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Should i buy the progasm?
  • MyNoseMyNose
    Posts: 1
    I have never bought any aneros product before in my life. Although do experiment with self anal probably once a week. I'm pretty confident I can take something big up there but would it be dangerous for my prostate?

    I figured i wanted the progasm because I would think it would deliver me the most pleasure so i didnt feel like wasting 67 bucks on one of the other models. Although now after reading through the increased sexual performance I may want to try one during sex with my girlfriend. So maybe to reduce the embarassing confession that i like anal play (though not gay) i should get a smaller one so it doesnt hint to it right away.

    i dunno whats everyones take on this.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    I often read on this forum about people haing bought an MGX or Helix and then deciding to get a progasm because they aren't making the progress they want with the smaller model.
    Maybe it is better to just go with the big one from the start.
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    Word of advice i was like you and was turned on by the Progasm it was my first purchase i would advise against it. I not only had little to no progress with it for the first 2 weeks i used it. I ordered a Eupho and Helix and made faster progress with those and now i own Those 3 plus advanced Peridise set and Sgx +Mgx.

    I now can use the Progasm and achieve mini o's and some other nice things no Super O or Hands free Super T yet but i feel its close. Basically all the ones i own can work me with variances of pleasure but my all time favorite remains the Eupho. Its like if i use the other models for some time then come back to the Eupho i feel it moves me up one step when i come back to it. If i use the Eupho only progress seems slowed.

    I would get the helix its a nice starter one personally i think you would scream in pleasure the helix feels awesome if used during intercourse.
  • MyNose, though I haven’t tried it myself, the Preridise might be a great choice while doing the deed, it would be like having your lover stick her pinky finger up your ass during the old in and out playtime and it's tiny enough to go completely unnoticed.
  • PhilSPhilS
    Posts: 32
    Instead of going into a lot of details, I will simply second Promass's post. After using and thoroughly enjoying my Helix, I am considering buying a Progasm. I would not have done so well, I am convinced, if I had done it the other way around.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    although the progasm is my favorite, I would not recommend starting out with it. My first purchase was the mgx and it still sees more use than any other model I own. I would either go with that or the helix,
    You need to learn to tread water before learning to swim
  • I purchased the MGX first, then the Helix, then a Progasm. Although I sometimes like the feeling of "fullness" from the progasm it is not nearly as "active" in use as either of the other two models, and not so pleasurable. I am 5'7" so perhaps physical stature is related? The progasm is never actually uncomfortable ... but it just doesn't feel as good as I think that it might.
    I find the Helix to be the model of my choice ...
    As far as the sequence of purchases, my experience suggests that each model creates its own sort of feedback ... and it may well be impossible for another to suggest what would work for you. Regardless of the choice that you make you are in for quite a ride.
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124

    First of all, Welcome to the Forum! I see you joined in 2006 but this is your first post – is that correct? To answer the question “Should I get a Progasm?” the unequivocal answer is YES. To answer the question “Should I get a Progasm as my first and only model that I’m hinging my hopes of early success on?” The answer is no.

    The way you state the question:

    I have never bought any aneros product before in my life. Although do experiment with self anal probably once a week. I'm pretty confident I can take something big up there but would it be dangerous for my prostate?

    This brings up some questions. Do you already experience prostate pleasure through anal play? Do you understand “the process” enough to believe that your prostate is awake?

    Here comes the car analogy: The Progasm is the Hummer of the Aneros line. Just because you can “park it in the garage” safely doesn’t mean it’s easy for you to “drive around city streets and parallel park the big thing”. The Aneros devices, in order to massage the prostate, require you to be able to manipulate them with different muscle groups. The Progasm, in my opinion, is not ideal to start out with in toning muscle groups and jump starting the prostate awakening process. If you are one of the lucky few who experiences considerable success on their first couple of tries then in all likelihood it makes no difference what model you start out with. If you are like the majority of us who take months of making little step progressions then you will probably want to start out with one of the smaller more agile models.

    On the other hand, if you are already ‘awake’ down there, then go ahead – you will have no regrets.

    I have the Helix (first), the Peridise Beginners set, and just this week, the Progasm (see my post below “My First Time Experience with the Progasm”). I bought my models about 2 ½ months apart. The Helix is a great all purpose Aneros that’s easy to use yet requires a lot of experimentation to master. The Peridise set is great for when I need to be mobile around the house or want to work in the garage. The Progasm requires me to be immobile (bed bound) because it is uncomfortable for me to walk around with.

    In addition, relationship wise to your girlfriend, the Peridise set is great because I can use it with couple play (one for each of us). The Helix is best for me to enhance my orgasm during couples sex. The Progasm would probably blast out of my ass if I had sex with the wife with it in (we will see! I don’t know yet). Anyway you go you are about to learn a lot about yourself, your girlfriend and what you really want out of life and relationships.

    I can only offer up experiences, statistics are on short order around here.

    Pretty simple, right?