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Aneros Technical Question. Who can answer this?
  • I am wondering if I should buy an Aneros or not, and I'm wondering to myself .... "What type of plastic IS the Aneros made of?"

    All it says is 'FDA Approved Plastic'. It doesn't state exactly what plastic it is.

    The reason I ask is because I am a plastics formulator at a local casting plant. There are several polymers, acetals, vinyls, and even co-polymers that are FDA Approved, but not meant to be in contact with the human body for any period of time.

    There is FDA Approved Plastics and then their is Surgical Grade Plastics.

    There are several FDA Approved plastics out there that are ok to use in machinery that comes into contact with food, others that are ok to use AROUND machinery that comes in contact with food, but not in direct contact with the food, and then there is the surgical grade that can come in contact with human fluids and body tissues without any harm to the recipient.

    Could someone please clarify exactly WHAT type of plastic the Aneros is made of and it's exact name?

    I'm sorry, but the FDA Approved plastic tag line isn't enough for me to put my faith in something that is inserted into my body.
  • The wiki says that the material for all but the Progasm is acetal while the Progasm is made of polystyrene.

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  • Good question.
    The next question is, what lube are you going to use? Most are cocktails of chemicals.
  • Good question.
    The next question is, what lube are you going to use? Most are cocktails of chemicals.

    Probe is the ONLY way to go in my opinion. I've studied all of the chemical sheets for it, and it is quite safe. You could literally drink this stuff, not that I'd suggest it, but it wouldn't hurt you at all.

    Polystyrene is a petroleum based 'plastic'. WHat type of polystyrene? There are several forms.

    Acetal is deemed safe by the NSF & FDA. Although , there are several forms of acetal as well. There is acetal copolymer, acetron gp, and even delrin. Could someone please be more specific?
  • rumelrumel
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    I would advise that you contact the Aneros Support directly to get the type of information you are looking for. This Forum, while it is occasionaly monitored by support personel, is mainly the input of Aneros users.

    P.S. I sent you a PM with some other information.
  • I took the advice of some of our members and tried Coconut Oil. It's worth the $5 at the grocery store to give it a try. Put some in a separate container and give it a shot (so not to contaminate the entire container). If you find that you don't like it, use the rest for cooking.
  • newguy,
    when you find the answers to these questions, please post them here because I'm very interested in this, but I don't know anything about plastic (besides that some can be harmful) :D