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going small
  • When I purchased my aneros I got a combo pack. It included a small aneros designed for small guys and a larger Classic. I used the smaller one for the first two weeks just to get used to anal play.

    I've since graduated to the larger size and have had 3 super Os with it as compared to one with the smaler one. Last evening I decided to change up and go small. When I inserted it it felt so good, kind of like an old friend. In no time at all I was shaking and quivering. I did get a massive prostate orgasm that left me a shaking quivering heap, totally satisfied and exhausted. I did notice that I didn't ejculate, in fact there was no pre cum present. Something that has never happened before.

    I was still horny and kept it in and went through some smaller, less intense orgasms but certainly pleasurable.

    Going small was a great idea but I still love the big guy, but a change of pace is good!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Wow! Lucky you insearchofme!!!

    I can't wait to start getting super-O's. Although the mini-O's and super-T's are great, I just want more! :D
    I get envious reading posts like yours. But it also inspires and encourages me to keep trying. So thank you for posting.

    I've read somewhere in here about guys going from larger to smaller Aneros within a session and finding it really makes the smaller one take off in their butt so to speak. So far, I have only gone from smaller(MGX), to larger(Helix) within a session. Not the other way around.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Experiment. Mix it up. I've tried up to 4 different models during one session. Yeah, it was a three hour session, but it's nice to mix it up!
  • Hi Dana,
    I'm always changing sizes, and I find that from time to time I will not even use a model, then at some point, pull it back out, and have some great super-O's :lol: