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Burning-bum Newbie
  • brianrobrianro
    Posts: 19
    And so it begins...At last, after the usual SA postal service delays my HIH Combo-pack (PS New + Peristal 22mm) finally arrived.
    Eager (but cautious) insertion of the Peristal resulted in 15-minutes of mild sensation until my burning butt urged removal.
    Is this 'normal' or could it be the lube I used (an organic tissue oil)?
    While this is my first post I have been reading the forum for several months now and find the information/ discussions most helpful and enlightening.
    Another Newbie question - while the product-accompanying instructions reccommend 15-to-30-minute sessions I note that some forum members mention hours-long sessions. Which should it be?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Any pain, burning sensations or irritating discomfort are not normal and the cause needs to be identified and corrected before you will be able to truly enjoy your sessions. I would first advise you read the Lubrication and Length of sessions sections in the WIKI.
    I suspect the burning sensation you experienced was probably a mild allergic reaction to some chemical compound in the lube you were using. Please play safe and heed this caution from the WIKI.
  • brianrobrianro
    Posts: 19
    Thanks for your prompt reply rumel. I go in search of enlightenment...
  • I have been using Albolene oil (a makeup remover that looks like vaseline but behaves quite differently) almost exclusively for some time now. I know some here advise against it, while others don't, but I have found it is long lasting, easy to apply just to the Aneros and has not caused any irritation.
  • Isn't Albolene a petroleum product?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    There are very few substances that are intended for human consumption (if any) that won't produce a reaction with somebody out there. This is the nature of the human body. While a labeling of "organic " and "natural" would seem to reassure one, it has to be said that they are perhaps the most overused descriptions given on product packaging today, and must be approached with some skepticism.

    This is not to say that the product that you've tried isn't natural, it's simply that there are many natural products that are just as capable of producing reactions as the artificial kind.

    As Rumel said, the WIKI has more information on this and will help you make a decision on a lube that is right for you.
  • brianrobrianro
    Posts: 19
    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Have tried using KY only and it seems the problem is solved. I've also just acquired some Astrolube but haven't yet had a chance to try.