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Slight Modification
  • reddog15reddog15
    Posts: 3
    Hello all. I received my MXG and Helix a couple of weeks ago and have used them a few times with some sucess. I'd like to share a slight modification that I did that improved the function of the MXG. I was using the MXG one day and felt that it was not hitting my prostate directly enough. I experimented by pulling up slightly on the perenium tab, and could feel a good pressure on the prostate. I then got the idea to install something to make the tab longer and provide more force on the prostate. I found a automotive vacuum line cap that would fit very snug on the tab, put it on the tab and inserted, Magic! I have tried my modification twice so far, and have gotten very close to the super O. Yesterday was the best, with full body convulsions. This thing will drive me crazy.
  • MathensMathens
    Posts: 9

    Thats a great idea. I'll try it out. Two other guys on the forum--T-bone and Scooby--also presented great ideas on the modification side. With the MGX I have had greater success in working up to a super o by puling some of the perenium skin under the tab, thereby positioning it closer to the scrotum. This has the effect of pulling the unit closer to the prostate. From there...its off to the races. Anyone looking for more advice should definitely consult past posts with the two aforementioned contributers as well as B. Mayfield. Thanks again for the tip...and keep up the great ideas guys.