoria is amazing and I find that I am horny and ready to go rather than ready to fall asleep!

    Great product and I can't wait to get the Progasm I just ordered.
  • IndyguyIndyguy
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    I just got my Aneros Helix yesterday. Spent about an hour with it yesterday - it was pleasant, but never achieved orgasm. I tried again today - after about a half-hour of nothing my hips suddenly started thrusting rapidly with no conscious effort on my part. I was on my back and found myself alternately thrusting up and grinding by butt into the bed. I felt the orgasm start, and it must have lasted for 5 minutes! By the end I had a pillow over my face to muffle the grunting and gasping; I was nearly sobbing. My sphincter was doing the "fluttering" I've read about. I just let my body go with it and it was amazing! I still have the Aneros in as I'm sitting here typing, and have had several more small orgasms. This thing is fantastic!
  • Jeff RJeff R
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    Gentlemen, (and the occasional Lady)

    Many months ago I use to drop by here regular and post up on my journey. I was getting pretty close to my first Super-O. Then the phone company ripped up my DSL line and gave me a free “56K” modem instead. It was so bad I just gave up on the internet.

    Well my DSL is back, so here I am with an update on my journey.

    It turns out I only now broke through the Super-O barrier. In reality, I found out you don’t break through anything- you let it carry you.

    Several months ago, I was spending hours three to four nights a week, trying to break through to the Super-O. It was so frustrating. I was feeling really good, but it was a huge amount of work. So I simply gave it up for awhile. I did have a few Super-O’s -and they were great- but for the most part I could never bring them on demand. They would happen at random times, like 3:00AM in the morning.

    So I gave up using the Aneros on a regular basis.

    Then a few months ago I ran across a Yahoo site called “Nipple Orgasm’s.” What was described there sounded a lot like an Aneros Super-O. So I thought maybe I might be able to achieve a Super-O via my nipples. Well things went well, but still no regular Super-O.

    Then a few nights ago, I was using some techniques I picked up at the Nipple Orgasm site, gently stroking my arms and chest, when I suddenly had an extreme desire for my Aneros. Well one does not ignore the desire for the Aneros. A little lube and in it went.

    Well, silly as I am, it took me a long time to figure out that my upper body is now linked to my prostate. (Nipples, arms, chest.) By simply stroking my chest, not even my nipples, just my chest, I am able to feel the most wonderful sensations both in my prostate and in my chest.

    Soon, I was gently caressing my own arms, (one at a time of course) and feeling that excite me down there. Pleasure started to build and I could feel a constant pleasure in my prostate, building. Accidentally, I would stroke my nipple while moving my hand around and “Ohhhhh” Soon, I could not help myself, I had to begin stroking my nipples.

    Wonderful, gracious pleasure poured from them. Flick after flick brought forth mounting pleasure from them and finally my prostate grew jealous. Pleasure began to be felt there as well. Funny, it does not take pleasure from the nipples at all, but all three places begin to feel the joy.

    Then my anus could take it no more- it had to contract. As it did, the Aneros slid across my prostate. Mmmmmmm, that first stroke signaled that this would be a good session- beyond anything I had experienced before. The background of constant pleasure was set to high and never wavered. That made the peaks all the more intense.

    In my first wave, there were several moments where, honestly, I was not sure who I was. Consciousness changes when the male center of being (not the penis apparently, but the prostate!) takes over. The pleasure was good too but I really started to become lost. Then things cooled a bit and my anus stopped pulsing the Aneros. Yet my nipples were still hungry and I could not stop flicking them.

    Finally, things cooled down and I stopped flicking my nipples and just laid there. The thought occurred to me that I should remove the Aneros. Laughter and greed mixed together and I heard a voice in my head say, “Don’t you dare.” Honestly, I might as well have tried to remove my own arm- there was no way that Aneros was coming out. I drifted a bit, not really thinking about anything, just enjoying the pleasure that was still present.

    Then came the desire to pulse again. I have learned not to try and control the feelings here at all. It is like my prostate is a separate entity; another consciousness, with feelings and a will all of its own. You simply can’t control it. It decides when it will cooperate with you. You can, kind of, seduce it into having a good time, but if it’s not ready, it ain’t going to happen.

    So one waits on the prostate. Many Aneros users call it “The Mistress.” You serve her and in return she grants you pleasure. You follow her lead, do what she asks and loving pleasure is your return.

    Anyway, I felt the need to pulse again and I did. Moans came from me. Pleasure started to rise and each pulse brought a new high. This went on for awhile and then I felt I should start flicking my nipples again. I did and my prostate exploded with an intense orgasm. My face lengthened, my eyes narrowed and if you could have seen my face, the pleasure would have been obvious. Consciousness decayed into a constant phrase repeating in my head of, “Please don’t stop, please give me more!”

    I don’t know who I was pleading with, but I could feel that there was something really powerful there- and it was not at all close to its full power level. Pleading continued and I could feel something building. Then the prostate said wait. I have learned not to hate this when it happens, but to listen and never force my desires onto the prostate. It is a law unto itself and it simply cannot be forced the way a normal orgasm can.

    And that was my problem all this time. Yeah, I know. You guys preach relax. You preach don’t control it. You say let it come. But that’s soooo hard to do. I mean a man spends his life and is programmed to bring himself to an orgasm. Physical manipulation is required to ejaculate- usually. But learning to manipulate my nipples taught me to not concentrate on my penis. Finally, that got through my thick skull. Anyway, back to my Super-O.

    I relaxed, still bathed in the background pleasure of the Aneros. Waiting, I began to drift again. Not really thinking about anything but paying quiet reverent attention to my body, I felt the prostate desire another pulse. The Aneros jumped and broke into another spasm cycle. I began to have another orgasm and pretty much became one with this feeling. Where I had sought to control it, I had learned to let it control me. When it said harder, I forced my tired muscles to respond with harder contractions. Rewarded for my efforts with more pleasure and a stronger orgasm, I resigned control to my new center of existence and simply let it tell me how hard, how much, how fast.

    A glow grew in front of me. “Me” had now become my prostate. Weird, I know, but I thought of the area just under my scrotum and in-between my legs as where I lived, where my soul was located. Silly, yes, but this was now true for me and I simply accepted it. The glow felt like it was truly glowing and if I could have opened my eyes, (no way I could) I would have seen it. Instead I could feel the glow. It was awesome. It was my new found center of being for a good minute or so. Then it trailed off and left me happy, fulfilled and satisfied.

    I fell asleep in short order and simply forgot the Aneros was even inside me until 4:00AM when I removed it. I remember thanking God once for building me this way and for the Yahoo site, “Nipple Orgasms”the Aneros device and their excellent web blog as well.

    Now, I am able to find Super-O’s whenever my prostate wants. That’s right, when my prostate wants- not when I want. Last night, I sort of seduced my prostate into an Aneros session- it simply was not into it. I stroked my arms and started to feel good. The occasional touch of my nipple convinced my prostate to play along.

    So bottom line Gentlemen- let it come. Don’t force it. Be seductive of your prostate. Lol, even treat it as your Mistress. Please her, obey her and she will treat you so right.

    Jeff R.
  • alvalv
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    Second time use and a Super-O

    Already at the first time I experienced what they describe as P-Waves, my whole body shaking, toes curling and enjoying the feeling. The next night after multiple P-Wave experiences, laying on my side, both legs drawn in slightly, I was exploring the feeling of slowly drawing Eupho inwards and pushing it out with a combination of deep abdominal breathing and flexing the PC muscle. To my surprise the Eupho wanted to enter deeper and deeper, I consciously counteracted by relaxing the PC more and more but keeping the pressure on the prostate the same. This process of relaxing continued and I even felt if I have to push outwards as not to increase the pressure, but the Eupho wanted to go deeper. And then it happened – the Aneros Genie grabbed the Eupho thrust it in and out – I started to moan and groan and got elevated in a state unknown, my penis hardened, my breath sometimes fast sometimes slow my mouth open for least breathing resistance and groaning “oh oh ooh” with each exhalation, my whole body shaking, electricity flowing head to toe.

    It gave me a fright at first, tried to resist but could not, it went on and on, like a rollercoaster ride from intense to moderate and each peak higher than the rest, my whole body sensitised and my surrounds shut off my mind only enjoying myself. How and when it stopped I cannot quite remember – all I can remember waking up from a deep sleep what I think was an hour or so later, feeling satisfied and a most pleasant gentle massaging motion on my prostate. The whole cycle repeated another Super-O.

    Finally after about 4½ hours or 1:30 in the morning I finally removed the Eupho, what an empty feeling – I think I am hooked. I slept deeply and soundly till the alarm woke me at 6:30. All day long gentle waves are eminating from the prostate region.

    Instead of working for what I get paid for I wrote this to share my experience
  • Hi ya,

    Im using the helix model, for about 18 months, and its only this morning and last night I actually felt a "resolution".. for months and months a similar experience.. getting right upto the edge of an orgasm and then what happened to me was my muscles would get tired and stop spasming. And I'd be left there feeling a little dissapointed.

    Recently I started working out in the gym, and this has helped my stamina a huge amount. Last night I experienced a hands free orgasm for the first time with the helix.. and was like wow.. more intense than some of my most intense penile orgasms.. But this morning..

    Im litereally after geting out of bed and jumped on the forums lol

    BF went to work, normally I'd sleep through this, but for what ever reason I woke up. Lay there bored.. checked the time.. 1 hour to play around. So took out the helix, and got to work.

    Within about 20 minutes - I was already after having a string of small orgasms (which I was delighted with, as this was only the 2nd time in 18months I'd actually had a handsfree orgasm, the first time being the previous night hehe), and it died down for another 10 - 20 minutes I was then wondering if what i had experienced earlier was a super orgasm, so took a bit of effort to get it back to the stage again.. and then boom wave after wave after wave ultimately leading upto something thats got me tingling still 30 minutes later..

    Unbelieveable. Its the most intense pleasurable experience I've ever had! I can't wait to get home from university later and do it again

    I will say one thing about it tho. Positioning the little perenium tab thingy in the right area does seem to have a huge impact on its performance. I've heard other users talk of using a little square of material inbetween the tab and skin to prevent slippage.. I've personally used a square of toilet paper folded up.

    Also one other thing, your height seems to affect your ability to experience the super o's too? Surprised From reading the forums here I heard information that if your under say 5ft 6' the toys other than the sgx model i think, may not be aiming at the prostate/perenium at the right angle or what ever.. I was seriously considering buying that sgx model and giving it ago instead.. The SGX is apparently designed for the asian market? where the average height is smaller or something I'm 5'5 hence my thinking on that. However I appear to have found a position that works for me.. I lay on my back, with a pillow under my lowerback, and stretch out fully trying to not slouch (seems to improve the angle of the toy for me personally), rest my head on another pillow, and then have my feet flat on the bed with my knees vertical.. ( if that makes sense). Also it kicks off for me so far, If i can keep completely relaxed and only have the anal muscles flexing. As its approaching the hands free orgasm, Id find myself tensing up, so Id take a deep breath, and competely relax and continue. :D
  • Hai to you all.

    Let me tell you, my story (nobody else here would believe me anyway)
    About 18 month I finally found the courage to buy myself a aneros. I bought MGX.
    Very nice, it give some extra feeling when playing with myself. But nothing big.
    About 6 month ago I want to try more...and bought the Progasm.
    I found it very big and I had to get used to this thing.
    A few months ago I found the and this forum on internet and it opened my eyes; I found the techniques, comments, stories very helpfull and not much later I could achieve the Super-Ts.
    But I read about the Super-O and I want to try that.
    Trying relaxing technique, mussle technique and by reading and trying, I learned more about my body.
    Before sleeping I like to use the male Deer Exercide (rubbing my tummy below my navel) because it gives me a nice deep feeling in my body.
    Last night, while doing this technique, I thought one of my erotic zone,my perineum. A WOUW that hit the right button.
    I rushed to get my Progasm and continued rubbing my tummy, and my perineum and .......OH YES!!!! All that waiting and exercises paid of. Not much later a got body convulsions like having them with a Super-T accompanied by growing P-waves. Not much later I felt the first of the Super-O. I wanted to a ejaculate. My body did everything like with a Super-T but a next Super-O followed the first, and another and I then I just lost count and enjoyed. No ejaculation did come and I wanted more and more. I could't stop that feeling and went on and on. About 45 minutes later I had to stop. Because of all those convulsions I was exhausted. While taking a shower my body had some unvoluntary after-convulsions. I had a wierd after-feeling of wanting more, exhausted, warm, energetic, vigorous.
    Not much later I tried to sleep some. In the middle of the night I needed,wanted that feeling again. After finding my Progasm and pushing the right buttons I went for the next round. Probably totaly exhausted I felt finally asleep again.

    To all the guys who haven't found this....I would say: don't stop trying. This is worth it. This is so nice. The whole journey is worth it. Since using the Progasm, my prostate is really awoken; I feel so happy and I so feel alive. The Aneros is a god's gift.


  • I am as new as they come to all of this. The girl that Ive been seeing for the last year has left the country permanently. We both knew about this when it all started so her leaving was no surprise. If I could have gone with her I would have. That was about a month ago. I'm not really heart broken or anything like that but at the same time I'm not ready to start something new just yet. I purchased the aneros online and received it a week ago. I was eager to try it the first night but I only had about two hours available. I went for it anyway. I'm not completely new to anal play but I wouldn't say overly experienced either. I don't know why but my first purchase was the maximus. I figured I'd want something a little larger eventually anyway so it seemed to make sense. Quite simply I inserted it lying on my back with my knees pulled up. I was horny as hell mentally because I had to wait for it to arrive in the mail. Within the first 30 SECONDS I had my first what I would call dry o. This was followed by a second almost as soon as the first subsided. I was in heaven. My first super o was within the next 15 to 30 minutes. I don't know exactly but 3 hours later I had lost count of how many times I came. It was one after another. It was almost as if it was just one or 2 giant waves of orgasm after orgasm. Some were small, some medium and at least 4 that had to be super o's given the duration and level of intensity. Without a doubt this thing is all about training the mind to be in tune with the body. I hate to admit it but I've used it every day for the last week. I've been lucky to have super o's on two other occasions and really good sessions every other time. I hope to learn as much as I can about this toy. OMFG. Already looking at the Progasm and the Eupho to add to the toy collection. I want more!!!
  • I am a new user, and had some bum rush from the first 6 uses, but today was way over the top. I came home to make dinner and thought I would try wearing it while I was working. I bent down to get a pot, and the most incredible wave hit me. The involuntaries were so strong it was almost scary. I have used other anal devices as I have always known of my prostate and anal areas. Nothing like that. Wow.
  • I won't post the full message here, but I was advised to link to my topic about my first Super O that I could say beyond any doubt was a Super O. Here is the link to my experience. It is rather lengthy, which is why I am posting this way so others can determine for themselves if they wish to read or not. :)
  • After 3 failed attempts I just had my first handsfree orgasm, well 3 actually. I got my mgx in December and have only gotten the time to try it 3 times but never really got much out of it. I recently discovered binaural beats and have had a couple of pretty amazing experiences using them. The best ones I've found over the past week are called idoser.
    I came home from work, had a bowel movement, and took a long hot shower. I then put on sweats and laid down in bed. I then smoked a bowl and watched some porn until I became very aroused, I didn't masturbate just tweaked my nipples. I then reached for the aneros and lube. I took my time lubing the aneros and then gently pushing it in a little then relubing and going a little further till it just fell into place. Next I put my headphones on layed on my back with my knees bent and together and played an idoser track entitled Excite. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the binaural waves and began to clench my pc muscles and within a couple minutes my anus began to spasm and i could feel my insides clench the aneros. I focused on the sound waves and allowed myself to let my mind drift.The first one came immediately and that was the most powerful one, I don't think it was a super o but it started with my eyes twitching and then shot down through my body in waves of pleasure as my anus convulsed around the toy. My whole body shook, it seemed somewhat cut short, but amazing non the less. I'd say it lasted about 2 min. Then shortly after I had another smaller one. These left me shaking and weak. I then rolled onto my side and continued to have another small one. They reminded me of a strangley erotic feeling I used to get while climbing ropes when I was a child only infinately more intense. I then removed the aneros and had another bowl movement, trembling all the while. I then returned to bed and masturbated traditionally and came only after edging about 10 times and the orgasm was incredible yet a totally different experience then the aneros. I am still feeling a wave of pleasure from my prostate every few moments and this is 2 hours later. I am utterly amazed!
  • tarantaran
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    After trying for little over a year, I finally got my first and second super orgasms today. After numerous failed attempts with the mgx, I decided to upgrade to the progasm. I've had some good long sessions with it where I'd get quick pleasure waves lasting about a minute but the sessions ended with me jacking off with the toy still inside me. But this morning, I probably had my 2 most successful sessions to date. I stripped down naked, laid down on my side, and inserted my progasm.(soaked in ky)

    For the first 15 minutes, I took some deep breath and I could already feel subtle waves going in and out of my ass. As I closed my eyes, I could see little bright multi-colored lights flickering. When my heartbeat grew faster, the lights got bigger and bigger. I was breathing harder and harder almost like I was hyper ventilating and all of a sudden... *BOOM* the lights in my eyes exploded. My whole body began to quake, my toes curled, my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I was moaning with pleasure. The sensation felt foreign to me but it felt damn good. I could still see the flickering lights even when I opened my eyes.

    After about 45 minutes on my side, the pleasure waves slowly died down. I was exhausted but the progasm wasn't finished yet. As I turned around on my stomach I felt this warm sensation building in my lower abdomen. My dick instantly got hard. Next thing I knew, I felt this strong jolt of energy in my legs and pelvis. It had me giving my mattress strong powerful thrusts. This second orgasm was shorter than the first and lasted about 15 to 20 minutes and ended with me cumming all over my sheets. It was truly an amazing feeling that I hope to experience many times over. Man, I have to jack off just thinking about it.
  • I don't know if others have experienced this, but I have the most success with aneros orgasms by telling myself: "not to expect anything other than a dry orgasm". It sounds a bit silly, but this knocks out the subtle wish of a traditionally ejaculation orgasm, which actually goes against the special "dry" type that the Aneros produces. If you're having difficulty "getting there" you might want to consider it. Works for me.
    Of course I don't mean that's all you do. Other points that help me ('scuse the pun): don't do, think, try to accomplish anything. Just lie still, get comfortable and let it "have its way with you". Give it plenty of time (two hours is a good amount).
  • rookrook
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    Session was short. Helix was the tool.

    How Dame Helix got my cherry. Short answer, it was ripe, she heard my moans, kicked open the door and grabbed it.

    Complete story is in Blogs, < rook's ride >. Link: -- --

    Perhaps interesting as this got launched as just a very cognitive effort and didn't go sensual effort. My cognitive effort didn't involve porn. Nevertheless brain activity is where it's at to really get things started.

    What's it like? : Mind blowing and you'll know it when it is visited upon you.

    Some trivial data and humor:
    --I was wearing tan sox (blowing any theories about the need for dirty white sox.)
    --Other attire -- plain gray sweatshirt (without torn sleeves like some un-named NFL coach would wear.)
    --The "Full Snow Moon" had already set on the West coast (missed it by about six hours).
    --There was nothing notable in my Biorhythm aside from above-the-line scores for my I-Ching Awareness and Aesthetic indices.

    Thanks guys for all the support and the occasional kick-in-the-butt from rumel, Love_is and J4. Thanks to HIH for the hardware. Thanks for the 'software' go to rumel, Darwin, artform, B.F. and the hundreds of Wiki contributors. Thanks to Wolves for, "never give up."

    Yup, I stood upon the shoulders of giants.

    Product suggestion: Aneros might assemble and market a small "emergency" kit. Possibly containing a pre-lubed Helix or Eupho that would telescope down to the size of a small cellphone and inject lube as it entered. Just right for occasions like this one. :lol: :D
  • Yet another success story here. Just over a week experience; about 10 sessions into it. This time I laid on my stomach and listened to music, and had some assistance from Ms. Jane. 0-80mph from one session to the next. Phenomenal. Session 9 - still haven't experienced even a p-wave. Session 10 - changed position and had multiple full-body super-O's. Everything I expected and more. Wow.
  • I'm a LMT and have been doing body work for 15 years.. offering prostate massage when requested. a client bought me an Aneros Ice for a gift. Skeptical to say the least.. quiet afternoon.. took a long shower, cleaned out, lay back on the table and relaxed... in the dark.. inserted it.. hhmmm.... interesting but not the rush i expected... was relaxed though and began to drift off after working deep pelvic muscles for about 20 minutes.. id been asleep for about half an hour.. awoke with an amazing erection.. not something that usually happens... also noticed an amazing amount of pre.. again not something that occurs until i'm been at it for a whiile.. ok.. i thought.. let give this thing a go.. i turned the lights totally off.. stretched out and started contracting again.. seemed liked forever.. and was about to pull it out and chalk it up to experience.. and as i was beginning to bare down and about to pull it out.... the knob hit the Prostate.. damn.. this was actually pretty nice.. then i kept it going.. feeling my cock get harder... the deep pleasure increase... building much too slow.. but since i didn't have anything else to do.. i kept going.. I'd been at it an hour.. and i was tiring out.. too bad too. i really wanted it to happen.. but i was still erect so something was working.. i squeezed down.. then relaxed.. each time deeper contractions.. time passed.. i was getting bored not to mention a little sore... and just as i was about to abort.. i felt the knob really pushing against my prostate.. damn... renewed objectivity.. took my time.. started over.. and i just let it happen.. i have no idea the total time it took for it the happen that first time... it just built and built. nothing else had ever gotten me going quite like this.. normally i can't edge very long. it starts to hurt.. more of a stroke off and cum kinda guy. And then. without any warning.. a deep spasm. What the hell.. Electric, uncontrollable ecstasy. My body rolled through at least 3 orgasms. each one more intense.. not a penile orgasm, but one that shook me to my core... I've read a lot of testimonials about your products, good, bad, indifferent. my body shook, tensed up and went off.. my skepticism has gone. and i know that not all guys will experience this. thats ok.. but keep an open mind.. just my take on it.