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Whoa, compy is posting again?
  • 'Lo everyone! Long time no see.
    I've been busy with... lots of stuff, and after a while I honestly forgot about this place for a while. Though I most certainly did not forget my Aneros itself.

    -Sooooo, an update on progress/fun/random stuff.

    I've now done six total sessions with my Aneros. My most entertaining one by far was the 5th, but more about that in a little bit.
    I got close to running out of lubricant, and by asking around somewhere a while ago someone noticed where I lived and told me about a store called Doctor Johns. I actually went there and got some more lubricant. I'll pass on the shea butter for now Love_is, maybe next time. It's actually kind of convenient to go to that store, it's like a 15 minute walk there from the college, and another 15 back. What's nice is I got a two for one deal on the stuff I got because according to the attendant they'd gotten like some extra in stock from the company and decided to keep it... I think that's what she said. So in the end I paid $14 for 4oz. Which if I'm right is good for 24ish times, and if I'm wrong, then it could be anywhere between 12 and 48 probably. That oughta last me a hell of a long while considering how often I get to use my Helix. Heh, anyways, I had some nice conversation with the attendant for a couple minutes then left on my merry way back, finished up the rest of the day and went home.

    Anyways, my 5th Aneros use. Damn that was awesome, though I'm quite sure that it was not a Super-O... Hell, I dunno what it was, but it was good. Laid on my back with a pillow to keep my bum up. Drew my legs up and tried to do the breathing thing that the Wiki suggests (Breathe in, expand stomach, contract all at same time. Exhale and release at same time.) Used nipple stimulation in conjunction with the Aneros, that really got me going good. Though it did end up a traditional orgasm... I think I accidentally rubbed it against my legs a few times. I think the whole thing lasted for like two hours, but the first 45 minutes or so I really didn't do anything other than have it inside me. I was busy replying to a RP that I like exceptionally well. Well enough to interrupt an Aneros session I guess. :)

    My 6th Aneros session, I tried to mimic what I did for number five, but a little bit faster paced since I was limited on time, and after an hour I stopped. I just don't think today was a good day to do it I guess...

    And now, I have some questions to ask.
    1. Involuntary contractions. I dunno if you're referring to the same one, but I do know that I do find myself contracting once in a while and I relax. The most common times I'm contracting are when I'm moving in some way, such as changing position, and I don't voluntarily do it, it just happens. A few other times after voluntary contractions coupled with breathing things I find myself doing it still. So, do these actually count as involuntaries, or are those something different altogether?
    2. Lube questions again, oh joy? Anyways... I got some new stuff as I said, and I'm wondering a few things. The medicine syringe thingy that is thinly disguised as a lube applicator goes to 5mL, should that be how much I use for now with this new stuff? Also when I was done this time it seems that the lube stayed... well... there. It didn't seem to be absorbed by anything, and it actually came back out with very minimal "coaxing." (I only used 5mL, but some air got in there too...) Will this happen with this lube now, or is it just like, adjusting to the new stuff?
    3. Anyone else find it odd that I can walk into a porn/sex/lingerie/"novelties" shop, act completely at ease, even ask the shopkeeper what she'd recommend for a thick lube that stays in place, and yet I'm too shy to ask anyone out? I think this is so funny. I was cracking up over it earlier. :D
    4. I'm not entirely sure... Why do they call it valley breathing if you're raising your stomach up? Wouldn't it make more sense to call that like mountain breathing? I'd think valley breathing would be more like puff out chest and let stomach fall in more, make your stomach look more like a "valley." Anyways, I'm really far off topic, the main point of this(#4) is asking how in the world do you guys do it? I can't focus on doing that. I lost concentration easily and then random stuff happens.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    welcome back thecompy...

    great to hear of excellent progress.

    (1) involuntaries are a flutter or pulsing, repeating once or twice per second. they can get bigger, at which point it can feel like the device is fucking you.

    (2) what are the ingredients of the lube? is it oil based or water based. if it is the former, it will melt the o-ring in your syringe. 3ml is probably enough.

    (3) not odd at all. that's their business. but... it *is* a step forward for you.

    (4) its called valley breathing because you breath into the valley of your pelvis. don't worry too much about it. just let the breathing be deep down.

  • Thank yah darwin.

    Eh, decent I suppose, but not excellent.

    1. Ahhh... Okay. Thank you for explaining that.

    2. Water-based lube. Uhm... I forget what the ingredients are... There is grapefruit seed extract in it, I remember seeing that and thinking "What?"

    3. Their business? Wait... what are you talking about?

    4. Okay, I'll go for that then. Deep breathin'.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    3. Helping you decide what lube to use is part of their business, so it's not really very strange that you can ask them about that but can't ask out regular girls.
  • Fuzzy, ohh... I think I get it... I still find it odd though... As I said in many posts I'm shy about this sort of stuff in real life. Online I don't give a damn, but


    Anyways, #7 today was interesting... I'm not entirely sure, but I think I felt some involuntaries. Though I was sort of shocked out of them after like number 2 or 3. I was holding a very light contraction and laying in the suggested position and breathing deep. I just kind of close my eyes and try not to really think of anything, then it felt like it was wiggling, and then I was like "Whoa! OMG WTF?" Though without any words, and more just the "Whoa!" sort of feeling. Then it stopped and I was like "Coooooool."

    I went for an hour, got cut short by a nuisance brother who happened to come in (Thank god I was under the covers and he's got down syndrome.) and whine that he was hungry. So I cleaned up, etc. and the day went on like normal. Though the possibility of the involuntaries interests me. Well, I'll just have to wait until next week.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    I've had small success with involuntaries too. Mostly if I lie still and hold a light contraction I can feel the aneros pulsing against my prostate in time with my pulse, but a couple of times I've felt that it was moving more of its own accord.