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This is my fucking poem
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    This is my fucking poem
    This is my fucking poem.
    About my fucking poem.
    Which is definitely about fucking.
    I fucked and I fucked and I fucked and I fucked
    And I fucked an entire lifetime of fucking.
    But more, the world's absolute best lifetime of fucking.
    On one Aneros, one 3/4 of a joint and two slightest touch pads
    What did all this amount to?
    Well, first, of course a fucking poem.
    Which is what this is.
    About the revelations of orgasmic experience
    Crashing absolutely beautifully across me
    Each one an entire lifetime of beauty
    In one particular unbelievable fuck
    Of gorgoeus encompassing empowering
    Soul swamping
    Orgasm of orgasm of orgasm of orgasm
    Of my body down there being attached
    To the carbon dioxide and methane
    Suckingest suck of energy resources
    Into one particular instance of a fuck
    With one particular person from my accumulated
    Never as yet overwhelmingly powerful
    Need to have these very fucks
    When my genitals blossomed into the
    Entire women's world of combined
    Absolute genital shaking
    Aneros dancing
    Worlds of my worlds
    Crashing over me
    And now a different revelatory angle
    Of incredibly applied
    Absolutely perfectly
    And life consummatingly
    Pressures on THE parts of
    My physical soul that
    Needed to be
    Fucked and Fucked and Fucked and Fucked and Fucked and Fucked.

    By Darwin in Super Orgasm for real first heaven

    THERE's More

    I can definitely say that I never
    Knew what fucking was
    Before I had this fuck.
    Its depths of fucking
    Were not to
    Ever be stopped.
    I really got fucked.
    My body changing into
    Every possible posture
    Of fucking and being fucked
    Of every angle of perfection
    Of fucking.
    My body became my body
    In different guises and life
    Histories. Each and every
    one arising from the
    power of deepest
    fucking of fuck.
    Each angle being an
    other entire history
    of fucking like that.
    That I experienced in
    my body.
    Whose genitals melded
    with wonderous welding
    of pleasure of 360 degrees
    of penis and vagina
    the fucked and the fucker
    combining in perfect
    shared sexual experience
    of fucking ones soul

    The definite end for now.

    (cross-posted to My First Super-O, for posterity)
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    My most unbelievable thanks
    To Dr. T
    And your amazing
    Which made me have, my, first
    That is the only word to
    describe the orgasm i had.

    And to Amy for sending me one
    And to the redoubtable
    B. Mayfield

  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    man, WHERE do u get your pot??? haha, ive said several times in posts you need to get poetic in order to describe what this is all about... i guess you agree

    "Each one an entire lifetimes of beauty
    In one particular unbelievable fuck "

    well said! its time for session...
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    And for any of you
    who don't know what
    are Slightest Touch
    Go to
    It is exquisite electronic
    transdermal stimulation
    of your pleasure nerve
    your pudendal nerve
    for pleasure

  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    Send me some of that stuff you are smoking and I think I can cross over......or at least I think that I will think that I crossed over.

    Now is your wife "wired" at the same time? Can you tell us more about the sequence of events?

  • OnthepathOnthepath
    Posts: 105


    My Slightest Touch should be arriving tomorrow. Your earlier post on it helped me decide to buy it. Hopefully, I'll have the same luck that you did.

    May you have many more orgasms like you had tonight!

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    ok, about the slightest touch:
    - i would say try the lower back pad position (unless you have a lot of body fat back there?) as explained in the .pdf file for men. as shown in the illustration, for this position i used the pads as they are (round) without reshaping.
    - for my body, i find that the best power setting is about 1/4, at most a half, of a dial away from the off position. in other words, almost as low as the unit can go. you do not want to feel any tingling or other funny "electrical" feelings. the only feelings you want are subtle pleasure feelings, not over-revved ones.
    - it is very subtle at first. be patient. you might not feel anything for the first half hour. it may take some training over a few sessions. turn off expectations and let the pleasure find you.
    - keep your breath relaxed, low in your abdomen and consistent.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    (this post was edited 2007-03-16 04:56:47)

    Hi Darwin,

    WOW! You have been at this a long time and have experienced many Super O's before, right? This just goes to show you that there is always more to learn and feel......even for the veterans.

    Well done Darwin, nice poem too.

    When you come down off of this euphoria, how about some details of this event? That would be appreciated. Thanks Darwin.

  • LincolnLincoln
    Posts: 26

    Hey Darwin,

    Why hold back? Tell us what you really think!

    ZZZttt!!!! (electrical and smoke)

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    (this post was edited 2007-03-16 20:36:21)

    i described my first super-O in my poem "This is my fucking poem."

    here are more tangible notes on what happened.

    Definition of Super-O

    first, here is the super-O litmus test as i now understand it:

    * if you could imagine a greater sexual pleasure, than you are not having a super-O.

    * as has been said before, if you have any doubt, then you are not having one.

    even though i'm a pretty experienced aneros user, i had never posted to this thread before, because i had some doubts.

    i now know that, indeed, all that time i have been having dry-O's but not super-O's.

    there are:

    (1) old-fashioned O's: fucking, sucking, wanking, ejaculating

    (2) dry-O's: from Aneros, KSMO (, Slightest Touch (, etc. these can be put into 2 classes:
    * (i) mini dry-O's: hey that was an orgasm wasnt't? but no cum! cool!
    * (ii) definite dry-O's: now THAT was an O. my whole rectum clamped down. my prostate definitely orgasmed! i felt it all over my body! wow! that felt fuckin great! cool!

    (3) super-O's: transforming orgasms beyond the best you imagined possible.

    Based on my recent experience, i am having trouble imaging a super-O without an Aneros. (so i guess i'm now, really, a super-O newbie!)

    I have had countless O-zone sessions in which i have dry-Os for hours. And those can definitely be induced without the aneros, once you're wired, by breathing, moaning, nipple play, anus play, etc.

    But the super-O is different. To me, so far, the super-O is an intensely sexual experience that is intimately tied to the physical stimulation from the Aneros.

    The dry orgasms i had experienced previously had been intensely pleasurable but they had not been intensely sexually lustful.

    I would like to hear more about genuine non-Aneros super-Os from those more experienced than me.

    My Breakthrough

    To tell the story of a super-O breakthrough is by definition difficult. It comes close to some of your closest guarded secrets.

    As B Mayfield wrote to me recently, we on this forum very enthusiastically exchange all kinds of techniques, which is great.

    But, more than a technique breakthrough, you need, as B said, an arousal breakthrough.

    There is a really cool book called "The Erotic Mind" by Jack Morin. In it he describes the human pattern of having a "core" fantasy: the fantasy which is the most powerful you have, your deepest most ingrained, the one that most excites you. It's the one you turn to to arouse yourself when you otherwise can't. Often, it is very private and may be something you have confusion or shame about.

    Last night i had my arousal breakthrough by getting high, which i hadn't done in years. This took me back to my pot smoking early teen years where core fantasies are often formed. I also had bought some music that was the soundtrack of my youthful socializing, redolent with my early sexuality and desires. (Stones - Sticky Fingers. Edgar Winter's White Trash - Roadwork)

    I brought my laptop into the bedroom and looked at porn that really resonated with my mood.

    I started with the eupho, but, honestly, after having tried the Progasm, the Eupho felt more like an annoyance than a stimulator. I took it out and put in the Progasm. I was almost immediately orgasming. I didn't even have a chance to move from my insertion position.

    The orgasms started getting stronger as did my arousal. Then, somehow, something switched and I was getting fucked by the Aneros. My mind went deep and I found a core fantasy that urgently wrapped itself around what i was experiencing physically.

    And there is only one word to describe what i was experiencing physically: penetration. Deep, amazing unbelievably good feeling penetration.

    I found my way to a fantasy in which i was deeply turned on by being penetrated. There is no way around it, penetration has tones of the feminine, receptive, releasing, and you need to be there. You can get there by understanding yourself to be that awesome girl or woman who you want or wanted so badly when you were young, and who right now is... being fucked profoundly by you. You are fucker and fucked at the same time. You transcend gender. Or it may be that boy or man who you want to take or be taken by. Whatever. IT IS INTENSLEY ABOUT FUCKING AND BEING FUCKED, about being taken and taking.

    I then switched out of reality, as described in my poem. In solid terms, i was in an alterted state in which my body was %100 in control. I was just a medium for its absolute pursuit of intense penetrative fucking. The scene switched with each successive orgasm. I was being taken in every different subtle position. The fantasy faces of my lovers changed to each one that i realized i so wanted to fuck when i was a kid. At one point i saw a slow flash of white, and understood what it meant to be visited by jesus, even though i'm a devout atheist.

    I morphed in and out of having a vagina and a penis. When I was female, my sweet spot was my clit. When I was male, my cock was fucking, but from the inside.

    I also thought briefly i might die, or that i might lose my mind. i did stop finally because i was getting almost a bit scared.

    It took me a long time to get the Progasm out because of the O's on the way out.

    My advice:
    - get a prograsm
    - optionally get a SlightestTouch
    - get aroused
    - put an ottoman on your bed to support your legs
    - let go


    (cross-posted to My First Super-O, for posterity)
  • TripperTripper
    Posts: 250

    You are in Graduate School while I am just checking into a Community College. Congratulations on the heights of your Super "O" and many thanks for the excellent descriptions...some of the best I have seen on the forum.

    And thanks for the incentive to continue on the path.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Darwin,

    What an experience! First of all, let me thank you for sharing with us some intimate details of a most extrodinary time for you.

    You have been an active participant in this forum for quite some time. To have this happen to you now continues to illustrate that we are all on a continual that seems to never end. How great is that?

    I am very interested in hearing how this expands for you. Keep posting.


  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    this is the final installment of My First Super-O.

    two nights ago, i ended my first super-O session with an absolutely salacious wack. and, even though the progasm was out, i produced a lake of cum.

    the result of the whole affair was that i was sexually spent and satisfied all the next day, yesterday.

    bedtime last night rolled around and i was pretty happy with the fact that i hadn't been lured by the "ass-crack" addictiveness of the aneros.

    but when i got into bed, i discovered something. i discovered that a huge steel girder was emanating from my groin and throbbing. i have never had an erection like the one that attacked me as i lay down. not even close. i wasn't just my cock, it was my whole perineum, balls and cock in an unified straining intercontinental ballistic missle.

    it flexed itself with massive super-hero musculature, and i had little to say about it. my fingers drummed it in unbelieving awe.

    i'm sorry to get metaphorical here, but, it really was like this.

    believe it or not, i was still spent from the night before and had no urge to wack it.

    but oh, the ass-crack. the voice of sister morphine orgasm slid into my ear and let me think just a little about that aneros feeling.

    i thought: wow, i know, wouldn't it be cool to take this eroticism into my sleep with me?

    i then thought: well, my wife is away again tonight, so... maybe i should just think about trying the "sleep with the aneros" experiment.

    i knew there was no way i could handle another progasm experience.

    but, the dainty eupho suggested its slim self.

    despite my resolve to pass the day unsexually, i was up and lubing and inserting the eupho immediately.

    it felt so manageable after the progasm.

    for one half a second i thought i could fall asleep with the thing.

    in the next half of that second the eupho ignited.

    the night before i had thought about retiring the eupho in clear favor of the progasm.

    but now, i was careening towards more super-Os

    ...these were different. these were girder and eupho super-Os.

    unlike the previous night of androgyny, this was absolutely full-bore, girder-cock masculine pelvis thrusting. i had no penetration experience at all. instead, the eupho just became the rocket fuel for my cock missile.

    and i orgasmed. and orgasmed.

    plus: i was on my back, without my trusty ottoman or any other leg support. i found myself dropping my legs straight out, and an awesome thing happened. i discovered that by lying straight on my back, with legs extended, the handle of the eupho grazed the mattress just right and that lightly grinding my butt against the mattress gave the handle a nudging rhythm that was out of this world.

    my hands grazed my cock and into my washcloth silencer went a continuous orgasmic scream-roar so loud i couldn't hear myself. i had cum (only a few drops because of the cataclysmic emptying of 24 hours prior).

    conclusion: don't toss the eupho. it and the progasm are entirely different experiences.


    (this is cross-posted to My First Super-O, for posterity)
  • Holy crap!
    I want a hard on like a intercontinental ballistic missile!

    You should be a writer, the imagery is excellent.... not that I'm imagining your cock :oops:
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Fabulous Darwin!

    Thank you so much for the depth of your revelatory sharing and the conveying of the emotional power and truth of these experiences. This is the potential of this Forum at its best and the appreciation in this thread reflects that I believe.

    Here in your thread, and some others as well, we go beyond "how-to" and approach Plato's Symposium in a full spectrum effort to get to the truths about our roots/lives/potential as erotic/integrated beings. It will be wonderful to see your journey/reportage advance from here too!

    Here from my latest post in the "Male Sexual Orientation Here" Poll ( ) are the first thoughts on an Aneros Symposium:

    >>>Mrs. a refers to my time here on this Forum and KSMO as me "being back at summer camp"

    I think of it as being a mix of that and Plato's Symposium and I appreciate all of these conversations very very much. So does mrs. a for all our great adventures with our mutual prostate practices and others through this past year and a half, or when I introduce another variation that may have been triggered by discussions here!

    It seems to me that our journey's that brought us to Aneros also shape our Aneros journey's that we share so openly here, and that there may be real value to sharing those earlier life journeys and their possible influences. I can imagine a play, a fun parody and a serious parallel Aneros Symposium as another type of work of art emerging from this community. Hmmmm..... <<<<br />
    Great too to hear that my beloved Eupho will still have a life once I succumb and purchase a Progasm! :D

    all the best in everything

  • You hit it hard the first time didn't you? = )
    You make me wonder what lies in wait.