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  • I know this must be covered in some other posts, but when I search I'm only finding the exact opposite of my problem. My problem is this, the P-Tab on my Helix does not contact my perineum at all, even with a very hard contraction. I'm sure this is the reason I'm not getting the pleasurable feelings the rest of you are experiencing. I don't want to melt the arm to reposition the tab for fear that I will destroy it. Does anyone have a sure-fire method of modification that will not have me trashing this?
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi tombraider!

    You are correct about melting the Helix! You have to be very
    careful or you will end-up with no P-tab! No sure-fire method,
    that I know of???

    This happened to me with my first unit and I did the "heating it up
    with foil wrapped around it" mod for the same reason you speak of
    and ended-up with my SGX ruined! Ouch! I had to buy a new one!

    Although, later-on I did make my Helix and one other "tail-less" on
    purpose and I feel that it hits at a better angle and moves a little
    better for me???

    Hope this helps!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • Thanks Hlaser. I'll remove the tail and see if that has any effect on the p-tab.