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How long to cum?
  • PhilSPhilS
    Posts: 32
    I am new to this, an older guy with a Helix. I put it in, enjoy its effects immensely, but I do not cum. After about an hour and a half I have to jack off to relieve my horniness. So how long does it take to cum without jacking off?
  • Hi PhilS,
    Welcome to the forum!

    The object of the Helix is not to cum, but have dry multiple orgasms over and over with no touch.

    The Helix is used to wake up your prostate and mind so that you have other methods for orgasms.

    Read through the wiki here at the site, and you will find a great deal of good information to help you out. :D
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello PhilS,

    I welcome you also. :)

    Skeeter_g is absolutely right. Although I will add more detail and other information.

    First of all, your age should make no difference in the results and performance of the Aneros, assuming you are healthy. There are a number of older men here in the forum. I seem to recall having read an number of men saying they are in their 60's and one in his 70's.

    So how long does it take to cum without jacking off?

    The answer to this is entirely different for every guy. It depends on a number of things. But the most important being how often you practice using it. I'm just barely starting to get something a little larger than mini orgasms after over a years time. But most of that time was infrequent usage due to frustration and boredom of no results.

    It is generally regarded as good practice not to masturbate during or after an Aneros session before you master how to get a super-O. As you are trying to train your body to both recognize pleasure from the anus and prostrate, which is often new to many guys, and to also separate the ejaculation response from the orgasm response. It is also generally good to abstain from masturbation on a regular basis to keep your level of arousal high. These are guidelines and generalities, not absolute rules. But I have found them to hold much merit.

    In addition to the WIKI, the forum and Blogs have a lot of valuable information and experience to share. As well as inspiration when you are not getting much results. You can always do a search within the forum for specific information you are looking for. But also feel free to ask questions as you need to. There are many friendly and respectful people here that will be happy to share their knowledge.

    Love is Peace
  • PhilS: you asked how long it takes using it till you come with it..
    Its taken me about a year!
    Not to dishearten you anything.
    what you are saying by asking that is: How long till the Aneros feels as good as ejaculation.
    The answere to that is...probably not too long as some people experience alot of pleasure on the get go but for some it takes longer.
    What's realy kool is that when you get good at this thing and when you start having the same intensity of orgasms as those that accompany the ejaculations you are used to,session after session it gets waaaaaay better than than the typical feeling of ejaculation.
    It's realy a world of difference....also I think some would agree that obstaining from the hand helps with a faster progression.
    Tease yourself as often as you like and learn to use that energy for yourself instead of "Spending" it.
  • PhilSPhilS
    Posts: 32
    Thanks for the help, everyone. I like what has happened so far and I will try to refrain from jacking off. That makes sense. However, I do want to use the Helix while enjoying the pleasures of my wife (who knows that I use it and approves). At any rate, the pleasure it gives me is worth whatever develops down the road from "rewiring" responses. It can only get better from what you all say.
  • I'm new the using an Aneros (Helix) as well and noticed the same thing. At times between my super-o's I get a run of dry-o's and thing it would be great if I could start cumming as well. Yesterday I decided that I would not jack off to cum again till I either get get a hands free release or I think that it horniness will start affecting things like my job. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    The terrific thing about the Aneros is that it can be used "right out of the box" to amplify a traditional orgasm (ejaculation) as well. This also includes encounters with your wife. For instance, you might try using the Aneros while she is giving you oral or even with intercourse. Just know that for every movement that you make the Aneros will gently stroke your prostate. This can make for a very explosive and voluminous orgasm!

    In so far as the Super O, this generally comes with time. How long that time is, depends on the individual. If you want to check out the Community Polls page you can find a poll that I created entitled How Long To Your First Super O that will give you a rough idea.


    BF Mayfield
  • PhilSPhilS
    Posts: 32
    I have been rereading the materials on Wiki and taking your suggestions. Thanks for the introduction to the polls. That helped a lot to compare my reactions to those of others. I am very happy with the sensations I have gotten already, but now I am greedy!