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Female anal orgasm?
  • JoelJoel
    Posts: 3
    Hi all.
    I just received my first aneros, A GSX, and have tried it slightly only once yet, but can see the potential, and am looking forward to it.
    My question is, even though a woman doesn't have a prostrate, could she possibly have an anal orgasm of sorts doing the contraction exercises with it?
  • Hmmm, i dont know for sure, but from what i researched Anal orgasms are not produced from the sexual neural plexus (prostate, G-spot). but the anal systems itself. It would make sense since waste movement systems themselves are not a sexual response. but just happen to be able to be wired to recieve one from itself.

    Sorry if that makes no sense, im not very good at explaining things.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    The product description for the Peridise does mention that it is for men and women.

    Another original from Aneros! This time for men AND women to enjoy- the Aneros Peridise is a Unisex Anal PC Toy. The Peridise harnesses the body’s natural peristaltic response to allow you to have a fundamentally better orgasm. It’s an anal toy unlike all others.

  • i've had them - it's an on again/off again thing tho. Sometimes i'm in the mood, sometimes it doesn't matter how much stimulation is there it's just not going to happen. It's a different feeling from clitoral or vaginal orgasms and satisfying in it's own way, but it's like indirect stimulation of nerve endings I guess.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    NunyaGa, have you tried the Peridise? If so, how did that do for you?
  • nope - i haven't tried the peridise - the on again/off again orgasms have been with a finger. soemtimes it feels good, sometimes it doesn't.
  • JoelJoel
    Posts: 3
    The wife was feeling kind of jealous that I got something just for myself (GSX) so I said to hell with it and let her give it a try.
    It made her absolutely nuts.
    Now I have to get the couples set.
  • Yes they can have them, yes they'll love them. Here is the science, the clitoris is everything it's more than you think it is. Although the clitoral head is very small it has nerve ending that go throughout the vagina and the around the anal canal. It helps most woman to orgasm by touching their clit, then you add some anal play and they can go crazy. Be careful about too much too soon, many woman have an uncomfortable experience due to some form of anal penetration that is too quick and they are not relaxed enough for it.
    Now I would assume once she is excited enough you may be able to refrain from direct clitorial stimulation and she can have a anal only orgasm but I don't know.