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wow! i bought 4 of these darn things and my post was deleted
  • wow! i bought 4 of these darn things and my post was deleted!
    Wow is all i can say. i was a UCLA pre med student, and then finished. you would be suprised as to how many guys in my fraternity have bought these because of my advocacy of these devices.

    My post here was deleted. This is offensive. After buying 4 of these, i made a post after 1.5 years beacuse i was experiencing results with actions outside of the prescribed directions. Amazing results! The darn thing was actually working. If this is deleted again, i will make sure to spread (and UCLA students are vocal!) how communication is being suppressed at such a irrelivant level. This makes absolute sense as to why i could not find any results for somebody using an aneros manually (the ONLY way i have ever had any results) in this forum. I additionally promise that I will at every forume where an aneros is mentioned describe my response from the ''Aneros team' if my post is deleted.

    Good luck! all i did was push it into and outside of myself manually. May the potential socialists not delete this!
  • Dude, I log in almost everyday to read the posts in the forum. I've seen your three other posts--they have not disappeared. Perhaps you overlooked 'em?
  • Yea just scroll down your huge post is still there. You just overlooked it somehow. Here is the link in case you still cannot find it.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Hey dude, chill out, everything is cool, your initial long post is still nicely intact and present. It has not been deleted, so there is no need to sound alarms about suppression of information.

    It is actually quite remarkable the level of tolerance the Aneros company displays in it’s allowance of material presented. For legal reasons the “Aneros team” do have to monitor this forum to assure compliance with the usage AGREEMENT when you joined. They also need to carefully monitor any mentioning of products being manufactured in violation of High Island Health’s patented designs. All in all, there is remarkably little censorship on this Forum.

    Now, I am not going to “scold” you for the technique that you seem to have found some success with. The fact you are aware of the delicate structure of the prostate and nearby organs serves you well. IMHO, the technique you have described is actually a prostate “milking” – see . Using your Aneros as a milking device is possible and has been written about in other Forums, however, manual manipulation is not recommended because of the potential danger for self injury. I personally have experienced injury from inappropriate prostate massage practice and would not wish that upon anyone. (see my post – )

    As far as the “push out\bear down” contraction, this is very similar to the “S-L-I-N-G shot” technique described by ‘BF Mayfield’ in one of his posts into this thread, see - .

    As regards the various terminology used on this Forum, I would strongly encourage you to make use of the Glossary, see - in the WIKI. That will most likely clarify most, if not all of your confusion about terms.
  • Westwoodbeachguy,

    Gee about getting your nose out of joint! It's pretty clear that you're new to this forum otherwise you'd know that very little get's "censored" around here unless it is hateful, patently offensive or involves some form of copyright infringement or piracy of intellectual property. The threatening tone of your post was simply uncalled for.

    My suggestion, hike on down to Father's Office for a cold one and relax! Then maybe over to the Apple Pan for some chow...then back to your place for some fun with the Aneros in whatever manner pleaseth. Know that if you post your comments to a public forum others have a right to disagree with what you've presented. And just for the record, I've bought 8 of these things myself and I don't have any illusions about it endowing me with more clout than others.


    p.s. You might also consider laying off the caffeine while you're at it.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Well done to all that have answered.
    I agree that this is a very tolerant site/forum.
    I was worried when I posted Arseholes Perspective in Two Brothers.
    I thought some might find the title a bit strong but no worries.

    Before I started this journey I did a bit of reserch.
    Lubrication seemed a much mentioned topic

    Off to the KY site.
    They had a caption competieton.
    Sexy is ?????????????
    So I submitted Sexy is whatever you desire.
    The reply " Contains profane language".
    What is profane about "Sexy is whathever you desire".
    Sexy ?
    Cannot be that as it appears in the question.

    Finally the penny drops.
    Whatever contains the word Hate.

    Talk about being uptight and this from a personal lubricant site.

    Well done Aneros. Much credit is due.
  • I'm sorry and a bit embarassed; I could not find my post and assumed incorrectly that it was deleted.

    I apologize to the users of the forum and the company itself, and thank the others that responded to my post and pointed me in the right direction. As my pledge master told me a long while back, alchohol is not an excuse for actions, but it does tell more of the story. I was elated that it was actually working, wanted to share what i found and had a couple questions. When I returned (after some beers w/ friends) and couldn't find it, i found myself a bit indignant.

    I am not new to the devices, but I am new to the forum. I do not suggest that buying four of them proffers any additional clout, but compounding that with multitudes upon multitudes of frustrating hours only to find results, all be it outside of prescribed directions, and then think that they were censored led me to allowing myself to become upset; i made a mistake.

    Again, I am sorry-
    good luck!
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey westwoodbeachguy,

    Now that this issue is behind us, I hope that you come back and continue to contribute to this forum.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    :lol: It's cool. Hey keep in mind Westwood that you can find lots of posts by author and topics by using the Search link at the top right of the forum screen. Just put in your name or some other poster and all the posts will come up.