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Courteous and Helpful Response From Support
  • A note to all awaiting a response from support.

    I contacted support via email.
    I received a response within a couple of days. The response was courteous and extremely helpful.

    As B Mayfield has written they are probably extremely busy, they will reply ASAP.
  • calibrecalibre
    Posts: 60
    Just a note to add that the Aneros team again answered my latest email within 24 hours and are extremely helpful.
    Thanks again to the Aneros (HIH) team for the superb products and excellent forum.
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 231
    Calibre and others:

    Thank you for your patience and confidence. We very much appreciate all of your input.

    To all who may not receive responses immediately, we apologize, but please remeber that we do receive a lot of email and things can sometimes be misdirected or trashed - especially when the email has no subject line or the email address looks suspiciously non-human.

    Another note: We try to keep up with the forum, but specific requests or questions should be sent directly to the company at [email][/email]. Otherwise, we respect the wisdom and variety of advice submitted by all, as everyone's experience may vary.

    Thanks to all!!