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Doh i broke my newly purchased Mgx lastnight
  • :oops: Well last night i was cleaning my Mgx with soap in the shower and it slipped from my hands and fell like a bar of soap in the tub it seems like it landed on the handle and it broke off. I was rather mad at myself for letting this happen i had only used the Mgx one time since receiving it now what was i gonna do. So i cleaned it up looked it over and there are no scratches on it but the broken handle so i gave it a shot last night as is and WOW it rocked my world last night was easily the best session ever in my 4 months of use. I masturbated earlier to ejaculation in the day to relieve myself because i could not get rid of this hard on i was having for most of the morning because i had abstained from ejaculation for 4 days then lol.

    During this session with broken handle i actually ejaculated hands free it was a very small amount i think i was so surprised that when i began ejaculating hands free i clinched my pc and messed up lol. I still orgasmed but it was like half dry and half wet like it dribbled out for a second then i accidentally squeezed and it stopped. I had uploaded a pic of my collection in another post i will link it here you can see just how much broke off my Mgx when it fell. I uploaded a new pic of the Mgx i smoothed off the part where it broke with a sharp knife it was more jagged at first. It actually moves a lot more and makes my prostate go wild from insertion to the end and it reaches deeper than the only time i used it before it broke. Wow i am now thinking about cutting the handles off my others its very nice.

    I was worried it would poke me where it broke but that part doesn't even touch me. I did loose a little pressure from the p-tab but not much at all it rocks like this maybe a greater force was at play that made me drop it and it broke right there hehe who knows :lol: I can only imaging it getting better if i could abstain from ejaculation for a few days i think i can i think i can hehe Anyways here is the pics.


    P.S I just had to make a new avatar image with the Mgx missing handle as its easily my favorite now. :P
  • I don't see how the handle could break off by bring dropped, the plastic does not seem that rigid. Happy accident for you I guess!
  • Yea same here maybe it was an internal crack because the way it broke it was jagged on outside but smooth on the inside it was like when a piece of casted aluminum cracks inside and it becomes smooth in the crack if that makes sense. I don't know it seemed to hit pretty hard when it hit the tub made of metal. If the broken mgx did not work as well i may have to had try and have it replaced via defect because it really shouldnt have broke but i am glad it did its pure bliss.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hi Promass,

    An unlucky, but apparently blissful accident you had. I purposely removed the handles from both my MGX and Helix. But I don't find them to operate any differently. With the exception that I'm able to occasionally try laying on my back with out the handle being pushed against my bed and interfering with it's movement.

    As of this point, I've found no really important benefit for me to having the handles removed. As it also makes removal a bit more difficult. Perhaps in the future as I become more experienced with Aneros usage that may change.

    Love is Peace
  • Serendipity ...