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Two Brothers
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Having used an Aneros for a few times I now have a small understand
    of the "Rewiring '" process.
    I have made up a short story so I can put it in easy terms for myself to understand.
    I hope other new users will find it useful.

    Two Brothers

    Imagine the folowing.

    Brain is working in his office. A busy day as usual.
    His phone rings.

    B. "Hello Brain here, can I help"

    P. "Hello Brain, this is Prostate here".

    B. "Who"

    P. " Prostate. You do not know me but I am your brother".

    Stunned silence from Brain.

    P. " Hello, are you ok"

    B. " I do not have a brother"

    P. " I can understand your suprise but it is true"

    B. "Please explain".

    P. "We were seperated at birth".

    B. 'Why has nobody told me of your existance before ?"

    P. " I am the black sheep of the family."

    B. " Where are you now".

    P. " I am in Rectumland"

    B. "Rectumland ! Thats the Dark Continent, unexplored and full of strange things"

    P. "It is not that bad. Not as posh as Headland. You have done well for yourself there"

    B. " Yes I have done well. Why contact me after all these years ? Are you in trouble. Do you want something"

    P. No I am ok. I have tried to contact you many times before but could never find your details".

    B. " What happened ?"

    P. "There was a visitor yesterday. A Mr. Helix Aneros, He gave me your details."

    B. "Dont know the man"

    P." Well he knew of you. I decieded to call as we are not getting any younger."

    Brain is now confused. He has a voice on the phone claiming to be his brother in the dark continent.
    Brain is not sure what to make of it all.
    Is it good news or bad news ?

    P. "I realise this must be a bit of a shock to you.
    I will hang up now and give you a call tomorrow."

    B. "Yes ok. I need to do some reserch this end. Make sure you are for real.

    P. "Yes fine , by all means. Talk again tomorrow.Bye for now".
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Excellent Voyager!

    Rectumland, the dark continent, sure does make me laugh! :lol:

    The idea your trying to get across with your story has an excellent point though. The mind really does need to be woken up to pleasures of the anus and prostrate through regular Aneros practice. And it doesn't usually happen the first try.

    Thanks for posting your story.
  • Awesome story. Keep it going.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    This sounds like a dialogue between Morpheus and Neo. When does Trinity (anus, penis & perineum) get to speak as well? :lol:
  • Voyager,

    My goodness this post will go down in the annals of the forum as one of the most memorable! As your rewiring continues, we hope that you will let us listen in on more conversations between the two "brothers."

    Aneros Support
  • johntrevyjohntrevy
    Posts: 221
    awwwwwwww, thats such a cute story. You know, i wish i could hug my prostate and kiss it. That story really did hit home, prostate has given me so much, a second puberty (far sexier than my first) a better outlook on life. I have so much to owe to Prostate.

    From Brain.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    I must concur with Support on this and offer a correction of what must have been an inadvertant typo.

    This post will go down in the ANALS of the forum as one of the most memorable! Right there next to Darwin waxing poetic in his immortal ode to a Super O.

    I would encourage you to serialize this adventure, offering us tasty tidbits monthly of the ongoing exploits of these two long-lost Siblings of Sensation.

    Beats the hell out of my Burroughs (the Man Who Taught his Ass to Talk) reference. LOL.

    BF Mayfield
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Gentlemen you suprise me!
    Thank you all for your warm reception of my very short story.
    I must confess that the analogy just popped into my head and I wrote it there and then.
    I wish I had taken a bit more time and effort with it as it is a bit rough and ready.
    It looks as if I will have to spend some time on a second chapter.


    I thought you were refering to the Greek God of Dreams when you mentioned Morpheus.
    I now realise he and the others you mention are characters in The Matrix.
    You learn something new every day !

    B Mayfield

    Is there a hidden joke in your reference to Burrows and Ass. Burro perhaps.

    Thank you all once again.
  • Write tres tres belle
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Voyager said:

    B Mayfield

    Is there a hidden joke in your reference to Burrows and Ass. Burro perhaps.

    Thank you all once again.

    Actually this was a reference to a little tangent that I and some of the forum members got off on in binaryfellow's My Own Theory of Understanding Orgasm thread. Le P├ętomane and William S. Burroughs from his book the Naked Lunch, it was all in good fun.

    You be the judge of it for yourself. I'll warn you, it's a little bizarre. Stranger yet, when one considers that it was written in 1959!

    BF Mayfield
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Many years ago no matter how long precicely V World comes into being.
    Not a big event by any means in the life of the Cosmos.
    Just another small shining object to join the myriad millions already existing.

    It is thought that the Cosmos is the result of a Big Bang.

    V World was caused by a small bang.
    The coming together of two heavenly bodies that danced in unison for a period time.

    V World grew slowly from small particles of matter.
    As it grew and developed some lands became close and others drifted apart.
    There are many lands to be considered here.

    Headland, Heartland and so on.
    We will hear more of them later.

    In Headland Brain resides, one of the more important enteties in V World.

    Brain likes to think that he is in charge of everything but this is not always the case.

    He can speed up and slow down the air supply but he has very little power in Heartland.

    Brain also likes to think that he knows everything and hates being suprised.

    Brain is astounded one day when he recieves a message from Prostate claiming that
    Brain and Prostate are related.
    Brothers in fact !

    Now dear reader you will have to return to the top to hear their conversation.
    Sorry for the inconvenince.
    I promise you more reading tomorrow all being well.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Very nice Voyager! :)

    You certainly have a way with words.
    Sculpting descriptions that never use the exact name of what is being talked about.
    That takes some talent! And it also leaves it very open, allowing what you write to be interpreted in each readers own personal way.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Prostate resides in Rectumland.
    He is an important entity there.

    Some time has gone by since Prostate and Brain first talked.
    Prostate contacts Brain again.

    P. "How are you today Brain" ?

    B. "Still confused about your prescence"

    P. "I understand, only natural"

    B. "What do you do in Rectumland" ?

    P. "I am in charge of the Waterworks and various Pipelines."

    B. "Important position then."

    P. "I do alright. I also import and export various fluids, lubricants and so on.
    One of my suppliers is the Cowpers Corporation.
    Heard of them." ?

    B. "No, cannot say that I have."

    P. "Anyway I export to a Mr.Pen-Is. He is an independent trader."

    B. "Pen-Is you say. Yes I know him!.
    A bit pushy and full of himself sometimes.
    Causes me some concern now and then."

    P. "Yes thats him. He also imports fluids from the Test-Tickle Brothers.
    He mixes the fluids and exports them."

    B. "I know the Test-Tickle Brothers too.
    At least we have some common ground now."

    B. "Were you trying to contact me during the week." ?

    P. "Yes I was. The line is not very good between here and there."

    B. "Sometimes when you call I do not understand what you are saying."

    P. "Sorry, I tend to speak in Rectumese when I get excited."

    B. "I will try to learn some so I can understand you."

    P. "I have been getting on well with Helix Aneros."

    B. "Ah yes, you mentioned him before.
    I have an Aneros Helix on file. He came looking for funds to go South.
    Possibly the same fellow."

    P. "A thin fellow with a protruding forehead and strange feet."

    B. "Thats the chap."

    P. "He has some idea for improving communications.
    He calls it an Interweb."

    B. "Sounds interesting. Will it catch on."

    P. "Someone leaked a memo from our meeting.
    The Stock Market in Legland was in turmoil.
    Lots of excited traders jumping around."

    B. "Was that you ?. We felt the effect here.
    Didnt know what was happening.!
    Are you responsible for the effect in Nippleland 2 days later."?

    P. "Yes they were a bit sensetive when they wind of our plans."

    B. "I hope thay you will not cause any trouble with your plans."

    P. "No, all we want are better communications."

    B. "What happened a few days ago."

    P. "Oh that. I had a visit from a relative of Helix. Mike Golf Xray.
    We had a bit of a party. For some reason Pen-Is thought that there was a
    big shipment of fluid on the way to him.
    He got all excited. He thought it was the export shipment of a lifetime.
    He sent off messages all over the place.
    He was pretty good about the whole affair. Saw the funny side."

    B. "I am relieved to hear that. I was getting some crazy messages.
    You were screaming in Rectumese.
    Pen-Is was going Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . "
    I am happy all is well."

    P. "We must improve communications. That is why I am backing
    this Interweb project."

    B. "I will see what I can do this end."

    P. "One other thing. Helix has been trying to find A. Perineum.
    Seems as if he lives down here somewhere but Helix cannot find him.
    Do you know him." ?

    B. "Another strange character. Sorry no record."

    P. "Well worth asking anyway. Any more questions Brain."?

    B. "No I have plenty to think about for the moment."

    P. "Until the next time then."
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    WOW, this is great stuff coming from V World inhabitants, I am sitting here smiling and chuckling about the two brothers becoming re-integrated with each other. This is very cool, creative thinking with great humor and warmth to it. Good job 'Voyager'!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Mr.Pen-Is!!! :lol:

    B. "Pen-Is you say. Yes I know him!.
    A bit pushy and full of himself sometimes.
    Causes me some concern now and then."

    LMAO Oh my god! Too funny!

    An Excellent further chapter in your story Voyager!
    By all means, keep going. I love a good laugh. :D
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    A. "Hello Brain, Arsehole here".

    B. "Hello Arsehole. Have you recovered from that chilli episode".

    A. "Yes , that has passed".

    B. "How can I help."?

    A. "There has been some strange things happening here recently."

    B. "Go on."

    A. "The first thing is the deforestation in Cheek Valley.
    All the trees and undergrowth have gone.
    The wind whistles through there now."

    B. "Must be some logging contract. I will check on that."

    A. "Then the water came. High tides like we have never known.
    Thought we were going to drown.
    It is like a reverse flow."

    B. "Possibly climate change. A reversal of Rainfall.
    An En Ema effect."

    A. "An En Ema effect. Thats a new one!.
    There is a dramatic effect when the tide goes out.
    Very strong currents."

    B. "A reverse Tsunami ! Very strange."

    A. "There is slime everywhere soon after.
    Very slippery underfoot. Hard to stay on your feet.
    Thought it might be a leak from the Cowpers Corporation upstream.
    They say it is not them."

    B. "Cowpers! I have heard of them recently."

    A. "Also some strange characters passing through recently."

    B. "Really!"

    A. "Someone here ran an advertisement to promote tourism.
    "Ringland. Gateway to the south."
    Thought it was a waste of time myself."

    B. "Sounds good. Carry on."

    A. "I thought these Thin White Dukes were tourists."

    B. "And."?

    A. "They had the locals playing their drums.
    Had the whole place pulsing, jumping around."

    B. "Do these characters live there now."

    A. "No. They stay for a time then go but they are frequent visitors."

    B. "Any bad effects ?"

    A. "No. They behave themselves.
    Just thought you should know what is going on."

    B. "Thank you for the information.
    Any problems come straight to me."

    A. "Thanks for listening.
    I will be in touch."
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782

    Too funny Voyager!

    Where do you come up with terms like " deforestation in Cheek Valley"?

    You'll have a book soon enough if you keep writing these installments.
    Anyways. I'm still enjoying your stories. :D

    Love is Peace
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    In my defence I must say.

    I have always had a peverse sense of humour.
    The wife does not understand sometimes. :lol:

    These episodes and terms just pop up in my head.
    I sometimes wonder about my sanity.

    "It's nice to see those young men in their white coats."

    Remember the song?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Voyager,

    I have always had a peverse sense of humour.

    Well that must be why I find what you write so funny. Because I to have had a perverse sense of humor for as long as I can remember. And there's been very few girlfriends in my life that have appreciated the full extent of it. :lol:

    "It's nice to see those young men in their white coats."

    Remember the song?

    I found the line vaguely familiar, but couldn't place it. So I had to search for the answer.
    You're talking about Napoleon XIV's song, "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!", right?

    It seems that there is always a little bit of crazy in being genius. :wink:

    Love is Peace
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    "Hello Brain, Ear Ear here."

    B. "Yes Ear Ear continue."

    EE. "Incoming message from a Hypnotic Flying Lady."

    B. "Please relay."

    EE. "She says you are intimate friends."

    B. "Sounds good, carry on."

    EE. "Horny !

    Are you keeping farm animals."

    B. "No."

    EE "Watching Viking movies then?"

    B "Just an euphuism.Continue,"

    EE "Huh! She says go to the park and use the steep slide.
    Are you having a second childhood?"

    B "Stop asking questions. Do your job. I run the show!"

    EE "Sorry , it is a bit strange thats all.''

    EE "Contact Air Conditioning. Slow and regular is the request."

    B "Hello AC. We are having a calm moment. Run slow and regular."

    AC "Wilco. Always happy for a break."

    EE "Continue playing on the slide. Keep Air Con slow and regular."

    B " Anything else?"

    EE "Waiting".

    EE "Did you bring any energy pills and a blue movie for the picnic in the park."

    B "Yes."

    EE "Good. Contact Prostate and tell him to light the BBQ."

    B "Hello Prostate. We are off to the park, bit of a party. Can you light the BBQ."

    P "Will try. Just had one of those En Ema effects. The matches are a bit damp."

    B "Do what you can. I am bringing some energy pills and your favourite movie."

    P " Wow! Can I invite Helix."

    B "All the southern clan are invited. Can you ask Arsehole to contract them now."

    A "Already on the job. Ringland is excited. Never been on the deep slide before."

    C "Cowpers here. I am bring some liquid refershment. Hope the Flying Lady likes a drink.
    She sounds hot."

    P "Sucess. BBQ alight."

    Pe-Nis "Whats happening.Who is the Lady.?"

    B "Sorry to wake you Pen-is. Just an old friend calling me."

    Pe-Nis "Dont sound that old to me.When can I meet her.?"

    B "Always the same, Push Push."

    Pen-is "Just my nature. Where is all this fluid coming from. Is that you again Prostate."

    P. "Party time, have a drink on me."

    Pen-Is A pulsing""Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not again.
    You know I hate it when nothing happens."

    P "Works for me every time."

    B "Happy too."

    EE "The Lady says carry on. No rush to close the bar tonight."