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Orgasming via a Bidet
  • Hello all.

    Been travelling abroad lately and enjoying the bidets for posterior cleaning. First time I sat down on one and got some cleaning going, I started up with a huge erection and noticed how the flusher was working on me. I have worked myself to several orgasms now with good amounts of involuntary pc flexing\pre-cum flow using just the bidet stream either focusing directly on my anus or on my perineum.

    I don´t feel I would have discovered this without first being opened up by the aneros. It´s been a month in the bush now and I´ve been aneros-less for quite a while. I wager I´m quite amped up for a good session with mine upon my return. I´m also considering getting one of these wonderful cleaners installed, or making something similar for an additional facet of pleasure.

    Anyone else experience these results on a bidet? Pretty crazy at times I´ve found, I can actually get a stream to enter me which is like a good aneros rubbing. The perineum stream massage can be pretty intense as it just keeps coming (and keeps me coming) until I´m spent and can barely turn off the water. I made some videos of a few sessions I might share on xtube when I return...we´ll see what happens.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    You know, I have never used one of those. I wondered what it would be like to use one, now I have a better reason to try it.
  • I have not tried one either, however, I do have a spa bath and man that does it for me. Get the get just right and ...