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Internal pain?
  • FleshJoeFleshJoe
    Posts: 115
    Does anyone else have this problem?

    I enjoy the sessions with Aneros very much, even tho I have not yet reached the super O stage. My prostate health is also improved a lot, and my erections are an order of magnitude stronger and orgasms are more powerful. So there are a LOT of benefits.

    However, I have a problem. With the classic MGX and the Max I get a dull pain sensation above my balls inside my anus. Its entirely internal, feels like its about 2 inches above where my balls are, centered right above them. I wonder what the Aneros is hitting there, and why its hurting. I'll have to lay off using the Aneros for a while, I guess, until this heals.

    Anyone else have anything like this problem? FWIW, I am a 50 years old male in very good shape, just had a colonoscopy so its not a growth that is being hit there.. Any ideas?
  • I am 26 and in great shape. Still haven't achieved the Super O either. I had a session today for about 70 minutes with the Helix. After I ejaculated I had the same sensation in my anus for about 15 minutes or so. I wouldn't say it was unbearably painful but it felt sore. The thing is, I can get intense when I masturbate. It is more like a workout that involves holding various positions that works every muscle group for extended periods of time. When I relax my body and rest I then let the Aneros massage my prostate for a time before I begin again. The Helix has a much bigger head and has a more aggressive angle to it so I suspect that may have caused me to have some soreness afterwards. However, right now I don't feel anything unusual and its about 2 hrs afterwards.

    I don't know if that describes your experience or your style but it may be a good idea to lay low for a little while. I should add that I only get a chance to use the Aneros about once a week...twice if I am lucky. If you use it everyday your prostate or anus may be telling you to lay low. Hope that is helpful.