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Aneros is some fun stuff...
  • TorTor
    Posts: 1
    I started out with the Helix a few months ago. The meds I'm taking now were wreaking havoc with the sustainability of my erections, and I didn't feel like adding ED drugs to what I have to take now.
    The Helix was great - it slid inside with a minimum of effort and really helped with the erection process.
    I never had one of those Super O's, but the climaxes I do have are pretty good.
    I just masturbated with it inside for a few weeks until I tried it with my wife. The results were pretty amazing - I had a nice, stiff erection, and we had a prolonged session. Even when I had my penis outside of her while I was down on her, my penis still stayed relatively hard and was easy to bring back to full strength when I was ready to resume fucking her.
    I have always enjoyed performing anal, and towards the end, I simply could not cum inside her vagina. She accomodated me by rolling over and offering up her ass for me. I was easily able to slide my cock in, nice and slow, and had a great climax.
    I removed one of the arms of the Helix so I could put it in my wife's anus and still have full access to her pussy, but the results here were indifferent. She likes the pyrex dildo in her anally.
    I've added the Progasm. After removing the one arm of the Helix, sometimes it slid a little too deeply in my ass and felt uncomfortable. It was a little awkward having to reposition it every now and then. Plus with the Progasm, I like the size of it going in.
    I think the Helix actually fit my prostate a little better. Some of those Helix hardons were amazing - unreal duration. I may wind up buying another Helix and seeing how that works after using the Progasm for a while now.
    Now on the subject of female anal action, while I was fucking my wife, after a while I pulled on top of me and began working the glass dildo in her anus. I'm not sure what I did, but all of a sudden, she came like a racehorse. It was a pretty impressive cum for her. By the time we were done, I had to finish up inside her ass, but it was nothing like the way she came.
    I might have to try the Peridise set - it looks kinda intriguing.
  • :lol: I received my progasm about an hour and a half ago couldn't wait till tonight, so me and my new best friend (next to the wife) had a half hour play time, :lol: :lol: wow. If you have ever been pegged go straight for the pro. That baby hits the spots that the helix an d eupho weren't hitting wow that little piece of plastic can hit the spots my wife hits when she does me. :lol: Go Pro. thanks wreckdummm