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  • SakenSaken
    Posts: 1
    Hey guys - I've been reading up on the aneros lately and I'm very intrigued by it! What model would you guys recommend for a first time user?

    I am bi and have had experience with anal penetration before so the whole idea of something inside of me isn't an issue for me at all. I do love the prostate stimulation and the feelings of fullness too.
  • Hi Saken

    I have two recommendations for very different devices.

    1) Helix for prostate massage. If you buy one you might at some point wish to remove the tail to make it more mobile but it is certainly my favourite prostate massager.

    2) Peridise for anal stimulation. These have a growing army of admirers and they are a very small unit (4 different sizes) that stimulate the anus and the myriad of nerve ending in that region. The recommendation is to start large and progress to the smaller units.

    I also have the Progasm and Eupho. The Progasm gives a full feeling and robust massage which I find very pleasurable after a Helix session. As I yet I must admit I haven't found the results a Eupho can offer but I'm still a relative newbie here myself so there's plenty of time to practice.

    I've had my Peridise set for less than a week and I'm totally smitten, I would urge anyone who hasn't tried the Peridise to order a set today!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Saken,

    Generally the MGX and the Helix are the two most recommended beginner models. But since you have previous experience in anal play, depending on how comfortable you are with larger objects in your anus, you might consider either the Maximus, or the Progasm for a fuller feeling and more aggressive prostrate massage.
  • Hi Saken,
    Welcome to the forum!

    Geezer UK has given you some great advice!!

    Love_is, The Maximus is a nice model also...

    IMHO I would not rule out any of the models for the first Aneros.

    The ultimate decision is really up to you though, as each person is very different in their needs for pleasure. :D
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Given your prior experience with anal penetration and your enjoyment of a fuller fit, I would recommend the Progasm. While it is undoubtedly the largest model in the Aneros product line, it was designed with the anal vet in mind. Although the device is larger it is surprisingly mobile for it's size (it's well balanced). Personally I would recommend it over the Maximus.


    BF Mayfield
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Progasm if you're experienced. MGX if you're unsure.