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The do nothing approach into sleep
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Recently after not using the aneros for quite some time I've been trying to get back into the swing of things. Months back after getting to a plateu with my aneros use and seeming like I took one step forward and two steps back, I'm once again trying to rid my expectations during my aneros use. Because of my work schedule it's hard to get a session in except when going to bed finally at about 7am.

    So I feel a good way to drop the expectations is to use the aneros while lying down for bed. So far I've done this two nights in a row and both nights I've had about the same results. I'm using the smallest of the peredise models since it's easier to sleep all night with it in. So far my results have been like what my sessions used to be which is normally right after insertion and relaxing just for a minute or less my prostate begins to start fluttering and I will go through a susession of maybe 3 or 4 build ups/mini O's where it feels if it could just build a little more I would have a super o but then the feelings fade and this repeats till the feelings fully fade and then that's it.

    This is what was frustrating me when I quit using the aneros months back. Seems like every session is the same. Some really pleasurable feelings with mini o's but it always subsides before it gets to the max. But the good thing about my going to bed sessions is that when the feelings subside I just fall to sleep since I'm supposed to be going to bed anyways. So if anything, that 20 minutes that I would normally lie in bed falling to sleep, instead I'm having some really great mini o's until I fall to sleep which is nice. Oh and I don't really do anything except relax. so really no contracting at all. I feel when I start contracting that I'm trying to get to the super O than letting it come to me. If anything I just hold the slightest contraction that I can. But basically with my sessions is that in the first minute I start having mini O's that last maybe 10-20 minutes and then it fades and feels like nothing else is going to happen.

    I've gotten way off subject. So anyways I feel maybe by having sessions like this it's taking away the expecting part of it cause I'm going to bed anyways. Plus normally if I'm using the aneros any other time I will get impatient and frustrated once the pleasurable feelings subside and often will just end it with a super T or will just start getting out of control with my contractions trying to bring the pleasurable feelings back.
    I've yet to wake at anytime during the night though with any kind of pleasures from having the aneros in. If anything I wake from sexual dreams though I have sexual dreams often so it's hard to tell whether that's aneros related. It seems after the first 20 minutes after putting he aneros in, that my body gets use to it being there and stops the p- waves.
    I think this going to bed every night with the aneros in may help in the rewiring process. Like even while sleeping maybe my body is rewiring without any effort on my part except for of course putting the aneros in.

    So I'm wondering what people here think about sleeping a full nights sleep with the aneros in on a regular basis? Do you think this will help with the rewiring process or is this overkill? I figure I sleep about 7-9 hours a day so that's an extra 7-9 hours of rewiring while I'm asleep.
    What are your thoughts?
  • Personally, I don't think it's a good idea if you plan to sleep with it inserted every night. Definitely overkill. Give your body, specifically your prostate, a break. Maybe try it every other night, at the most. I try to allow a couple of days between sessions to give my body a chance to deal with these new pleasurable sensations.

    Also, if you are experiencing mini-o's then what's the rush? Savor them and quit trying to make it happen. You already seem to know that these feelings can't be forced, so just relax and accept that this is all your body can handle at the moment. Once your "pleasure threshold" increases, the feelings are very likely to get stronger and last longer. Think about it: have these sensations always been as strong as they are now or did they build over time?

    I can relate on the feelings of frustration in trying to get those sensations to escalate into a super-o. I still haven't reached that point myself. And like you, the feelings fade after half an hour or so and I find myself doing everything possible to bring them back. Which naturally does no good, as now I'm chasing the feelings instead of just allowing myself to feel them. It's very easy to forget that these sensations don't work like the traditional orgasms that we're used to, and which require us to "go for it."

    Hope this helps.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Thanks for the reply JO
    So last night I tried to make it 3 nights in a row of aneros into sleep but after about 30 minutes of it being in and absolutely feeling near 0 pleasurable sensations I decided to take it out for the night. Yes definitely overkill. My prostate and ass both need a break ;-)
    Think maybe every few nights with a day session thrown in there as well seems legit.

    What I'm interested in is how much help with the rewiring process does sleeping with the aneros in have to offer. If it does help then it seems like an effortless way to further along the process. The idea of being rewired as I sleep is nice sense I sleep a great deal. Maybe the sleeping body's awareness can help better with he rewiring than the conscious mind. Seems like it doesn't have the expectations as does the awake and wanting to have a super O mind;-)

    But I'm wondering if sleeping with it in may actually do the opposite and hinder the rewiring by desensitizing all those sensitive areas from prolonged use. It's maybe quality VS quantity of the sessions and giving your body time to 'heal' like after good workouts. Then your next session your body's ready to build 'stronger'.
  • I'd love to know the answer to those questions myself. I've heard conflicting viewpoints on the subject.

    I tried it once, but it was very early in my journey and at the time I wasn't feeling much at all. It's something to consider, at least on occasion. Since we don't know what kind of an effect long term use would have on us I'm a little leery of experimenting. I certainly don't want a loss of sensitivity, especially now when I'm starting to feel the most incredible things, and not just in my prostate region.

    I'm still a little afraid I may have caused some desensitizing when I first started using my Helix since all I had for lube at the time was KY warming lube, which I now know not to use. Shea butter is on order. :D
  • I have about 80% of my sessions in bed at night since its mainly the only time i can lie there naked and not have any thoughts of others intruding in my fun. I have fallen asleep without having a super t or dry o and wake up in the morning usually about 1-2 hours before i normally get up and i am extremely aroused i had to take the aneros out there because i would other wise end up masturbating because it was about the only way out of bed with out knocking over the lamp :oops:

    So after taking the aneros out i become flaccid and can go about my normal morning routine. I have modified my helix and took off the handle this allows it to dig deeper and it works great all night long not a hint of soreness/desensitizing i have tons of mini o's then eventually fall asleep with out the urge to masturbate to ejaculatory orgasm.

    When i have sessions in the day i am constantly reacting to every creak and rattle in the home because i think someone is coming and my door has no lock. I find it hard to meditate during a day session the night sessions i fall into somewhat of a trance like Between Sleep And Consciousness.

    I can almost manage a full night with the progasm in too the down side is i have to take it out not because it makes my anus sore the p tab and k tap make me sore i feel like cutting them off lol. I also do very light contractions occasionally but the majority of the time about 95% i just lay there clear my mind and great things have come to me no super o yet but i felt very close a few times.

    Note to op please format your posting its very hard to read on my screen paragraphs are great.
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Promass wrote:

    I find it hard to meditate during a day session the night sessions i fall into somewhat of a trance like Between Sleep And Consciousness.

    This is one reason why I liked the idea of using the anero into sleep. The expectation isn't the same because I don't mind just falling to sleep after the mini O's and pleasure sensations fade. But during a day session often it's difficult not to want to look at some porn and end in a traditional orgasm after the mini O's and pleasurable sensations fade and seem not to be coming back.

    I'm decided that sleeping with it in maybe isn't a very good idea. Don't think the prostate should have something rubbing it for that many hours straight let alone the ass being worked as well.
    Still planning to have most my sessions into sleep because now days it's almost the only chance I get but I'll just have to get up and take it out before actually really falling to sleep for the night.

    Oh and sorry Promass for my no paragraph first post in this thread. Yes it's much easier to read when there's some paragraphs thrown in there. It's been edited ;-)
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I would agree with the point Promass makes about nighttime being easier to relax. I think not being fully relaxed is one thing holding me back. It is usually much quieter at night, the phone doesn't ring, ect. At what point could you be more relaxed with yourself than the moment of just falling into sleep?
    I have tried my mgx overnight (not sure I could do the progasm overnight!) and although it hasn't produced anything great, I don't feel it has worked against me.
    Plus, it feels a bit erotic to wake up with the aneros up my ass
  • thhn said:

    Plus, it feels a bit erotic to wake up with the aneros up my ass

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I fall asleep with the Peridise in sometimes and it is pretty good, but I don't like to do this all night. For one I worry about lube drying up and causing irritation. But I believe it distracts me when I sleep some and keeps me from going into deep sleep. So from that standpoint I'd say it's better to sleep most of the time without it. While I get some pleasure from it this way, I've found I get a lot more when I can actively partake during the day as opposed to being mostly out of it while sleeping in and out of dreaming. Will it help rewiring? I think Peridise rewiring and methods are somewhat different from the classic Aneros models. It may help a bit though just getting used to the feelings without anxiety or over doing it with contractions, etc. However generally I think attempts at rewiring should be done during conscious awake sessions. That's just my take though.
    Posts: 70
    Promass said:

    the night sessions i fall into somewhat of a trance like Between Sleep And Consciousness.

    I too, find that state of consciousness, between asleep and awake, to be very relaxing and enjoyable. I usually only reach that state whenever I sleep with the Aneros. I usually wake up around 3:00AM or 4:00AM into that state. It is also a perfect time to enhance the feeling with a very, very slight and subtle contraction bringing the Aneros up against the prostate while I lay there and do nothing else. I find this triggers mini Os after about 10 or 15 minutes of holding the Aneros slightly against the prostate.

    Also, sleeping with the Aneros seems to trigger sexual dreams.

    Is there a name for that sate of consciousness between being awake and asleep?

    During the day, even the neighbor slamming a car door, returns me to reality and kills the mood.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    The term you are looking for is ”hypnagogia”. Self hypnotic states can mimic this naturally occurring state of consciousness. This is the state I endeavored to invoke in the "HypnAerosession" guided Aneros Session.
    Posts: 70
    Rumel, now that you mention it, I recognize that when listening to the CD. Thanks.
  • I find that the only time the aneos works when I am sleeping or half asleep is when my prostate is energized. Any other time I just wake up a little sore. Needless to say, I don't sleep with it in much and if I do it's the peridise model.
  • Lake83Lake83
    Posts: 14
    Hmm... Having the aneros inserted over the night sounds interesting. I'm gonna try it tonight with the modified Helix with no handle.
    Maybe I'll get a Super-O in my dreams :)
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    I tried sleeping with the aneros in the other night and it didn't do anything special.
    It mostly just caused me to wake up more frequently during the night thinking that I needed to go to the toilet.
  • Lake83Lake83
    Posts: 14
    Yeah, same here. Nothing special happened. I don't think I will do that "stunt" anymore. Not very pleasant waking up and having the aneros in there without any lubricate left.
  • sleep and aneros use is something i'm well versed fact my first success came in a moment of hypnogogic ecstasy after a disappointing session where i was reaching for something that was just out of my grasp.

    I will quite often fall asleep with the aneros inside...99percent of the time, nothing will happen, early on, in my use, i would wake with my pleasure/pain barrier being breached - perhaps an semi-conscious contraction pushed a little too far! Still, felt pretty damn good!

    Whether any conditioning occurs as a result of it being inside...i think so, yes. Depending on how you sleep, it can be good or bad conditioning though. A lot of the time, I would just wake up feeling terrible, groggy, and irritable with a headache. Other times, I would wake up with a pleasant 'full' feeling and go about my day with my prostate buzzing.

    The thing I notice most now, is that no two GOOD sessions are the same. You can have similar bad sessions, but trying to emulate good results just doesn't work for me, the experience will be what it is...and its usually fun, if nothing else!