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Increasing Testicle Blood Flow
  • Obviously the Aneros increases blood flow to the prostate which is the main reason I got it, but I'd also like to increase the bloodflow to my testicles. I'm sure using the Aneros will do this to a degree because it's increasing the flow in the general area but is there anything else that can help increase my testicular blood flow? Thanks! :)
  • Is there a problem with yours? I can tell you i have for years massaged my scrotum with my hands and even i use a Scalp massage brush once i get the scrotum soft and warm. I cant believe how much pleasure this produces too but you have to be cautious to not over do it as you can get rug burn type irritation. I use the scalp brush about once a week i love it.

    I notice that when i become aroused not only do i get an erection but i can actually feel the scrotum swell up its a very noticeable tingly sensation. I shave my scrotum too by the way this allows for better massaging i have been doing this since around age 16 i am 28 and my skin down there is soo smooth and silky.

    I cant really describe how i use it but i will try. I first massage the testis and the scrotum becomes relaxed. I then grab the penis with one hand and pull it up then i get the brush in other hand and face bristles towards me with a slight downward angle and slowly brush down the scrotum and once all the way down i face the brush up under the scrotum and pull upwards with one hand and massage behind the brush with other hand.

    I do this over and over till satisfied its great and i feel it greatly increased blood flow to the area in my years of using this method i have no problems but be careful new users to this method might over do it.

    If i could find a safe place to host a video i could make a min video of how i use the brush.

    Here is a pic of the one i use. Oh and the older the brush gets if you use it in the same directions over time gets better and better as the bristles become slanted a little and the plastic brush becomes softer.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99 is a good place to host videos of anything genital related or sexual in nature.

    I haven't ever done much with my scrotum in terms of brushing or massaging, but I do like to sometimes stretch it out or lightly stroke it.