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First Aneros sessions and Pot
  • Dr. UnkDr. Unk
    Posts: 16
    I finally got around to getting a Helix, after monthes of being curious about aneros. So far Ive had 3 sessions, using the IdGlide lube on the site. I am somewhat experienced in anal play, and have massaged my prostate before. The first session was fun and about an hour long, and the second wasnt much longer with the same results. It did feel pleasant, but nothing too special. But today I decided to smoke a bowl before a session. I had read what others said about it and loved doing it when jacking off, so I thought what the hell why not. This session lasted about the same as the second, but was much more pleasurable. I still couldnt acheive a orgasm of any kind with the helix. I was more focused so it helped me relax and contract the muscles in synch with my breathing. I finished myself off every session after being bored of nothing else happening after about an hour into each one. I really like using this toy and will probably use it as often as possible! But Im wondering, when will I feel the real thing? I smoke pot on a near regular basis, and can tell a big difference with the experience. What posistions would also help me, and what should I try to acheive in my sessions?
  • Your best bet isn't to try to achieve anything ... just enjoy the experience. A lot of people are so used to the traditional way of doing things that the idea of just letting things take their own course is difficult to get a handle on. It's been said a bajillion times: Relax. Breathe. Enjoy the sensations, but don't try to make them happen.

    I'm still curious whether there's a chemical component of marijuana that contributes to the greater intensity of pleasure or if it's more from being in a relaxed state of mind. Or both.

    As far as positions go, that's really an individual thing. Experiment.

    You mentioned that you couldn't achieve an orgasm "of any kind" yet said that you had pleasurable experiences. You might want to check out this thread if you haven't already. These orgasms are unlike the ones we're so used to. The more sessions you have, the more likely those pleasurable feelings will return and get stronger. Just be sure to give yourself a break and don't try to overdo it.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hey Dr.
    I generally smoke weed now whenever I use my Aneros, except if I maybe want to wack off in the morning and don't want to get baked (I in fact only use weed when I use my Aneros). If I start masturbating without the Aneros in, I will inevitably grab for it, because it just makes things better for me, even if I am not going for a prostate centered orgasm. In any case, I would second what Jusn_Otherguy says about not seeking something to happen. Unless you're lucky early on, I think it's hard to not think that something should just explode and you will go nuts with pleasure. This is not what happens for most people, certainly not with me (though some people here have described just that, and they are very lucky). I find that smoking weed and looking at a little porn before hand helps get me in the mood. If I've smoked some good sativa and listen to some theta wave sounds produced with I-doser or from the brainsynch collection, I have an easier time relaxing and focusing on what is happening down there without trying to force anything. You should just try laying there and breathing deeply and and think about whatever turns you on....try flexing your abdominal muscles as you breath...also, I find that complete darkness helps focusing too. Good luck!
  • Dr. UnkDr. Unk
    Posts: 16
    Ive had a few more sessions since the first post, all with the same results. To make things worse I have to stop smoking for a new job! My best sessions have all been when I smoked beforehand. It really relaxes me and helps me focus on my breathing. It also feels like the rectum is tighter than when not smoking, and it helps my helix hit the prostate a little bit better. I havent been trying to make anything happen, but for those that can get the super-O how long into the session does it usually take?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    "Can I buy some pot from you?"

    - Animal House reference.