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  • I love my Aneros. I guess everyone is different so being clean might not be such an issue, but I use my wife's StreemMaster douche system to do a quick rinse before I use my Aneros. I find that a quick cleaning gives me more confidence with the Aneros and removes some hestiation. It's also can make it more comfortable. My wife will also rim me :-) when she knwos I'm clean. I've tried other enema systems and this thing is the best - it's no hassle and works in your shower. They should sell the StreemMaster with Aneros as a kit! The Prostate is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks for the tip. Being clean before an Aneros session is a high priority for me as well. Quite the adventurer your wife! Tell me, does she know about your “Mistress” yet? I mean have you told her of your Aneros?

  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I have also found that cleanliness is extremely important. The slightest bit of brown stuff throws off the vibes of the aneros completely.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,091

    I checked out the StreemMaster and this appears to be a well conceived product. That said, I just have to ask...where do you expel the contents of your rectum, into the tub/shower, or is it.... douche and dash to the toilet?

    Btw. you're a lucky guy with that wife of yours. She not only let's you share her StreemMaster she rims you as well!

    BF Mayfield
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I used to douche. Sure it is great to be clean and even inject some extra lube; however I started worrying about the long term consequence. From what I understand the colon and rectum are a balanced environment where you absorb nutrients, maintain much of your immune system, absorb moisture, and the balanced environment helps protect from cancer and other such ills. I realized that regular douching may have bad long term side effects by removing natural items (friendly bacteria, etc) from the environment not too mention all the chlorine absorbed in the intestinal tract from tap water (if that is what you use). Seems too much extra lube may not be a good idea either, and that is also why I have recently switched to Rumel's Natural Jelly alternative lube - as perhaps it is a bit safer than all the unknown chemical based commercial lubes. That is where I'm at right now. Actually I've found that I haven't really needed to douch much or inject extra lube. If you wait 30 min to an hour after a bowel movement the rectum is fairly clear and clean of extra matter. A good thick lube actually requires very little to do a good job.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Oh!!,

    I feel much the same as you regarding the reasons not to regularly do enemas, or flush out the rectum.

    I imagine at some point I will try Rumels natural jelly recipe, as I feel natural ingredients are the way to go. It's the same philosophy I use with the foods I eat, and other products I use. So why not apply it to lube?

    In the mean time I've been using Astroglide that I have leftover. And I'm trying to figure out the minimum possible amount of lube to inject into my rectum. I tried 4cc last night and found that to be way too much. I think I will probably go back to using 2.5cc.

    So are you saying that you can just apply the natural jelly lube to the Aneros and your anus, and have a long session with no additional applications of lube?
    And how much effort and cost is involved to make the lube?
    Thanks. :)
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Since you asked, I went and cooked up another batch of Natural Jelly today. Taking the formula from my post in the following thread, see - , (I tripled the amounts of each ingredient). I assembled all the ingredients and it took just under an hour to make my batch, ready to use. Here’s the conservative cost breakdown (all figures rounded up).

    Contents from (9) <400 I.U.> Vitamin E capsules @ 1.87¢/cap = 17¢
    ¾ tsp. Shea Butter (0.125 fl.oz x $2.95) = 37¢
    1 tblsp. Beeswax (0.5 fl.oz. x $1.00) = 50¢
    (9) tblsp. Almond Oil (4.5 fl.oz. x $0.63) = $2.83

    Total cost for small batch = $3.87

    Note : A little of this goes a long way, I typically coat my Aneros with it and dab and massage a little into my anus, using only about 1/2 of a teaspoonful per session. Thus, this batch will last through about (20) sessions. Cost per session $3.87/20 = 20¢, I think that is relatively inexpensive for an all natural lubrication.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thank you so much for answering Rumel! :)

    You've given me the incentive to try this recipe. And the cost is really reasonable compared to buying a bottle of off the shelf glycerin based lube.

    A few questions for you though...

    I'm not sure if I'm interpreting your measurements correctly...
    Is the quantity of the triple batch after cooking somewhere between 5 and 6 fluid ounces? I need to know so I can get the right size dark colored jar for it. I'm thinking of the small brown colored glass jars for bulk herbs and spices they have at my local health food store.

    Does the pot you cook it in clean completely with relative ease? Nothing hardened to it, such that I would need to use a junk pot just for cooking the lube and nothing else.



    I noticed in the link posted by Rumel that you did not use beeswax in your recipe. Is that still the case, and are you happy with the results?
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi Love-is,

    It is true that I still do not use the beeswax, not that I don't want to. I just have a large quantity still remaining of my other mix. it goes a long way. Yes i'm happy with it, but still like to experiment.

    As you know, I use Shea Butter in it's place. Shea Butter is a natural moisturizer, and a lot of folks even use it on their face, hands, and such. I use the coconut oil and vitamin E to thin the mixture so it is easer to use.

    I have been thinking of even just trying Shea butter by itself, but it would have to be warmed a bit for use.

    rumel may have a better idea with his use of the almond oil, and no coconut oil, but I have not tried it at this point, they are very similar in viscosity. (just preference I think)

    I also use a cool little container from Cost Plus Imports here in the states. It is a small glass jar, I think 4oz with a little metal ring around the top with a pulldown latch. all glass. Has a rubber flat kind of o-ring for the sealing of the jar. All glass, so no contamination at all!!
    I posted a URL about the jar somewhere, but heck if I can remember where.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thank you for responding skeeter_g.

    I'm inclined to try your recipe first. Because as a vegan I prefer not to use beeswax for ethical reasons.

    So is this still your final ingredient amounts that was on the other thread?
    3 oz. shea butter
    16 (400IU, the common dosage size everywhere) vitamin E capsules
    3/4 (6 oz) cup coconut oil.

    Are you still microwaving the ingredients? Do you prefer to do it that way rather than on the stove top?

    What sort of viscosity does this recipe produce? Compared to say, vaseline, heavy weight oil, light weight oil, etc., etc.

    Are you able to use your Aneros with this lube, without having to inject some lube into your rectum?

    I also use a cool little container from Cost Plus Imports here in the states. It is a small glass jar, I think 4oz with a little metal ring around the top with a pulldown latch. all glass. Has a rubber flat kind of o-ring for the sealing of the jar. All glass, so no contamination at all!!

    What you are talking about is a very small preserve jar. A good idea, although I'd be tempted to keep it in a dark area as it is clear glass. How does it keep? Meaning does it spoil/mold?

    Thanks again. :)
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi Love_is,

    I always play around with the formula, but the one you have in the post is OK. I first thought I needed more Shea Butter, but you sure can reduce the amount by about 1/2 oz.

    I Find that I do not need to keep the ingredients in a dark jar, but it may be a great Idea.
    I do not leave it on the counter in the bathroom, I always put it down In a shelf behind a closed door.

    I wanted to try an experiment and left a small amount out and exposed, but it is still fine after a month (actually probably closer to 2 months), no spoilage/ mold, or issues. It does not need refrigeration at all, although it probably would not hurt to do so for sure.

    I still just microwave the shea butter to get it to a more liquid state, but just enought to be able to mix it with the other ingredients. I don't find it necessary to use extra pans to heat it with. I use the jar the shea butter comes in. And because I have a couple extra of those small jars, in goes the ingredients.

    When the ingredients settles after a day, it is very heavy and thick not quite solid (the reason to adjust the amount of shea butter down a bit). It is very usable with the receipt you are looking at now. no worries.

    Because it is oil based, it does not take much to have a good long session. I do not really inject any up my bum at all. I use a finger to gently get some in around the 2 muscles of the rectum, then I place a coating on the Aneros. It slides right in !! :lol:

    The jar is a small preserve jar, yes, but with a hinged top so it is easy to open and reseal. they are cheap to purchase and are very handy to use, and reuse.

    The last shea butter I got had some vanilla in it for fragrance nice little touch! :D
  • skeeter_g said:

    The jar is a small preserve jar, yes, but with a hinged top so it is easy to open and reseal. they are cheap to purchase and are very handy to use, and reuse.

    Hey skeeter_g,

    We have those in the UK and they have the name "Kilner Jars". It seems to be just this side of the world but if any guys over here want one that's the name to google!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hi skeeter_g,

    Thank you for providing such detailed information. I really appreciate it.
    I'm going to buy the ingredients next week and try it.

    Good to know it doesn't spoil at room temperature. I'd rather keep it tucked away in my bedroom instead of in the refrigerator where I might have to explain to a friend or family member what is in the jar, and why I would need that as a single heterosexual man! LOL

    One more question though....
    In the other thread where you posted your recipe, you mentioned that the first batch you made was a lot lighter than you had wanted. Yet you still felt like it performed well during your Aneros session. Have you found that having a heavier viscosity via adding more shea butter has made the lube perform better? Or is the heavier viscosity just your own personal preference in the use and feel of it?
    Thanks :)


    Geezer UK,

    Thanks for the information. I had no idea that there was a specific name for that type of jar. Good to know.
  • Hi Love_is,

    The product worked the same... What I did not realize is that I needed the mixture to set over night with the other ingredients to really show me the true constancy. I would have been OK with the first batch If I wanted it to be just a tad on the thinner side.

    It was more of a personal preference for use and feel.


    Thanks for adding that info. You folks don't exactly have "Cost Plus Stores" and we do have a lot of great members across the pond! :D
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thank you so much for answering all of my questions skeeter_g! :)

    I have all the information I need to attempt this next week.

    I'll post my results on the other thread about Best Lube that rumel provide the link for.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Ok, I just cooked up a batch of skeeter_g's all natural sex lube recipe.

    I'll be posting the details at the following link where all of the talk regarding home made lube was originally posted.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Try a higginson's syringe. It's easy to regulate how much water you're flushing with. My rule of thumb is one pump, expel, wipe and one more pump, expel. If you wipe clear the second time, you're money!