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  • daigodaigo
    Posts: 1
    When I first discovered Aneros, I became excited because I thought this would be the solution that I'd been searching for all these years.

    When I was a kid, I remember climbing up on those monkey bar-like things at the playground, sitting astride one of the bars, and a few seconds later I'd feel this wondrous sensation between my legs continuously, which I now realize as the pleasure of putting pressure on my prostate (there's an alliteration for you). I'd recreate the same feeling every chance I had at the playground, but of course I had to stop at some point as I got older, and it remained dormant for a while. I even tried anal play at home sometimes, with different objects as well, which ultimately did absolutely nothing for me no matter which technique I tried, and so I gave up on it.

    And then I came across Aneros as the Fleshlight became popular and I heard about the Aneros on the Fleshlight website. I checked it out, and I thought this might be the answer to get that feeling again. And so, I recently just made the purchase of the Helix, and gave it a shot.

    I read the documentation written on this website, and followed the instructions carefully. To be quite honest, I was expecting almost immediate results, like I got at the playground and I was disappointed that I wasn't just going to feel anything within a few seconds like I wanted. I didn't complain though, and I attempted to be patient and enjoy the experience. But at a certain point (namely 30 minutes), nothing was happening at all so I thought this might require more time and decided I might try another time. I didn't feel anything at all whatsoever. It didn't feel uncomfortable, but it didn't feel very good either. I tried again a few days later, but still nothing.

    I understand that if I want the feeling I get from sitting across a pole, then I should go out and sit across a pole, but I thought the Aneros would provide an even better feeling than that. I wish this would just work, but I guess it doesn't work that way?

    If anyone's experienced something similar to my situation, do you have any pointers?
  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80

    Maybe you were wired differently when you were a kid.

    Don't give up on the Aneros. It can take weeks or months to re-wire, but it's definitely worth the effort, and the journey can be a lot of fun.

    Have you looked at the Prostate Cradle? It's a device you can put on your chair and sit on. You can find it at: I never got a Super-O from it, but it can give nice Mini-O's.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    I thought about suggesting that as well. No experience there but it would seem to be similar. Patience is a virtue, after nearly three years and some great experiences and super O's, I had a two hour session this afternoon that was filled with new experiences and new heights. It included fleshlight FBO's, a scrotum FBO and a couple of other new ones. It is an ever-changing journey!
  • I have had my helix and Progasm for two months now. I have not had dry orgasms or non-penile orgasms,Super-O's,etc. But I have had some wonderful sensations and great feelings. Not to mention some mind blowing Super T orgasms with traditional masturbation and the Aneros inside.

    It just takes time and effort. Relax and don't rush it. Even after a year. I'm giving it as long as it takes. If it never works,that's ok. it is fun anyways.