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Wilhelm Reich, from The Function of the Orgasm
  • "The severity of every form of psychic illness is directly related to the severity of the genital disturbance. The prospects of cure and the success of the cure are directly dependent upon the possibility of establishing the capacity for full genital gratification. . . Orgastic potency is the capacity to surrender to the flow of biological energy, free of any inhibitions; the capacity to discharge completely the dammed-up sexual excitation through involuntary, pleasurable convulsions of the body." - Wilhelm Reich, from The Function of the Orgasm
    this article found on the net think in you that aneros ausi assistant for us :?:
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    Yes, this relates to energy known as "Orgone". There is a lot of information, and misinformation around on the subject. I personaly believe in Orgone energy because of things i have experienced in my life. But there is those who will flat out deny its existance without even researching it.

    All perspective really.