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The progasm and me...the story so far
  • hi forum, i'm a first time poster and long time reader - i figured it was about time to give back to the community and share my experiences.

    I'm not sure how long to make this but I'll start from the beginning and just keep going I guess!

    A couple of months ago I was bored, unemployed and spending my hours inanely searching for anything to keep my mind occupied between job applications and dealing with recruitment agencies.

    I stumbled across erotic hypnosis (i know i know, how does one just stumble across that? but, it's the internet, and it provides weird and unexpected things) So, because I was spending the majority of my time home alone during the day, I figured I'd try it out firmly under the belief that hypnosis does not and cannot work on me. Anyhow, I approached it with an open mind and after the first honest listening of one recording, I awoke with my heart beating like a jack hammer and waves of orgasmic pleasure running through my body! What the hell just happened?! It kind of opened my eyes to the subconscious workings of my body. I'm very well read on psychology and hypnosis techniques but never really studied the application of them in any detail. For a while at least I was happy with hypnosis, my sessions taught me how to let my subconscious take over and be in charge and experience all the incredible sensations that the body is capable of producing. Orgasm is still a relative unknown in scientific fields, because a number of things are going on in the body which are mostly controlled by the sympathetic nervous system which is entirely subconscious and these include other variables to take into account such as stress, negative emotional states and fatigue - which almost always inhibit our responses, I can attest to this as I am now working again and get back home pretty late every evening.

    Anyway, I stumbled across Aneros in much the same way that I stumbled across erotic hypnosis. I bought the progasm on a whim, it was the newest offering and it was the biggest in the range....the bigger it is the greater the sensation I figured (I didn't really discover the forums until after I bought it) Throw money at the internet, you poor fool. Well, buying the prograsm first probably wasn't the smartest choice...most people have to work their way up to it, but I didn't care.

    My first session didn't go too well. My second session didn't go too well. In fact, I'd say the first few sessions weren't mind altering at all. I left the progasm alone for a week a little dejected at having spent money on something that wasn't worth the hype. I was getting some mildly pleasurable sensations, but that was it. I was also falling prey to the newbie errors, such as contracting waaaay too hard to force the issue, contracting randomly and consciously...and so on.

    I generally went into my sessions using erotic hypnosis, and laid flat on my back, and it was good....but that was it. No muffled screams of ecstasy or travelling to the distant reaches of the universe in my first few sessions.

    The first time I actually remember having what I would describe as a strong O, was on the back of a really poor session. I was almost asleep and it was about 3am. I had rolled onto my side and was in the recommended position, with one leg straightened and the other brought up towards the chest. I remember this session because it completely took me by surprise. What I had read of other forum members which I regarded as quite funny (moaning into pillows and weeping in joy and ecstasy) was soon to become no laughing matter. I literally did not believe that that kind of response was possible...but there I was struggling to keep my mouth shut because it was such an intense and powerful sensation. It was as though I was ejaculating continuously for over a minute and then wave upon wave of orgasms crashed down upon me for at least half an hour after this.

    I also remember this session well because it was some time before I managed to re-visit that success. My sessions are typically hit and miss, and even more so now that I am working. Going into a session energised is always a good idea.

    I have got to a stage in my progression, where I am guaranteed at least a couple of mini-Os in a session, and in the days between my sessions, I get those really pleasurable echoes which, if I focus on them, can lead to anero-less orgasms - I can remember at least one occasion, the morning after a really great session where I was sitting in front of my PC and while barely concentrating on my prostate I had a pretty intense dry orgasm.

    I initially bought the progasm because I was actually interested in auto-ejaculation more than anything else, but it has taken me quite some time to realise that the progasm isn't really about that. I have never ejaculated while using the progasm, and its not for lack of trying, but I experience the wonderful feelings of ejaculation all the same and not just once!

    Aneros is more about re-wiring your body for sexual pleasure, allowing you to actually get in touch with your orgasm and sensations which you may have never felt before. In my explorations, I have experienced quite a few different orgasms - one experimental session involved me not making any conscious contractions at all. It was an orgasm that seemingly happened with no effort on my part at all! I think that this is key to the beginner, because aneros isn't about trying, it's about not trying...'letting go' if we want to go into the pseudo philosophy of the matrix! My recent sessions have been great because I am finally able to just lie there and relax and I don't even really need to think about anything, except an occasional focus on my prostate

    Of course reading the forums, I have been enlightened by the collective wisdom of so many members. One piece of advice iterated a lot is to go into sessions aroused - a good tip, but not always entirely necessary - especially if you are well practiced at entering sexual states. It's quite easy a lot of the time to dismiss a lot of this forum's material as spiritual hippy crap, but it is genuinely a bunch of guys trying to express what is for many, an intensely spiritual experience. I'm not a spiritual guy, but I read a lot of material on tantra, meditation and achieving higher states of consciousness and my recent experiences make it far more difficult to dismiss it as I might have done in the past.

    Anyway, as first postings go, this one is pretty long and I may never need to post again, but I felt like sharing my experiences and maybe helping out a few beginners or those lost at sea. Needless to say, I've got a way to go - but stay with the forum - its the real instruction manual for the product.

    My thanks to those that have posted such great advice and tips here - I might have given up a long time ago!
  • Great post I could'nt agree with you more!
    I am like a month or so ahead of you in progress but i think you are gonna be in for
    some surprises soon.
    I too got to that point where you have the sessions where you you just
    moan with pleaure its freakin great!
    It started out small just a squeak now and then but now I just can't hardly help it=)
    After I reached that stage I stayed there for a month or so...then out of the blue I had
    this session where it felt like the Progasm was going deeper and I was barely contracting and
    I start having heavy crazy ass orgasms and I start losing controle over the orgasms!
    Just finally starting to get some convulsion like movements which are very...umm liberating I think you would say : ) VERY FUN.

    Have fun!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello magma1984,

    And welcome to the forum after lurking for so long. :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experiences with your Progasm.
    And also for making such a detailed post.

    I agree with you about the tip of going into sessions aroused. I'm starting to find it to be unnecessary for me, and find it can be a hindrance if it puts too much focus on the penis sensations rather than the prostrate and anus. As long as I have something erotic to read or watch during the session, that will get me aroused enough until my imagination is enough to keep me going.

    It's quite easy a lot of the time to dismiss a lot of this forum's material as spiritual hippy crap, but it is genuinely a bunch of guys trying to express what is for many, an intensely spiritual experience.

    The way I have noticed this is when I read posts from advanced users here talking about experiences and sensations that I have not experienced yet, and I'm sure is probably difficult for them to put into words as it is so abstract or indistinct. It often makes little sense to me besides the general picture. But it's ok. I don't resent, or dislike them for that. I recognize that they are at a different level than me. And when I get to that point I to will understand.

    The forum has also been of tremendous help to me also in my Aneros journey.
    The community here is very helpful and also respectful of peoples differences.

  • Love_is, I'm with you 100 percent on that - I realised I could have been a bit more tactful when you pulled that quote up - I just know plenty of people who are sadly very close minded when it comes to topics such as tantra and kundalini, and the flow of energy around the body (stuff which I find really interesting) and would dismiss it in the manner I described. I guess I'm of the belief that it's in the user's best interest to absorb as much information as possible from the forum and try not to rule anything out.
    There have been countless times when I have read something here and then found it to be completely true for me in a later aneros session, or vice versa!
    I've noticed a lot of frustration on this forum (I hope, as you say - not resentment!) as some people make progress while others struggle - but I guess we're all wired a little differently!

    Tiphereth - Surprises up ahead? I hope you're right man, but I need to get some time off work - it's playing havoc with my energy levels...saying that, I had a killer session on thursday night...I had to crawl to work the next day on my hands and knees :shock: Aneros 1 Work 0
  • What a well written piece!

    Thanks for sharing your observations and experience, magma1984.

  • Yes indeed! Thanks for the posts. Us newbies love to read of all the responses.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello magma1984,

    Love_is, I'm with you 100 percent on that - I realised I could have been a bit more tactful when you pulled that quote up

    No problem. I didn't believe your intent was to be a jerk. In real life, my verbal skills are far worse than what I am able to put across here in the forum. As I often need time to process information before coming up with a thoughtful reply. We all make mistakes, and have different strengths and weaknesses. It's part of being human.

    I had a killer session on thursday night...I had to crawl to work the next day on my hands and knees :Shocked: Aneros 1 Work 0

    Ouch! :lol:
    I have much compassion for you.
    I've had more than a few late night Aneros sessions that lost me 2 or 3 hours of sleep from my normal amount.

    Love is Peace