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Rewiring only for heteros/those with no analplay experience?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    I guess the question is there in the title. I have read one or two blogs from gays, admitedly not from ALL the gays on this forum, and it seems as if they go through two stages:

    "This Aneros is tiny"

    Is this because they have already rewired?

    Some gays use analtoys, but do they use these AFTER having rewired (either by Aneros or analplay, etc)? I mean, these gays, is their rewiring due to sleeping with guys, a kind of "fasttrack" journey? Or are they easier to rewire?

    Sorry for my thoughts being a little all over the place, but I think you get the question(s). :?:
  • Interesting question.
  • I'm hetero and can only speculate, but I'd say being comfortable with your body, having no issues with things going in your butt and in general, being more open to the whole experience is more important than sexual orientation. I think it's a coincidence that these men that have had such good results so quickly happen to be gay. It could also be that gay men, in general, happen to be more comfortable with themselves and as a result get farther faster. Relaxation is, after all, a big part of this.

    If someone is wrestling with themselves whether or not this is "a gay thing to do" then I think their progress will be hindered.
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    I'm gay and can answer your question, but only from my own perspective and the observations of some of my friends, but everyone is different, gay or straight. Most anal play (sex or toys) does not stimulate in the subtle manner the Aneros does and does not lead to re-wiring. Some gay men find the experience unpleasant and only do it to accommodate their partners. I found it very enjoyable, even the first time because my partner taught me how to relax, but it only led to a Super-T, never a Super-O. I actually came to the Aneros to treat some prostate problems I was having and quite by accident discovered wonderful sensations I had not felt ever before. I used it about three times a week, was rewired in about 6 weeks and experienced a Super-O by then. Perhaps I was able to get there quickly because I was comfortable with the idea of things in my bum. Also I have had a lot of experience with meditation and was able to still my mind and "let it happen". Gay men are sort of sexual outlaws, and we are more comfortable being unorthodox, so using something like the Aneros is not the big deal it is with straight men. As has been said many times on this forum, the ability to experience anal or prostate pleasure has nothing to do with being gay. All men have the potential to do this. Perhaps gay men can do it a little faster because we are more relaxed about it. We don't have the concern that if we enjoy it, we might be gay.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Since I’m a straight guy I felt a little uncomfortable trying to address ‘MyTurn’s question. Thank you for confirming what I suspected, namely, any facility gay men may have in achieving a more rapid “rewiring” stems more from their acceptance of themselves and anal play as a very natural practice than as a consequence of their sexual identity. For a gay man, there is no internal dialogue over whether this practice (prostate massage) is “gay” or not, as it is immaterial, just as it is (or should be) immaterial to the straight guys. Unfortunately, encultured values can create obstacles for straight men to overcome as they learn to use these wonderful little massagers. IMHO, it is the process of overcoming those obstacles which can increase the time required for “rewiring” to occur, it has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    First, I have to complement The_Bishop on his's amazing! Keep your eyes on those balls!

    The topic of "rewiring" for gay men is one that I've considered for some time now. At the outset I confess that my knowledge on this is not first hand. But as a straight man who has and has had a great many gay friends, I've had many frank discussions with them over the years. As a result of my participation in this forum I've received numerous emails from gays users as well. In addition to that I have had the opportunity to talk with gay users in the U.S. and in Europe (over a hundred?) at a half a dozen or so trade shows and erotica expos where Aneros has been an exhibitor.

    From what I've gathered, when it comes to anal play/intercourse there tend to be 3 categories here: 1) The anally disinclined. Despite the stereotype that all gay men are into anal play, they are not, no more than all straight guys are into cunnilingus . 2) The anally accommodating....this is by far the most common scenario that I've run across, where the "bottom" (recipient) receives "pleasure" (but not necessarily sexual release) from the submissive role. In this case the joy of intercourse is derived from the intimacy of the act and the sensation of being "filled" / penetrated by a partner. Orgasm occurs as the result of manual intervention during or after intercourse or a round oral sex that follows. 3) The anally enlightened....such men experience intense pleasure from anal stimulation. There are two subgroups here; a)those who experience pleasure short of orgasm and b) those who experience a true orgasmic release (either ejaculatory or non-ejaculatory).

    So while there are indeed some men who have a deeper more "Tantric" response to anal stimulation, my sense of it is that on a purely physical level, by and large most gay men utilize it for the same reasons that straight guys (who are into anal play) a means of enhancing, intensifying and prolonging a traditional (ejaculatory) orgasm.

    Again, when it comes to anal stimulation there is no question that gay folks are ahead of the curve on it, but perhaps more in their openness to it in the context of the enhancement of the "traditional orgasm", vs. a true MMO / Super O connection. As the thread author indicated, one of the initial responses of gay users tends to focus on it's "diminutive size". While this is understandable considering that the Aneros is smaller than a penis, a dildo or plug, it often indicates an individual who is unfamiliar with what the Super O is about, and what is required to produce it.

    In terms of gay users having some unique "rewiring" advantage, I've seen or heard nothing to support it. As a matter of fact I've received correspondence from some gay users that seem to indicate that they had assumed such an advantage, only to find that they had a hard time transitioning to the Super O. Why? I suspect that they were unwilling accept the Aneros on it's own terms. (They approached it as it were a dil or a plug).

    To be clear, for the most part I do believe that gay users have a real leg up here, specifically as it concerns the elements of preparation and relaxation required to enjoy this kind of activity. (As Marmot, Rumel and Justn_Otherguy all mentioned, they may also be unaffected by the "hang ups" around anal play that have plagued so many straight guys). But that said, from what I've observed, it is not necessarily a slam dunk for them either.

    BF Mayfield
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    I'm not gay, but I'm not strictly hetero or homophobic at all.
    In my mid-teens I came to accept my sexuality, and since then I'ce been open minded to all sorts of un-orthodox sexual ideas.
    I'd say that the ease of rewiring probably depends more on how open you are to new ideas and feelings, and how ready you are to learn about your own body and sexuality rather than being purely dependent on what your sexual orientation is.
    That being said though, I'd have to agree that gay guys are probably more sexually adventurous or open-minded simply because they are already regarded as not-normal, so there's not as much of an emotional investment in the traditional ideas of sex and sexuality.
  • Gay men have a slight advantage only.
    This is because of their willingness to have a cock etc in the ass.
    I'm thinking both straight and gay have to play the game the same way to get results
    and by that I mean we have to "accept" pleasure.
    We both are learning to "Receive".
    I men like to recieve from another man where as the straight guys are receiving in some way from a woman.
    the question I want the answere to is ...since gay men love the cock (that is to say they like to be pleasured by it in a controle sense) does that mean that straight men like vagina to pleasure them?
    I mean like do they feel as if that vagina is "doing" them or are they "doing" the vagina?