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Finally posting my experience...possibly of help to some
  • I have been lurking here on the forum for about two years now, and I have found it to be a very interesting experience as I relate it to my own journey with the Aneros. I must say that my referring to the experience as a "journey" feels corny, but that is really what it is, and it's hard to believe it comes from a piece of white plastic.

    I discovered the Aneros out of a desire to achieve more intense orgasms that I had been experiencing. Several of my girlfriends had had extraordinarily intense Gspot orgasms that induced seizures at times and were altogether far more intense and complete than anything I had ever experienced. To put it simply, I was jealous. I loved participating in reaching these heights, but I wanted to reach them too, so on a lark I started searching. Lo and Behold, I quickly discovered this place and started reading about the effects of stimulation with the Aneros. It truly did sound too good to be true, but the collective experiences on the forum sold me on finding one.

    I should rewind here and go back to when I was a little kid playing around. When I was probably 4 to the age of 8 or 9 I would climb poles. I liked to shimmy up poles, ropes, trees etc. just for fun, but I noticed this great feeling when I climbed the street sign pole outside my house. I'm pretty sure I would get an erection, but the feeling was so good that I would hang on to the top of the pole and just shimmy until my little arms couldn't hold me up there any longer, and I would slide down. When I discovered masturbating at about 12 or so, I realized that the shimmying was a related feeling. While the penile orgasm was an amazing new feeling for me, I only got the "pole climbing feeling" for just a very very brief moment before I came. Having had the pole climbing experience, I figured I could just go to a pole and have as long an orgasm as I liked, but it was not the case. I have never been able to get those feelings back on the pole since I started masturbating and having sex....

    Ok, so fast forward again to jealous me wanting to get in on this mind blowing orgasm. I found a local vendor that had the Aneros, and I drove down one night after work to get it. It was really cold and I was pretty stoked to get my hands on this thing. My first session wasn't really that great, and neither was the second or third etc. I had read the directions and read about what people were doing here, but the fact is I was thinking too hard about a result to see anything happen. The first few times it was hard enough getting used to this thing up my butt. I played around with it for a few months doing all kinds of things and using different lubes. For a while I was putting it into a cup of hot water for a while so that it was warm when I inserted it. I messed around with squirting lube up my butt prior to a session. I would always end up masturbating and having a pleasurable orgasm that was enhanced by the aneros. During these months, I would try going hands free, and at times, when I was able to let loose enough, I would have some contractions a feel some pleasurable waves, but again, my expectations were far too present to allow me to progress. I eventually put it away for a while.

    At some point another few months down the road I decided to pull it out again. I was again using this as a tool during masturbation, and it got to a point where (and this is certainly still the case) if I ever started masturbating without it, I wanted it in there before I was finished. At this point I started to try leaving my penis alone after I was suitably aroused and would see if I could have a hands free orgasm with the aneros dancing on my prostate. This started to happen, and my orgasms were much more intense as a result. The period of time from when I would stop touching myself to when I would cum increased consistently. At most points I was watching some porn.

    I have always had the experience that smoking weed greatly enhanced my sexual pleasure, be it through sex with a woman or masturbation. I only smoke weed if I am having sex or masturbating. The first time I smoked and used the Aneros was significant for me as far as realizing its potential. The orgasm was wildly intense and I had full on body convulsions. After this point, I started smoking weed and using the Aneros regularly. I was also, on the advice of some here, listening to the Brain Synch theta wave music and other Theta, Alpha and Delta wave sounds. This added yet another dimension to my feelings. Still though, I was always masturbating, and using penile stimulation as a precursor to prostate stimulation. I was fully content with this, but I started get further and further along with my control of my PC muscles and the different positions, and within the last two weeks, I came back to the forum after a long absence and read a post in which a guy described crossing his legs and lying on his side and tying his legs in this position. I tried this while high and listengin to some theta waves blindfolded. Within a short period of time some intense feelings of pleasure ripped through my body and I imagined I was back climbing that pole back when I was a kid. VOILA! there it was, I was back and I had found the feelings that I have literally been searching for for over 25 years now. I have had several sessions since, and they have gotten progressively better as I realize that I am now able to submit to the feelings that are coming over my body instead of me trying to get to them out of desire. That I think is the for me the weed, but that's a personal preference.
    One big thing that has happened for me, and one that has actually allowed for even more productive sessions is that I told a woman that I had been with in the past who herself experienced multiple g spot orgasms through sex when we were together, and indeed was the one that initiated my search leading to the Aneros. For some reason I knew should would understand having had these intense feelings herself, and my talking to her about has been a really good experience I think. She's the jealous one now! While I have not had a super O yet, I would categorically describe the Aneros as one of my favorite possessions. I have no doubt that I will experience a super O, and I have no doubt it will be as life changing as all the experiences I have had up to this point.

    A couple of notes to this already long post. I primarily am using a MGX, though I have a Eupho too that I purchased later. While I like the Eupho, it has not been as good for me as the MGX. I have a feeling I would like the Helix. To all of you out there who are frustrated and not entirely sure that this thing works, all I can say is stick with it and experiment with what works for you. Reading the forum and seeing what others do and what the directions and Wiki say are good places for reference, but ultimately you need to see what works for you independently. One good example is that there is a lot of talk here about breathing techniques during a session. I have tried all of these consciously, but in all honesty, my most intense moments have come with me suspended on my bed holding my breath....not out of choice either, that's just what my body was doing. That's just one example of going against the grain a little bit, but the point is, I have started my "rewiring" by NOT doing anything consciously save for trying a new position or two. Good look to those still learning...I certainly have a ways to go, but I am looking forward to all of it.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi waverider,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    That was a great initial posting, thank you for sharing. It sounds like you are fully enjoying the pleasures of your prostate and I suspect you have actually already experienced a Super-O (you just may not have identified it as such). I can certainly identify with many of the steps you have gone through and the continuing learning process we all are experiencing.
  • JayDJayD
    Posts: 38

    Sounds like you have made great progress and it is truely an inspiration to me to keep going with this journey! I'm very curious how weed could possibly help me but using it goes against my life long goal of living free of drug and alcohol abuse. Hopefully I can reach your level of progress without having to use it.
  • Hey Rumel,
    I don't think I've had the super O yet because I know that I have never fully let go as the pleasure starts getting really intense. It is exhausting to keep that level of arousal going, and I know that I can go further.

    Jay D, if you have chosen to live a clean life, more power to you. I am not going to say that you should start smoking weed just to get further along with the Aneros. I know others here have discovered the same thing, but many more others are not using weed at all and having powerful results. I would get your hands on some Brainsynch Theta, Alpha and Delta wave mp3's and put them on your ipod if you haven't already done so. This has been as important in getting my brain in the right place as the weed.
  • Inspiring post waverider!
    Can you go into more detail about when you said "I am now able to submit to the feelings that are coming over my body instead of me trying to get to them out of desire."