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  • I am going to order a progasm soon and wondered,is it ok to walk around with it inserted and how comfortable is it when sitting down?
  • This is one model you should not try sitting down with its far to large and frankly pretty hard to sit down with it in. Walking is ok but if lube is not adequate and good quality it will rub you wrong ouch hehe.
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    The large neck on the Progasm tends to make it fall out of me while walking around. I tried setting down with it but the tab hurts my tail bone. The old MGX original with the two bumps on the end lights me up when walking around. I found myself walking around the house in circles the other day. I am not a big Progasm fan.
  • walking around, yes, can do, and it's comfortable. Sitting down, well...I've done it, but good god I wouldn't recommend it! It forces the progasm in about a half inch further than I want the head to go and can be uncomfortable. Use plenty of lube and make sure you're in a position that allows progasm mobility!