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Just Starting Out, has re-wiring begun?
  • Hi all, this will be my first, and most likely not the last, post to this wonderful site.

    First, a little introduction if you will. I'm 23, straight, and in a stable, very loving relationship. We are both very open to many aspects of sexual exploration, and anal play does not cross any boundaries for us.

    That said, we purchased the MGX 2 weeks ago, and it arrived in about 5 days. Sadly my girlfriend and I only get to see each other on the weekends due to our job schedules that do not match up. The MGX arrived during the week at her apartment, as she was the one who ordered it. She informed me that it had arrived, and due to it being in her possession, and my inability to see her right away, only increased my excitment.

    Saturday rolled around and we spent a very relaxing evening together. I got ready by using an enema, followed by enjoying a hot shower with her while avoiding direct stimulation. I left the shower, and she remained to take a bath while I spent 15-20 minutes "getting familiar" with my new friend.

    Over the next 1-2 hours, I focused on deep breathing and paid attention to any new feelings. At that point, it was getting (VERY) late, so we opted to end the night by having sex. I opted to keep the MGX in place. Approximately 10 minutes into it (missionary position) I felt a noticeable twinge (almost like feeling like I had to pee, but the feeling came on very fast, lasted for a few seconds, and receded). My girlfriend indicated, that she too felt something different. I had not, at this point, ejaculated. We kept going for a while longer and I eventually reached my traditional orgasm, However, I failed to note earlier, that I definitely noticed everything being more sensitive. When I came, it was almost earth shattering. I was literally shaking and could not move for several minutes.

    The second time I used it, I had the same results on the solo voyage and we opted to finish up together, this time with her on top, me with knees bent. My orgasm this time was again penile, however to me, it felt more powerful, and definitely lasted longer. She indicated that to her it felt lighter, but with machine gun speed. It was so powerful, that I embraced my girlfriend in one of the strongest bear-hugs I've ever managed to manifest. Again, I found myself unable to move for some time.

    I've read all of the testimonials, various posts here on the forums, and the wiki. I feel I am not doing anything wrong and as such I am not disheartened that I was unable to produce something notable on my first 2 tries (solo). I am willing to take as long as it takes, enjoying whatever I get from the MGX, my girlfriend, or both.

    One thing I have noticed is "A vivid sense of tingling well-being in the pelvic region, most noticeable when not in sexual situations" -Quoted from the wiki on "re-wiring". This occured over the past 2 days while driving. I'm sorry It took me so long to get to the point of my post, but I felt it flowed better this way. That as I said, is the most noticeable at this point, however as I stated earlier, I've also noticed increased sensitivity, as well as fluctuations between flaccid and erect also as described in the wiki.

    I suppose I may have answered my own question as I typed this, but I wanted to share my initial experiences. as well as noting that I am not being discouraged after a mere 2 tries.

    I will appreciate any and all suggestions with regards to improving my experiences with the Aneros

  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your purchase too.

    Sounds like you're doing well with it. It's amazing how much better an ejaculatory orgasm can be with the help of an aneros isn't it?

    As to the re-wiring, sounds like it is coming along well. I had similar experiences too. Especially when driving because of the pressure of the car seat against those areas.

    Only being able to see your girlfriend on weekends may be a great benefit to your journey in that it gives you plenty of time to practice without any interruption or outside expectations.
  • Agreed.

    however, Keeping it at her place works better for several reasons in my opinion.

    I get some down-time from it (although i could NEVER get enough of her)

    my place wouldn't work out well because I live with other people and am subjected to frequent interruptions.

    the excitement factor begins to build up again